Monday, July 03, 2017

Let The Competition Begin ...

It's no secret that our supervisor seems to LOVE seeing himself or his name in print. Keeping with that, in the most recent edition of the Town of Greece newsletter (Taste of the Town ... he's NOT!), Supervisor Bill Reilich's name appears 24 times (first, last or both) in just 16 pages. We didn't count his pics ... perhaps a different day.

Can you guess whose name appears second most often making print 10 times in the same 'Taste of the Town' newsletter?

Hint: It isn't "Phelan."


Super "Kat" said...

I don't give a damn how many times the wonderful Mr Reilich gets his name in print or on TV because his stupidity keeps the spotlight off Greece Central and my pathetic leadership of the skrewelz.
I Love Bill Reilich.
Keep it up Bill

Anonymous said...

Reilick has big ego.. the newspaper is very costly to the town and it is only promoting him and his staff.
This is an election year so he is saying and doing everything to promote himself..
Help us all if he gets year he will raise our property tax and assessment.

SCATS said...

To 7:12PM ~~ How do we keep people from doing what they've ALWAYS done : Voting Republican in Greece??

It's a lot like opioid addiction ... but there's no narcan after the election.

Anonymous said...

Second time in a few weeks in the POST he shows himself with Boy Scouts receiving a Town award and does not identify the Boy Scouts..SAD

SCATS said...

To 8:07PM ~~ We saw that pic again, too. Obviously, it's ALLabout him!

ComFedUp said...

Bill Reilich is a pathetic ARMATURE compared to Sweet Ursula, Barak's pal.

Remember when she flew to DC along with the KodaCLOWN to council Obama on job creation?

And then the DUMMIES at Comida started trucking taxpayer money to Ursula over in Webster, to build a new call center just like other call centers sitting empty. That was going to make Webster into a calling hurricane. DON'T even ask how many jobs Ursula created, or try to find out how much was paid back to Comida.

And today we learn the giant Webster screwjob is over. No more Ursula, she's counting her money someplace comfortable. No more jobs either, but you can bet the Comidiots will throw a pile at the new call center where Macys was.

July 06, 2017 04:10 PM

Conduent released a WARN notice today ahead of the layoffs announced for its Webster plant this fall.

According to the notice, 129 people will be let go from the Webster plant on Phillips Road on or around September 28, 2017. The company lists that it's closing the branch for economic reasons.

Last week, Conduent announced both Rochester and Webster locations are closing and that 187 people will be impacted.

“As part of our previously announced strategic transformation initiative, we have made the decision to exit our Webster and Rochester locations. This decision will enable greater operational efficiencies and support our long-term growth and profitability plan. Conduent will continue to invest in Monroe County and have employees in the greater Rochester area," says a statement from the company.

Plans to move its call center operations from Webster to leased space in the former Macy's building at the Medley Centre are still in place.

Anonymous said...

At the "old fashoned" 4th of July concert. He introduced all the Republicans he could find in the audience, and told everyone how he has built so much wonderful stuff while lowering the budget by 1 M bucks........But he failed to THANK Wegmans and Bob Johnson dealerships for paying for the event. I wonder if that will remember next year ?

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful evening of fireworks and good music. My family really enjoyed the evening. I felt very safe.

Super Emaritus said...

I held far superior 4th of July celebrations with the help of 1st Bible during my administration, where people could enjoy the fine facilities of Grace & Truth Sports Park for the entire day without getting ripped off by food vendors in trucks.
I like to thing of Bill's imitation of the celebrations I held as flattery.
On behalf of Greece Taxpayers and residents I extend thanks to Wegmans and Bob Johnson as well as many other people who made the event Bill Reilich took credit for happen.

John T Auberger
Citizen of Greece, NY

Miss me, don'tya
I'll be the last to let you down.

SCATS said...

To 2:57PM ~~ Of course you are NOT John ... and it's MUCH too early to wear his mask for Halloween.

Anonymous said...

TO 10:08 AM Yes it was a wonderful evening of fireworks and good music. That's no excuse for Bill not to thank those that paid for it.

Anonymous said...

Check out the reporting of Eagle Scout recognition recently in the Greece post. Our supervisor and all the politicians are listed by name. The eagle scout recipients curiously are not...

Anonymous said...

Babsie now has her first full year of running Rochester Schools under her chairpad, and the grades on her performance ain't good.
Naturally "media" ain't mentioning that Babs has led Rochester Schools to the proud position of SECOND WORST in the State.
Way to go Babs. Your skill level is right there with a certain City Court Judge who is leaving Jail Thursday morning.

Not to be outdone, Kat the Queen of Greece Central is keeping GCSD High Schools at the bottom of State charts too.

At least King Willie is keeping the heat off Kat.

Congratulations girls. You should be proud of your work and damn glad you don't get paid based on results

Anonymous said...

The edition we get puts King Willie's boytoy Jerry Helfer in second place.
His Royal HighAss misses his boy.

Also Noteworthy, King Willie who is expending thousands of gallons of fuel on the short as well as countless bags of sand + trucking will now be charging $50- to drop a town 6 wheel dump of leaf compost or wood chips to your property.

Must be expanding Swamp Rd parking lot because no millings are available to residents, unlike a few years back when they were at least offered if you could beat R&W's truck hauling to Swamp Rd after being loaded by Town employees with Town equipment.

WHERE is the Dem Candidate and why isn't he exposing the crap?

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain what exactly is the Jerry Helfer Memorial Scholarship Fund ? Is it a private organization 550 c3 or is it a Town fund ? Who are the board of directors of the fund? Is the fund audited ? How does one apply for a scholarship or does the group pick a student on their own?

Anonymous said...

Big Ricky is back to cutting hair. Everyone that goes there gets the same looking hair cut. Jim I want to be a supervisor's hair looks like McCann's the grease monkey and it matches the farmer inside Dell I want to collect taxes and I want to start paying taxes Art the Brit. What a collection of mis fits!