Friday, April 14, 2017

Say It Ain't So ...

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"Sources" ~~ Todd Baxter may flip parties, 

Run for Monroe County Sheriff in the fall.

Decision to come after returning from 2 weeks in Haiti.


Anonymous said...

Why NOT?
Baxter is a complete phony who will say whatever needs to be said in the moment. He came to Greece to be Chief, and spent his time charging Greece Taxpayers for his newest Diploma from Roberts where he spent more time than he did on Island Cottage Rd. At Roberts he learned from the Master of FAKE, the resident "Terrorism Expert".

Don't ask anyone what went down in the Police boxing match with the Lt from the City PD.

Toddie dialed it back the minute his Pension was locked in and grabbed how much a year fronting the Vet Center?

Was that move the result of King Willie going back on a promise to Toddie?

The current weak Sheriff- King Willie knows MC Repubs had to pay Maggie over $50k to campaign with the boy.
The current Sheriff bit King Willie's hand when he went for the BIG raise.

Toddie can blow the current Sheriff's doors off at public events.
Is this a move by Dave in Albany to take the spotlight off the projected County Clerk challenge against the County Exec? If it's Dave's play, King Willie will have to lay low. The King still owes Dave for that phone call telling the man at 911 to loose 23 minutes of redundant records.

This will be ENTERTAINING!

Anonymous said...

Let the propaganda and snake oil tour begin!

Anonymous said...

WHY didn't you see an Easter Egg Hunt in Greece this year?
Because, fresh from his stunning performance after the wind event, officially Windmageddon in Town Hall terms, King Willie has instituted a Policy of absolutely no Public Events on any property not owned by the Town WITHOUT A PERMIT.
Of course, you'll be CHARGED to use a Town Facility YOU PAID FOR to use it for your event, but that's the KING'S will.

This will cut down on gatherings where His Royal Highass might be discussed or compared, let alone criticized for his stellar performance.
Perhaps this level of Controlling the masses is why King Willie has his car collection at 299 Swamp Rd, beyond the borders of Greece. One can only wonder, does the King sleep there too? The camera will tell us for sure.

Greece Highway Union said...

STOP picking on King William! The poor man is overworked and barely able to keep things working now. Just this week RG&E shut the power & gas off at the fancy new pavilion at Braddocks Bay because the King didn't pay the bill. Do you know what that will cost to fix? Did any pipes bust? Was there flooding? How much EXTRA will taxpayers have to pony up to get the power & gas reconnected?

The King's Prince of Parks probably screwed up again, but we can't expect much from him. He's like Kirkie MoreAss the Prince of junk trucks at Highway Department, and he has to wait for the King to tell him what to do. King William knows all and sees all. All Hail King William! Maybe Michelle was supposed to pay the RG&E bill.

RG&E should be ashamed of themselves. King Willie said they did a good job when the wind storm made the ancient poles fall down and break the wires. They should have left the King's power connected. Will they shut off street lights next? How about sewer lift stations?

PLEASE DEMOCRATS, run a real candidate!

Anonymous said...

King William doesn't have much time to pay attention to Town issues because he is always working as Republican Party Chairman. There is nowhere in the land where the Town Supervisor is also the Chairman of a Party.

PS: Todd Baxter would make a good candidate. I can see the change coming soon.

Greece Highway Union said...

HRM Willie is even busier than we knew.

He's going to go to Washington and get the level of Lake Ontario lowered so the Mansions on Edgemere won't get splashed.

With his might and influence he should be able to get the Lake back to Pre-Seaway levels so the mansion owners can have their beaches back. That will go well with the new/improved Marina with the rocks hauled from Syracuse to destroy the roads of Greece.

3 Cheers for the king.
Hip hip
********* it

Greece Highway Union said...

What's the King & playmate Kirkiepoo spending all the money that was spent on keeping creeks clear & flowing on?
There are a hell of a lot of trees blocking water flow in Greece since the wind event in March, and the backhoe with the CLAW ain't cleared a creek in 3 years. It don't even go out to pull a tree out of a creek unless its for a friend of a politician.

Taxes are up, services are down, and the King & Kirkie buy USED plow trucks at Titsworth auctions. Don't blame the plow driver who has to do his job with a wore out truck another town got rid of.
The King's laptop watches me from the minute I thumb print on the job & put my keyfob in the assigned truck. I do exactly what Kirkiepoo wants. Dig a hole Monday, fill it Tuesday because Kirkie can't buy the asphalt to pave with. Where is all the money going? It sure ain't overtime pay.

Tuxedo Ray said...

Get Ready Greece.
While the Kink shot his mouth off and booked his trip to DC, Irondequoit's Supervisor DID HIS JOB.
Irondequoit got extra sand bags from the State and a MACHINE to fill sand bags. Greece got bupkis. If your sorry ass is working a shovel trying to fill sand bags to protect your overtaxed house, look around. You won't be seeing the Kink or any other politician helping.

Helpful hint for filling sand bags, cut off a road cone to act as a funnel and stick it through a ladder sitting on saw horses. Don't even think the Town will provide cones or those beautiful yellow sawhorse barricades though, you'll be lucky to get sand bags in Greece.
Don't bother calling the Town for a pump, or RR Fire District either. The pumps the Town bought all went to Politician's houses, and RRFD wore the ones you paid for out pumping out Corning. You're supposed to forget about that, and what YOU paid them in OVERTIME to pump Corning. You want to bet how many pumps you see from corning as you paddle across your living room?

Hopefully, you'll forget how helpful Kink Willie was by October so you can vote for the same old bobble head Town Board.

Anonymous said...

If I were the democrats I would think twice about bringing another republican to run for an office just to get a quick victory. That has not worked well in the past. Remember David Dunning and more recently Sandra Doorley. Once the candidate wins and the opponent is done, they look for an opportunity to switch back.

Anonymous said...

TO 4/17/2017 3:58 PM. Just got the 2017 Concert by the Shore schedule. It's nice to see that the City of Rochester and the County of Monroe actually support the all volunteer group "Ontario Beach Program Committee" that brings FREE quality entertainment to the entire community. You never see the Town of Greece supporting a community organization. It must be organized and run by the Town or you pay the piper. Oh look! even the GPAS Jazz Band is playing one of the nights in Charlotte. That's the group the king shut out of the "Supervisor's Concert" here in Greece and then charged the group a permit to have a fundraiser. Nice going Bill !

John Auberger said...

Miss Me Now?
Swing by the Funeral Home and say hi.

Super Emeritus
John T Auberger

SCATS said...

To 11:40AM ~~ No, Jack. Your crooked ways aren't missed any more than the current group's "leadership" is appreciated. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Can you post up a Petition to rename Edgemere Oroville Blvd.

Bill Reilich and the Barry kid are walking around in sweatshirts we paid for posing for pictures and running their mouths while Lake Ontario is swallowing houses.

That so called sand bag filler got hauled back to the Democrat side of the River because Reilich has NO GRAVITAS in the political world. When the machine left, so did the ready supply of sand bags and sand, but there will be more Monday, if you can float to the Town Garage.

Meanwhile, the Highway guys who want to help can't till Bill gives the OK. Bill's doing his best, AT GETTING ON CAMERA while Edgemere drowns. We got more help in 72 when nobody knew the hurricane was coming a month in advance.

Anonymous said...

So the Baxman told Ofoolish he is going to take him on come November.

Today King Willie is spouting he don't think Baxter will run as a Democrat.
My money is on Baxter.

Hell, I'd pay 10 bucks to see Baxter square off in the ring against King Wannabe for 2 rounds, if Mr Blowhard was still standing after Round 1, and I'm a cheap bast*rd.

Hey Bax, come on down to the Lake and announce your campaign you'll fine a lot of support. You could probably be a lot more help than the clown in the blue suit.

Anonymous said...

Baxter better get on it, King Willie & his henchthugs are now getting people thrown off facebook for jabbing the King.

What a crock of crap!

Got 100 GCSD graduates kissing his ring and thanking him, and the thugs in the night go after the man calling King Willie down.

Anonymous said...


SCATS said...

To 7:06PM ~~ Interesting that you promote a column by a guy who was able to pull off a piece that was nearly 50% truthful in its content.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if Baxter runs on the Communist line, I'll vote for him rather than the current chair filler in the Jail.
Baxter is a fine actor. I've seen him perform, and he knows how to look good in the act.

The mousie munchkin currently getting his picture taken is a ZERO. He even cut staffing on Pistol Permits knowing it was causing longer delays in issuing new permits.

SCATS said...

To 11PM ~~ Don't you get tired of voting for the lesser of two evils? We sure do!

Anonymous said...

I do too pussicat, BUT when changing the diaper is needed the diaper must be changed. The current diaper holding that office is overfull.

Baxter will either dance & act like a Sheriff, or another candidate will come along to replace Baxter. Baxter came to Greece for the MONEY, he took Greece taxpayers for a ride, and moved on. Baxter won't hang around the Sheriff's Office long.

At least it's a new diaper, for now.

Anonymous said...

Todd Baxter just announced he is running for Sheriff on the Democratic ticket. I would like to know what you all think?