Saturday, May 13, 2017

Meet The Latest, Local Party Flipper

He wants to be sheriff.

"I pledge allegiance to be a Democrat ... 
so I won't have to primary O'Flynn ... "
SCATS ~~ As we've said for many years, party affiliation means NOTHING in local elections, but the sheeple of Greece still refuse to vote for a non-Republican.


Charlie Hubbard said...

I have the utmost respect for chief Baxter, he did a great job for Greece and he is very qualified to be our sheriff.
My biggest concern is him joining the 'snowflake party' to get there - a party that has demonstrated a lack of respect for honesty and integrity. I hate to think he would become 'political' in his judgement.
I went to the announcement today hoping to hear him speak to one of the biggest law enforcement items of our day - sanctuary cities - he did not. I wanted to hear him say 'yes' under my leadership the sheriffs dept. will enforce all federal laws. Under the politics of the snowflakes - they want to pick and chose the laws that FEEL good and expect those they elect to do the same. THAT concerns me alot.

SCATS said...

To Charlie ~~ We think you should be concerned. It is our view that many hold this man in high esteem ... largely without Baxter doing anything more than replacing Rahn to show for it. While he replaced Rahn, he failed to thoroughly "drain the swamp" in GPD. Thus, caution is urged. On the other hand, O'Flynn is no saint either.

Anonymous said...

Baxter is a new diaper.
The current diaper getting paid to be Sheriff of Monroe County is overloaded with fecal product. He's been a joke as Sheriff since Maggie Brooks took him door to door in exchange for $53,000 from the Monroe County Republican Party.

It's time for a new diaper.
MCSO won't become a shining beacon if Baxter is elected. Unions and Civil Service will prevent cleaning house, but there is a better chance of housecleaning with Baxter than Owhatshisname.

Then again, what do I know? I've only been around since Albert. I survived Lombard, and enjoyed his drunken antics. I laughed as voters bought the crap from Andy who had to rent his neighbor's Lab to campaign. I've been throwing up since Owhatisname got elected.

Perhaps Baxter will work with the County Executive and County Clerk instead of bellowing how he is a completely independent Department.

At least Baxter is a clean diaper.

Anonymous said...

I have a question, was it actually possible to drain the swamp with union contracts that protected those who didn't get caught and also had seniority and civil service on their side. How do you get around those factors? What could Baxter have done to drain the swamp?

SCATS said...

To 1:10AM ~~ Your questions seem to apply to MCSO!! How can the union situation improve if all you change is the head on the serpent?

Anonymous said...

MCSO is a different swamp from GPD.

Remember, the actual head of GPD is the Town Supervisor, who by Town Constitution is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the Town. The Chief of Police answers to the Supervisor and Board of Bobbleheads.

The Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcer of the County, technically the highest ranking government official, who can only be removed from office by the Medical Examiner, for good cause. The Sheriff's footing is equal to or above the County Exec and County Clerk in Law, and the County Legislature can only manage the Sheriff and his Department by funding. The Sheriff is answerable to the voters, NOT the County Exec or Legislature.

It's a totally different situation when a man pins that badge on than when somebody pins the badge of Chief of Greece on. A real Sheriff can use the latitude of his office and authority to make a difference in the Department, and a punk can flush the Department down the crapper, as we saw in the Lombard years..

Meloni followed Lombard, and he was clueless having never spent an hour on the road as a Deputy. Meloni functioned from the gt along to get along model, refused to remove the Lombard appointments, and degraded the Department. Meloni wanted to be one of the guys, so he played Andy of Mayberry, rented his neighbor's dog for TV commercials, and hid in his office.

The present joke is stumbling along in the Meloni footprints. Meloni allowed the Deputies Union to grab too much of the Sheriff's power and authority after the nuclear steam release of the Winterman Incident. Meloni BLEW the command, and a handfull of Deputies took the command and ran with it.
The joke came along and MC Repubs were so scared they put over 50 large in Maggie's hand to walk him house to house asking people to vote for the joke.
Then he spent 6 months wandering aimlessly touting the return to the TRADITION of black cars, like Albert had. Unfortunately he was too stupid to look at a picture and realize those cars were black with gold lettering. Instead he put half ass imitations on the street filled with cybercops writing speed tickets and playing City Copper.

The current diaper is nothing more than a pusillanimous cardboard cutout of Andy of Mayberry running around with a leather jacket with 4 gold stars on the epaulets, generally followed by his 3 star diaper bag. Neither is more than an actor reading a script, and the public suffers for it. The Union thugs are running the Department and writing the script.

Change the diaper, it can't be much worse and it might smell better in the County.

SCATS said...

To 2:25PM ~~ You seem to affirm our stance that THE UNION IS and WILL BE running the show. So, who is in charge on paper makes little difference in the end. BTW, we're NOT pro-O'Flynn ... we're just not enamored with Baxter, either.

Anonymous said...

The RECORD speaks to the diaper's qualification.

Odiaper needs to be changed. He needs to be changed now if for no reason other than saving taxpayers money on his PENSION. ReElection virtually doubles his retirement check every month.

Odiaper didn't back his Deputies getting a raise, but he DAMN sure got himself a BIG RAISE. If the loaded diaper stays he gets even richer for his incompetence.

If nothing else, Baxter is a new diaper. Baxter may be able to bring the Unions under control as well. Any NEW Sheriff won't be beholding to old allies. What you did for Odiaper won't mean crap to Baxter.

Baxter rose from being a street cop, and his record is one of his people following him. Baxter has a record of leading from the front.

Odiaper has a record of being in the office, praying one of the lackeys will do what he thinks he wants. The load of crap in his diaper keeps him back, out of the spotlight. That's good because he sounds like a fool when he speaks in public.

There is also what the public doesn't see or know about.
How large of a payment on that old debt can David Gant extract from Reilich? Reilich may have to lay down. He certainly can't kick at Baxter who "straightened out" Greece PD.

This can become an interesting race.

SCATS said...

To 3:59PM ~~ They've BOTH got dirt under the rug. Have all the lawsuits been settled after GPD rounded up and brought to Rochester an NYC fellow unfortunate enough to become the "boyfriend" of the looney who called rape? Too bad he had an ironclad alibi that was NOT checked BEFORE hauling him up here!

Will Todd still be giving little old ladies personal ride alongs in return for a turkey sammich luncheon at their home?

Anonymous said...

The elephant in the room (excuse the pun) is BR who is going to loose another R in a prominent position in the County to a guy he fired !

Anonymous said...

At least Baxter ain't afraid of small elderly ladies.

Charlie Hubbard said...

We presently have the leaders of the Liberal/Democratic/Socialist party that want under any circumstances to keep 'sanctuary city' status for the city. It is reasonable to ask if it is their goal make Monroe County a 'sanctuary county' via their support of the most popular cop in the county. Frankly I believe Mr. Baxter is being used.
All democrat candidates running for mayor are supportive of 'sanctuary city' status - yes these are the same people who claim to support Mr. Baxter - yes the same snowflakes who do not believe local law enforcement should be involved in the enforcement of federal laws. SCARY

Anonymous said...

Dear Candidate Baxter
Kindly state your position on the use of 3 Sheriff buses, multiple Deputies in Sheriff cars, to block roads facilitating a large group of mental defectives mounted atop bicycles interrupting the Constitutionally guaranteed right of free travel.

Secondly, state your position on why these folks with a CAUSE MUST prevent my paid for right to operate my motor vehicle at my will in the North Greece area.

I am fully aware these bicycle mounted meatloaves along with their cousins the runners have a CAUSE, to the extent I believe it is BECAUSE they are STUPID. Obviously they are too stupid to ride side by side to lessen the time my Licensed vehicle is DELAYED using a road the vehicle license pays for using.