Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Sheeple of Greece Should Be Ashamed!

As we predicted BEFORE the BOE changed the voting locations, Greece's taxpayers stayed home by the thousands! Only 2539 showed up at the polls! Could this be a new record setting LOW TURNOUT?? Largely, today's voters were likely the in-school vote ...  district employees, PTA promoters & sports booster types.

Here's the results of the vote:

Budget – passes, 1,740-799
Proposition 1: Bus proposition – 1,653-868
Proposition 2: Bus purchase capital reserve – passes, 1,678-861
Proposition 3: District clerk proposition – passes, 1,836-658


Anonymous said...

Proud moment for the Union Professionals.
They have made the voters STUPID
They have sold bullshit as education
They have completely demoralized the public
The Union has won.

Check out the statements from the plick running Pittsford. He actually has the audacity to threaten his voters.
He's taking the Babs model to the zenith.

Greece Town Hall said...

Wake up Pussicat!
News Flash!
This deserves a heading all it's own.

That's right folks, and Greece Taxpayers.
King Willie promised a water slide beyond compare, and today it opened at the location formerly known as Edgemere.

You can park some damn place and slide down to Shallers on King Willie Hill..
If you're over 18 you can rent a modified lacrosse stick and sling floating fake BabyRuth bars into the Kirkiepoo goal down on Long Pond.

Come one, come all.
Even the dullards who blocked traffic yesterday in their silly costumes are welcome to park their bikes and enter the King Willie sandbag toss. Do something productive instead of just peddling your ass.

There's even a Super Marios beer barge for your enjoyment.

What more could any Town Supervisor deliver?

SCATS said...

To 12:53PM ~~ What more? Well, there's going to be lots of upcoming ACTION in the Dewey-Stone neighborhood soon. The Roc City Ribfest will be at Barnard Park destroying the peace the neighbors thought they got after the demise of the Barnard Carnival. Adding insult to injury, there's going to be LIVE music every Wed. night, too.

Can't wait to see HOW they prevent the thuggers from showing up to disturb the festivities!! Oh, wait ... they can't! That's why the Festival For Youth got the boot and the Rib Fest has been floating from location to location since that year, too.

Big Bill Roadblock said...

Attn: Folks who will be attending the Roc City Ribfest will be at Barnard Park

By Pronouncement I have directed Regional Transit buses to add a stop right in front of the Barnard Exempts so visitors from my benefactor David Gant's City have convenient access to the Rib chewing event.
Please feel free to sling your sucked off bones right there on the ground at Barnard. The firemen will be happy to pick them up for you.

Also, for an additional $12 you can hop back on the bus and ride it all the way to the New King Willie Water Park at the end of Dewey Avenue.
I have also instructed little Chief Pat there will be none of that long stick and lead glove crap his daddy played at Barnard Carnival back when. Greece is now a sanctuary community and we love and tolerate different customs from those Greece folks once cherished.

Come on down to Ribfest and Water Park. Sauce covered chillen are welcome at Splash Park too, soap will be provided by the Town to clean them little darlings up. I have Kirk MoreAss working on getting large sand bags you can slip that little sauce covered darling into for the ride to Splash park so your ride don't get sauced up.

Greece also offers lovely Sec 8 housing.

Big Bill

Anonymous said...

3:23 precisely what customs did residence of Greece once cherish?

SCATS said...

To 4:54PM ~~ Could you be any more obvious at your attempt at race-baiting?

Anonymous said...

I know that answer.

Barnard Fire Department
Greece schools such as Barnard and Britton Road
Youth Baseball at the Legion
Farms that didn't grow houses
Around Dewey & Stone
The Greece Free School District, where you paid plenty for the house, but would NEVER pay School Tax.
Of course ever wasn't projected to include Don Riley.

Anonymous said...

SCATS It is clear to me that 3:23 was suggesting racial issues was at the core of the loss of "our" values. You call the critic racist for asking about the message or another.

SCATS said...

To 4:52PM ~~ Yup. As we stated, it is also VERY CLEAR that 4:54PM `` was race-baiting the previous poster, likely with the intent of getting him/her to to specifically state the "values" lost with the intent of slamming them for doing so. One value lost ~~ wearing your pants at the waist, instead of between your thighs & knees. See what we mean?

Ancient Greek said...

Another VALUE was not having to build an extra wall to hang all the Permits the Town of Greece requires, or having to pay for those damn permits, or get visits from annoying Union Firemen inspecting your place of business because you don't contribute to the Union Fireman free dinner where they give each other participation trophies.

Neighbors could even throw a block party, WITHOUT renting a Town Park, and drive there, and PAY Park Fees for a Park they already paid for.

People living near the Lake had a BEACH between their house and the water. When they realized it took too much time for a N Greece or Barnard Fire truck to get to their burning house, they formed new Departments, like Crescent Beach and a couple others.
It was the same when Greece people felt they needed an ambulance in addition to Barnard, they formed GVA and staffed it with Volunteers.

Greece was built by self reliant people who did what was needed from working up a couple acres so kids could play ball to a Fire Department. Greece people knew how to use a shovel for something beyond a Photo Op and how to haul their mower to the ball field and cut the grass.

Greece wasn't built by sniveling pissants, but it sure has been invaded by that class.
Lazy bustards who can only survive in climate controlled environments with somebody else picking up the bill have taken over.

Anonymous said...

McCabe has headed up a failing school board for years yet he gets reelected? He is a real winner! When are people going to be sick of this and to add insult to injury they keep spending and we keep paying more to produce a sub par education.

SCATS said...

To 3:14PM ~~ I'd add that the Greece BOE is run by a group of pro-union supporters (McCabe's wife works gor GCSD!) and that the number of students continues to decline, despite rising budgets = increasing cost/pupil with NO improvements.

SCATS said...

Make that "for" GCSD ... damn typos :)