Monday, May 29, 2017

Petition Seeks Overturn of Plan 2014

Anonymous Anonymous said...
To Stats: Maybe this could be a new heading?

Town of Greece creates White House petition to overturn Plan 2014

Supervisor Reilich took office January 1, 2004. His quote on "Today (1/1/14) is the day my team and I commit to serving the Town of Greece. I want to take a good town and make it great once again."
He knew of the waterfront policy of 2014, which is devastating to the Residence of the Town of Greece along Lake Ontario.
At that time he needed to start a petition drive. He needed to prepare a memorizing resolution opposing the plan, similar to what Maggie Brooks, her administration, the Town Board and Councilman Antelli did to oppose the wind turbine. They were not installed along the lake front.

Supervisor Reilich is closing the barn door after the horse got out…perhaps if he would pay more attention to the Town of Greece and their needs, instead of spending his time politicking as Chairman of the Republican Party, this could all have been avoided!
He is trying to promote too much too LATE. 
5/28/2017 8:56 PM


Anonymous said...

Supervisor Reilich took office Jan. 1, 2014 not 2004.

SCATS said...

To 8:48AM ~~ An obvious typo since the quote was attributed to the proper date.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the new $600,000.00 playground with plastic grass ?

SCATS said...

To 4:52PM ~~ Drove past it about a week ago. Only in Greece!!

Greece Town Hall said...

King Willie promised a Pickle Ball Court, you got a pickle ball court.
The King promised a spray park, and he delivered.
The King promised ice skating, he can't help what Mother Nature does with the thermostat.
The King said Greece would have a new Pavilion at the Bay, and he built it. He isn't responsible some dummy got the electric shut off in Winter and the place froze. Hey the Senior Center froze too and the electric was on there when it froze.
The King promised a water slide and he damn well delivered. Just take your ass down to Edgemere and slide all you want. No charge, complements of King William Roadblock. Feel free to patronize one of the 2 fine restaurants down there where you can dine and soak your feet at the same time.

Wade on down to Long Pond where you can join the folks with adapted LaCross sticks grabbing floating Baby Ruth looking and fling the floater for points toward a dry towel.

If you're really lucky you can get your picture taken with the King or another HIGH Town Official.

Greece, Discover the Promise!

Edgemere residents, DON'T even think about showing up at Town Hall asking for tax reductions on your shrinking property. You had it when the computer assessed it, and you're paying for it.
Feel free to ask PERMISSION to put the property you pay taxes on back in place after you kiss politician ass.

Stay tuned for next week's Adventure with King Willie.

SCATS said...

To 12:52AM ~~ You've overlooked the BIGGEST absurdity of all! After campaigning around for Trump on OUR dime, he is now PETITIONING the White House for help! LMAO!!!!!! I guess he isn't big enough to have a phone number LOL

Anonymous said...

The 2014 plan is Treaty agreed to by both the Canadian and U.S. Governments. It is not something that a light weight like Cuomo or Morelle is going to have any say on. So we let more water out of the lake and the people in Gatineau, Montreal and, the Trent river get to float away. I have often wondered how many times are the taxpayers going to get tapped for money to rebuild homes on the Mississippi that get washed out every ten years DON'T REBUILD THERE IT IS A KNOWN FLOOD PLAIN. Sure a home on the lake is nice but it comes with significant risks if you do not wish to assume the risk DON'T BUY A HOUSE THERE. If you do decide to live there what makes you think that the taxpayer should make it right when you experience a loss. Get your facts straight an inordinate unpredictable amount of rain in the Great Lakes Basin caused this just like mudslides in California and the drought in south Florida. -hit happens If you expect others to pay for your misfortune at least invite us over for a beer, hot dog and a lake sunset on the 4th.

SCATS said...

To 3:04PM ~~ AMEN !!!!

The only point I'd make is that Gatineau & Montreal are UNDER WATER NOW, too. Just as you stated: TOO MUCH PRECIPITATION.

Anonymous said...

Ok I was out of town for several days and i come back to find out our new Greece Police Department has been named after Gerry Phelan. Can someone give me a good reason WHY?? This is a taxpayer funded building. I don't remember a town wide vote on this or my council person asking me my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Leaving the 70s Hurricane caused flooding, how do you explain the LOSS of 100 feet of beach along the lake since the Seaway opened?

We had flooding in 52 when control of Lake Ontario Level became possible to PROFIT power generation.
Notice how Lake level has been kept up ever since the Seaway made that possible.

Whip out a map and you can see CANADA owns both sides of the drain from Lake Ontario, and Canada uses that control to screw the South Shore to Canada's benefit.

Look at Lake levels going back to the 40s, you can correlate those levels to similar rain/snow melt years with 2017. NO South Shore flooding prior to the Seaway.

The 2014 Agreement was little more than Obama agreeing to help Canada screw the South Shore. The higher levels being maintained, andd they will be maintained for power generation, will also plug Billy Boy's new Marina up fast.

Greece Central Grads may not understand that History didn't begin in 1970.

SCATS said...

To 7:03PM ~~ Yes. REALLY.

According to meteorological records kept for 100+ years, we've had the second wettest spring on record and are within 1/2 inch of setting the all time record for precipitation to date.

We are proud to state (yet again) that we are NOT GCSD grads.

SCATS said...

To 6:37PM ~~ I thought I missed something when I saw that sign on the news. There is NO GOOD REASON WHY ...

As far as we're aware, you are correct - no one asked for input by taxpayers. But then when did THAT ever stop Greece politicians?? I wonder what they'd do if we got a HUGE petition together and signed by say 10,000 people demanding a say in the naming ... ? THAT could be interesting ;)

Anonymous said...

Not for nothing but if they were going to name the new multi million dollar GPD building after someone, i would have preferred a war hero who lived in Greece. Phelan is no hero in my opinion. What a freakin joke this is.

Greece Highway Union said...

Sorry Meowboy, the records of precipitation don't tell the whole story.

Back in the 50s upstream Spring flooding was normal most years. Most creeks dumping into the Lake were obstructed, and the Lake dumped freely into the River/sewer. There was no control of the River volume other than the Dam at Montreal.

In 91 the Fed began pumping money to the Towns to clear creeks and keep them open. Greece did a fine job, wearing out a couple trackhoes in the process of keeping creeks open and flowing until King Willie came along and STOPPED doing the work. That's not all the work he stopped, but the result will show first. The King and Prince MoreAss are doing a fine job of cheating the Taxpayers on the DPW Budget. Nobody even dares ask if the Feds are still sending money which Auberger spent on creek work.

BTW, creek volume in Greece in 2017 remained LOW until the second week of May. Other than a few days creeks remained in their banks because most upland water was absorbed.

Lake/sewer Ontario outflow was deliberately cut back during the first 4 months of 2017 to keep levels up for maximum power generation on the river. It makes money when you consider how many coal plants were shut down.

Anonymous said...

To 6:37. I remember 1985 but I am sure most town residents don't remember a suspended police chief.

SCATS said...

To 10:47PM ~~ Whole story or not, precipitation levels are a MAJOR contributing factor. You have to include the fact that rains that fall south of here ultimately flow north to the lake, too, making it an even greater piece of the puzzle.

Like stated before, Montreal & Gatineau are ALSO underwater this spring. The great bathtub known as Lake Ontario only holds so much.

SCATS said...

To 7:52PM ~~ Then you wanted it named Beikirk? There's only 1 war hero, right? (sarcasm inserted here)

To 10:50PM ~~ I recall a suspended chief. I recall a chief who drank and got into public fisticuffs, too. Maybe it is fitting for this town to name a building with bars after him ...

Anonymous said...

TO 6:37 PM I don't remember a town wide vote on building the building, spray park new playground, impound lot, pickle ball court or pavilion or my council person asking me my opinion as a neighbor. No planning board or zoning board review. I guess he can do whatever he wants

Anonymous said...

An interesting aside. After the Exxon Valdez petro spill most of the companies transporting crude oil decided to switch to double hulled oil tankers. The old single hull boats were bought up by a Hong Kong conglomerate. This company wanted to sail these vessels into the lower Great Lakes and fill them with several million gallons of fresh water each transport it to the middle east and east Asia and sell it. For this they would pay royalties to the U.S. and Canadian Governments as well as the States and Provinces. The environMENTALists screamed bloody murder and the plan to do this was spiked. The water that these companies would have taken out of the system was a micro fraction of the daily outflow even at the lowest rates of outflow. Seems like some kind of mental disorder to me. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Been there seen it before. Some people are not comfortable in their own skin and, with good reason. They are afraid of having a Mr. in front of their first and last name instead of a title. They have little or no identity outside of the official former entity they once were. So having something named after you is a kind of immortality. One thing for sure in seventy five years probably less having watched the construction of it the building will be demolished carted off to the land fill and the name placard with it. Honorable people will be remembered and celebrated long after the building and its namesake are long gone and relegated to the dust bin of history.

SCATS said...

To 11:16AM ~~ Isn't it amazing what he can do WITHOUT "raising our taxes"?? lol

To 12:17PM ~~ There were a lot of CRAZY ideas "floated" years ago, including lassoing an iceburg & hauling it to Saudi Arabia to provide "fresh water" for their people.

To 12:31PM ~~ Just wait until you see what some future "leader" decides to do to immortalize Bill Six Pics.

Poleece Benevolent said...

With the old $#!t tank PD about to be abandoned, will the plaque on the bridge be relocated?
That man was a real cop who died while employed and all Bobbie got was a stinkin bridge. He didn't even bust up the number of cars Big P did. He also didn't buy a Police Yacht from a Lieutenant's wife working for Rochester Marine after strongarming the low bidder to withdraw.

Greece PawLice said...

HEY, remember when Big P bought the machine guns for the SWAT Team and then sent Greece SWAT to Gates to shoot some kid holed up in the kid's own house?
How much did that cost Greece Taxpayers?

Eventually Little Roger Rabbit made the Big P give the machine guns to the Sheriff.

Then some politician got seasick on a Big P Police Yacht fishing trip and Greece Taxpayers donated that floating turd to the Sheriff too.

Did Big P ever find out who put a round through the glass door behind his desk? How about who capped rounds into his house on Dorsey?

Anonymous said...

Don Riley said it best... If you don't keep the level below 243.3 in February, you have given up control into April, May, June, and July during heavy rainfall years. That fact was established after the '74 damage assessments.
The losses to homeowners, businesses, and governments on both sides of the Great Lakes from the Plan 2014 failure will hit everyone's pocketbooks for a decade or longer.

SCATS said...

To 5:19PM ~~ I know people want to put the full blame for their troubles onto the backs of the politicians. I, for one, give Mother Nature MOST OF THE CREDIT. We are having the second wettest spring on record, regardless some artificially set or controlled "lake level."

The bathtub can only hold so much.

Anonymous said...

I think I will make a donation to Alternatives to Battered Woman in honor of the town putting the ex chief's name on our new taxpayer funded police department building.

Anonymous said...

Bath tub has an overflow drain on the end for a reason Pussicat.

NYS projected electric availability for Summer AC load was announced yesterday.
NY should be able to handle a hot Summer without brownouts because even with Coal fired Plants off line and wrecked, we got a big pile of water in Lake Ontario.

Hell, NY State was stupid enough to allow Station 5 to be shut down and scrapped a few years after ratepayers spent 11 Million rebuilding that station.

DAMN FOOL politicians with Degrees from University of Stupid are running the show. Stupid people will believe what thay are told.

SCATS said...

To 12:24PM ~~ Aside from my grandmother who passed many years ago, I've NEVER seen a tub with an overflow drain. The bathroom sink? Now that has one ;)

Greece PBA said...

5:28 you think there's room on the front of the building for a sign saying
"Kathy C|enter for Women who Fall Down Stairs Often"?

Anonymous said...

"Aside from my grandmother who passed many years ago, I've NEVER seen a tub with an overflow drain. The bathroom sink? Now that has one ;)"

Hop in the tub Mr Paws, walk to the end with the shower/tub flipper, and look up at the bottom of the flipper. There is an opening leading to the overflow drain in the bottom of the flipper housing.

Maybe you can get a human to help you make a video for your Mr Paws adventure series on U Tube.

Anonymous said...

5:19 replying,
I never stated full blame. Only my knowledge of the '74 reports. Please look deeper into lake levels prior to Massena gate control projects vs. rainfall data. You will readily find that similar extreme rainfalls prior did not incur remotely similar catastrophic damage. The lake naturally maintained a sustainable ecological level until shipping and power generation efforts pushed governments into trying to control mother nature.
Every tub has an overflow drain. If you can't see yours, look under the drain stop lever.

SCATS said...

To 3:55PM ~~ I checked. NO HOLE. But then again, it is fairly new.

To 5:01PM ~~ Sorry, but we won't " readily find that similar extreme rainfalls prior did not incur remotely similar catastrophic damage" BECAUSE this year is the SECOND WETTEST ON RECORD ... which goes back 150+ years.

Anonymous said...

Greece Plumbing Code requires an overflow drain.
Bill Reilich will stop by your house to show you where the drain is.
He'll even fill the tub abd drown your annoying cat ass while he's there.

I'ma Pump said...

MAYBE this message will get out. My WiFi and QualCom access were killed by a fat guy in a blue coat so I linked to a very nice Sterling dump truck with a real nice data terminal who can link to the WWW.

I'm a pump, one of several down here pulling water out of sewers and shoving it into hoses going to ponds. We've been doing this for weeks now, just pumping out pistons out around the clock. The guy who fills our fuel tanks says he can't help us because we don't belong to the Town. He can only pour fuel in.

We all NEEDed oil changes 2 weeks ago. I have a sign on my side that says change oil every 40 hours, but the Town guy can't change it cause some guy called Bill says he ain't paying to maintain pumps that don't belong to the Town, so we just get fuel.

My on board computer says my fuel efficiency is dropping. I need new clean oil.
Please help us pumps before we start throwing rods and scoring our cranks. Tell somebody in that expensive camper truck, our link to the State system is blocked.
We know we're only pumps, low on the social ladder, but if we shut down houses here are going to get flooded with some really dirty water and bad smelling paperwads and you really don't want to know.
I hope that Sterling truck gets this out.

Anonymous said...

I would liked to have seen the building named after someone who was actually of service to the country of community.

Anonymous said...

D&C June 5, 2017
Democrats draft retired cop, and enrolled Republican, to challenge Reilich

When retired Greece police officer Jim Leary announced Monday that he would run for town supervisor as a Democrat, he became the second enrolled Republican to switch parties in the hopes of upending a GOP incumbent.

Leary will challenge Supervisor Bill Reilich's bid for a second term. While his former chief, Todd Baxter, previously announced a run against Sheriff Patrick O'Flynn.
"You can sit on the sidelines and be a complainer," Leary said. "But if you want to change things, you have to get in the game."

The 61-year-old said he had been a Republican all his life but became dissatisfied with the local party, which controls all elected offices in town. He did not talk to Baxter before deciding to jump into politics, he said, but took encouragement from his decision to change parties.

Democrats hope to field a full slate of candidates for Greece town offices this fall, he said. Republicans hold a slight enrollment advantage, Board of Elections records show.
Leary is born and raised in Greece, where he lives with his two daughters. He lost his wife to cancer several years ago. He has been a volunteer firefighter and ambulance member and worked in other capacities, including sports leagues and local boards.

If elected, he said, he would "bring a culture in which I will have both an open door, and an open mind." Added Jamie Romeo, chairwoman of the Monroe County Democratic Party: "For too long, Greece Town Hall has operated as a surrogate office for the Monroe County Republican Party, rather than a resource for the residents in town."

Reilich, 60, countered by listing off various projects, from recreation to a new police station, a town Fourth of July celebration at no expense to taxpayers, and that he had not raised the tax rate while in office, adding: "I don't hear anybody really complaining."

"We're taking care of residents' needs," Reilich said. "Just ask anybody that lives on the lakefront."

Anonymous said...

Should we start a Petition to rename the new PigPen to the Joseph-Pignato-Rahn Center for Policing and Auto Jail?

SCATS said...

To 6:46PM ~~ Seriously?

Anonymous said...

Why not Pussicat?
King Willie is into Petitions this month.
It's the nearest we can come to Initiative and Referendum other than with the School District in this State.