Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Let's Remove Leticia Astacio NOW!


Anonymous said...

Oh come on, just because this pathetic example of womanhood has made Rochester famous in newspapers around the world, why would anyone want to dump her off the STATE Payroll? She might not even be vested in the State Pension System yet.

She is entitled dammit. She was entitled when taxpayers hauled her from Lyell Ave to Irondequoit to attend school. She got more entitled when she got knocked up in Junior Year. Then she became especially ENTITLED to welfare and WIC and tutors and parenting coaches. She needed all that because her parents were supposedly a Doctor and a Lawyer. It wasn't like they were going to pay for her ride.
She was even ENTITLED to College and Law School, and she was ENTITLED to graduate and ENTITLED to pass the Bar exam and get a Law License.
Could it be whoever knocked her up came from a heavy hitting Democrat family?
She was ENTITLED to a job in the DWI Bureau of the DA's office too, where she did so well they moved her to Domestic Violence because she couldn't read DWI charging documents in Court and Judges complained.

She was such a good Lawyer she left the DA's Office and set up her very own 1 woman law office, where she starved. Somebody pushed some buttons and she was a Democrat nominee. She even won the Primary and an uncontested seat. That somebody wasn't Gant.

Even if she blows the Law License, she'll get rehab as a State Employee, and probably get put on one of Cuomo's friend's staff. She gonna stay someplace, and you gonna pay.

SCATS said...

To 12:54PM ~~ Maybe we can name a bridge after her ...

Anonymous said...

As of now, this stellar example of Porto Rican womanhood is back on the street walking free and STILL collecting her $170,000+ paycheck from NY Taxpayers.

Her Justice is far different from what would happen to 99% of the population.

WHO is backing this woman?

SCATS said...

To 2:05PM ~~ Maybe the better question is, WHO are they afraid of??


KEEP SIGNING THOSE PETITIONS. The powers that be will ultimately listen to the outcry, if it's LOUD enough.

Anonymous said...

Teesie a sweet girl.
Way all the anglos raggin on her next thing somebody gonna blame her for the celebration on Clinton after the festival.

Good thing she got the Good Insurance paid for by taxpayers. She can take the rehab deal, get paid and live the life she entitled to.

SCATS said...

To 5PM ~~ A drunk is a drunk is a drunk. Based upon her behavior this far, she's a drunk and in complete denial. I'll be happy when she no longer leaves court with that big smile plastered across her face. That day IS coming.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to suggest the railroad bridge over Mill Street just North of Central Ave. It's been propped up with timbers since the 70s, and those timbers are well rotted today as is the bridge.

SCATS said...

To 1:15PM ~~ Now, now, be nice! She's overcome sooo much.

Greece Techyrz Unyen said...

Thanks go to Judge Astacio from the staff & Super Kat for being the lightning rod she is and taking the public eye off Greece Central and Rochester City Schools.
Also thanks to Bill Reilich for his effoprts.

We continue to work hard making kids stupid enough to believe crap like this is normal so Democcrats can get electeed.