Saturday, May 06, 2017

Sewage Flows Down Long Pond Rd. *

"An alert from the state's Department of Environmental Conservation says storm water mixed with sewage was flowing down Long Pond Road. An estimated 600 gallons per minute flowed out of the system at one point. Officials say the discharge was partially treated with chlorine disinfectant." ~~ Spectrum News

* Though difficult to discern, it is merely rumor that local politicians were seen amongst the flow. Just remember, the big chunks usually rise to the top!


Anonymous said...

Turds on Long Pond Rd are nothing new. You should have seen it when all the cottages had Septic Tanks.

Just last week there was a MAJOR turd flow on Long Pond. Cuomo was there with Bill Roadblock.

Fecal matter can't be exiting manholes, Big Bill himself sealed them shut to keep turds confined.
Don't tell anybody, but the Treatment Plant over on Paine Beach is spewing untreated sewage too with all the lake water flowing into the sanitary sewers.
Hey, like the guys there say, Sh!t happens.

Have a nice day now

SCATS said...

To 8:31PM ~~ PLEASE be a bit LESS descriptive in the future.

Friends of Bill said...

King Willie the Roadblock has just announced June 2017 will see the opening of Greece Water Slide Park. The ticket booth will be across from Shallers
Ticket holders maty then walk up to Dewey & Island Cottage and slide back down.

This slide will feature a turnoff to Round Pond where ticketed riders can take a rest and grab a sausage sammich from a former Greece Cop now off Parole.

King Willie promised Greece a water slide and he's delivering.
This fine slide is brought to you by Friends of Bill Roadblock.
Kirkei MoreAss Bagman

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The question is why are a different residence along Edgemere Drive getting special attention and others are not?

At the end of Edgemere Drive the town is putting in big drainage ditches for some residence and at the opposite end people have 5 inches of water in their living room and the town isn’t doing anything.

Are the people who are having drainage ditches put in to protect their homes big contributes to King William’s campaign fund?

Sadly, to say that although Super William is trying to be helpful, however once again he is promoting himself.

Sooner or later the truth will come out!

SCATS said...

To 1:48PM ~~ We assume you are aware that LOTS of politicians/people with connections live on Edgemere Dr., correct? Just off the tops of our heads there's a former BOE member, a former Town Board member, the family of a former Town Supervisor ... to name a few. Perhaps they are the "squeeky wheel" getting the drainage ditch ;)

Anonymous said...

Get ready for this again tomorrow when the BIG DH(? head) pulls the pumps again. And then performs another 12 hour evaluation before bringing them back in! Hey Asshat Reilich, intelligent people want to know why don't you just raise them up? Perhaps higher into yards, or maybe some pedestals? Or maybe National Guard Deuce and a halfs with a top mounted pumps? Its gonna be a Democrat in charge soon if you don't get your $h!t together for the residents with the most $ in your electorate!!!
Lakeshore residents must attend the "no bitching" meeting and BITCH through the roof!!!

SCATS said...

To 5:08PM ~~ FINAL WARNING regarding foul language & name-calling.

If you can't cease & desist with your use of the colorful, then maybe just don't post ... ?

Anonymous said...

To Stats: Maybe this could be a new heading?

Town of Greece creates White House petition to overturn Plan 2014

Supervisor Reilich took office January 1, 2004. His quote on "Today (1/1/14) is the day my team and I commit to serving the Town of Greece. I want to take a good town and make it great once again."
He knew of the waterfront policy of 2014, which is devastating to the Residence of the Town of Greece along Lake Ontario.
At that time he needed to start a petition drive. He needed to prepare a memorizing resolution opposing the plan, similar to what Maggie Brooks, her administration, the Town Board and Councilman Antelli did to oppose the wind turbine. They were not installed along the lake front.

Supervisor Reilich is closing the barn door after the horse got out…perhaps if he would pay more attention to the Town of Greece and their needs, instead of spending his time politicking as Chairman of the Republican Party, this could all have been avoided!
He is trying to promote too much too LATE.

SCATS said...

To 8:56PM ~~ Stats huh?? Interesting ...

Reilich needs to choose which job he is devoted to and give up the other one. From this vantage point, it appears he's made his preference quite clear.