Friday, July 14, 2017

Some VERY Astute Questions ...

SCATS ~~ We won't hold our breath that answers 
will be coming ;)Anonymous
 Anonymous said...
Can someone explain what exactly is the Jerry Helfer Memorial Scholarship Fund ? Is it a private organization 550 c3 or is it a Town fund ? Who are the board of directors of the fund? Is the fund audited ? How does one apply for a scholarship or does the group pick a student on their own?
7/14/2017 9:36 AM


All Seeing Eye said...

It lives on the Town's computer
No reference found on tax status.
The phrase slush fund comes to mind.

Jerry J. Helfer Youth Engagement Scholarship

Please join the Town of Greece and the Greece Youth Board as we introduce the second annual recipient of the Jerry J. Helfer Youth Engagement Award Scholarship. This scholarship is sponsored by the Town in honor of the late Jerry J. Helfer. Jerry Helfer was a man of exceptional character and virtue who always exhibited kindness to anyone he encountered. His untimely passing two years ago led the Town of Greece to create this scholarship award for a student who emulates these traits.

This award provides the Greece community the opportunity to recognize a student that regularly upholds exemplary moral values, devotes time and energy into helping serve the Greece community, and consistently displays outstanding leadership skills.

The criteria for a nominee are as follows:

Nominee must be a resident of the Town of Greece
Nominee is a high school student in twelfth grade
Nominee has held at least one leadership position in an organization
Nominee actively participates in community service activities
Nominee displays excellent moral values
Plan to attend a 2-4 year college/vocational training program
Have attained at least a B average

The Town of Greece Youth Board will be screening all documents to determine the recipient of this award.

We ask that you please submit your recommendation to Town of Greece Youth Board RE: Jerry J. Helfer Youth Engagement Award Scholarship, 1 Vince Tofany Blvd, Greece, NY 14612 no later than May 5, 2017.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Greece Youth Board at 720-2934 or email"

Anonymous said...

Interesting that he is now organizing fund raisers for his favorite charities, but charges a permit fee to other non profit fundraisers.

Anonymous said...

An official town event does not pay permit fees to itself. Non town functions are a different story per New York State law a town can not give away tax payer resources to outside entities profit or non profit. State and federal governments can under law. This has been explained to BS before so I have no idea why he would raise this again.

SCATS said...

To 2:33PM ~~ If he calls it "official" seems to be the ONLY qualification LOL