Sunday, May 14, 2017

It's "THAT" Time Of Year Again ...

On Tuesday May 14th ... 

JUST VOTE "NO" on The Budget AND Propositions 1 & 2 *

We suggest a "YES" Vote on Prop 3 regarding Voter Registrations **

* As usual, they seek a bigger budget & more buses for FEWER STUDENTS (enrollment forecast to fall again) and no performance related standards.

** When/why did they STOP doing what Proposition 3 supports? ?


Anonymous said...

It's truly amazing how every year we are asked to vote yes on the budget and fund CIP projects, yet the schools and grounds look horrible,the buses are never full and of course they are hiring more administrators. Why do K-2 and 3-5 schools need a principal and an assistant principal? How longer will the taxpayers allow the district to continue to waste their tax dollars?

Greece Techyrz Unyen said...

Vote yes on the wondreful new Budget so carefully put before you by Kitty & the enlightened School Board.
It won't make your demon spawn little darlings any smarter,
It will provide more money for fat lazy stupid human looking creatures who have to endure your love trophy for almost 6 hours a day. Greece Central, providing insane leve3ls of babysitting since 1980.

Thanks for thew wonderful compensation package
Greece Techyrz
Tolerating your miserable brats till retirement.

SCATS said...

To 6:37PM ~~ Isn't it amazing that we need MORE BUSES to transport FEWER students ... EVERY SINGLE YEAR??

To 7:55PM ~~ Just a little harsh ...

Anonymous said...

And today the ribbon was cut on the So Far Over Budget Swine 1 Police Building.

GEE, just think, cost overruns out the yingyang on a police building named for the man who converted an abandoned turd treatment plant to a Police facility to save money the TAXPAYERS didn't want to spend. That man even created another PoPo facility in the old Town Hall garage, and a 3rd one that was never used in the old Park Super's house adjacent to the Parkway. That man did it all LOW Dollar to the Taxpayer too.

We've come a long way, in 2017 King Willie and little Pat opened the PoPo magalopilis in the Swine 1 Building, with adjacent Auto Pound. NO DOLLAR was spared creating this monument.

I wonder if the Swine 1 Center is completely bugged like Island Cottage Rd was? Where is the monitoring point in 2017? With the Internet King Willie can probably see and hear from Swamp Road or anyplace via his Smart Phone.
Are there cameras in the locker rooms too?

Anonymous said...

King Willie said today the the building was built "on time and UNDER BUDGET". But who is going to pay for the upkeep of all this new stuff at his Town Hall complex?

Anonymous said...

On a positive note, this Popo building was elevated so it won't FLOOD like the old Swine 1 crap tank did in 72.

King Willie & little Chief are very sensitive to wading inside their offices.