Sunday, April 30, 2017

Is It Time To Rename Edgemere Drive?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Can you post up a Petition to rename Edgemere Oroville Blvd.

Bill Reilich and the Barry kid are walking around in sweatshirts we paid for posing for pictures and running their mouths while Lake Ontario is swallowing houses.

That so called sand bag filler got hauled back to the Democrat side of the River because Reilich has NO GRAVITAS in the political world. When the machine left, so did the ready supply of sand bags and sand, but there will be more Monday, if you can float to the Town Garage.

Meanwhile, the Highway guys who want to help can't till Bill gives the OK. Bill's doing his best, AT GETTING ON CAMERA while Edgemere drowns. We got more help in 72 when nobody knew the hurricane was coming a month in advance.    4/30/2017 3:31 PM


Anonymous said...

We got more help in 1973 because we had a Town Leader not a Party Boss. They knew this disaster was coming but did nothing short of hiring their family members (Barry) to high paying town and county jobs. Now that the cameras are out the next election is all that matters.

Anonymous said...

Hey King Willie,
Other than getting your face on video sealing manhole covers, how many million gallons a day is that brilliant move adding to the treatment plant?

You know what happens when too much water comes into the treatment plant Willie?
Untreated turds go into the Lake.

How about you sit in your guarded office and let men who know what to do run the show. Keep Kirkiepoo in the office with you.

Keristmas, King Willie is keeping sandbags locked up till Monday morning.

SCATS said...

To 7:30PM ~~ You know what they say about that untreated sewage? The big chunks ALWAYS rise to the top! A lot like Greece govt ;)

To the troll who sent the unpublishable comment: You certainly resemble exactly what YOU described. Like they say, takes one to know one :)

Anonymous said...

Seems like a natural fit for CERT team volunteers. Helping with sandbagging damage assessment checking on elderly or at risk individuals. Are these individuals being used if not why not.

SCATS said...

To 2:02PM ~~ You made a great point! As far as we've heard, no, they aren't being called upon. Maybe it would take away from Dinolfo's photo ops.

Greece Highway Union said...

Where are all the high paid UNION Firemen who went to Corning to pump out floodwater there? Where are the Southerntier firemen who would be here to help out and return the favor?

Let me guess, RRFD can't find the Lake, and the guys from Corning can't get PAID to come to Greece.

Oh wait, WE aren't supposed to remember that little OVERTIME money scam the IAFF pulled. WHERE ARE THE PUMPS Greece taxpayers paid for???????

Camp Swampy said...

OH BOY, Daylate Bill is on Facebook like a tent today. He got the National Guard and he borrowed pumps and he even Rented Pumps, and he got another sandbag filler and students from GCSD are actually learning sandbag filling. Great Bill. Whoopie DUCK.
Last week some people asked you about moving collector cars up to that Auto Pound the Phelopn kid ain't using for safe storage, they figured you being a car guy would help out. Actually Bill we got along without a Town Auto Pound for years, but you figure to make a quick buck there like the City.

You're real good at grabbing credit Bill, so those of us down here on Oroville Blvd want the public to know how YOU and your micromanaging deserve credit for running out of sandbags, and having the damn bags a few miles from where they were needed at the Highway so YOU knew where every bag went. We also want the public to KNOW the DEMOCRAT Governor is coming to our aid sending the Guard and sandbags AND State DOT, while you and your playtoy Kurk MoreAss and your Deputy Marini run around with a camera.

BET YOUR ASS Bill, those of us who make it to November WON'T be voting for you or your team of ass kissers. I never voted Democrat in 70 years, but its coming.
You better ask Donnie Riley how it's done Bill cause he knows and you DON'T.

Anonymous said...

Bill said he "reached out to the National Guard" and now they are here to help. I thought only the Governor could call out the National Guard

Anonymous said...

What we are witnessing nationwide is Gods wrath on the red states in the south for giving us the antichrist Trump as president. That includes the red residents of Edgmere dr.greeece ny.

Anonymous said...

In spite of his obvious incompetence, I will bet that Greece voters return Reilich for another term. In Lemming Land all that matters is the R on the ballot

SCATS said...

To 1:39PM ~~ Pssttt! They call it "the religious RIGHT" ... ya know?

SCATS said...

To 4:47PM ~~ Sadly, I think you're correct ... UGH.

Anonymous said...

Go Cuomo, Reilich sucks!

Cuomo accomplished more in a couple hours than Reilich did in days.

Cuomo even got more pictures taken of himself,,
Brought National Guard
Put some muscle on IJC
Didn't get in the way of working people

He even sent another sand bagger.

Only sandbagging Reilich does is with his mouth. He even stands next to a 70+ year old woman loading sandbags in her car for a picture, but he doesn't put one sandbag in the car for her.

What a woos!

SCATS said...

To 6:21PM ~~ He's the penultimate fat cat of local party politics. Definitely time for a HUGE change.

Anonymous said...

Many people do not realize that the Water Level plan to rebuilt Edgmere Dr in 2014 was when King William was supervisor for Greece.

He should have reviewed the plan and opposed it knowing that it would cause a lot of damage to the residence of Edgmere drive.

As always, he was too busy out politicking for the party instead of being the Supervisor for the Town of Greece.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Greece is not the only area with flooding problems

SCATS said...

To 3:02PM ~~ Thus the Joint Commission between the US & Canada. Interstingly, only Lakes Erie ( +2" ) and Ontario ( +18" ) are at higher levels. The other Great Lakes are fine.

Anonymous said...

Whole lot like Oroville, misanticipated water coming in April back in February & March, and stored water for the Power Plants to make cheap electric come Welfare air conditioner season. When April was wet the IJC couldn't ship water down the Seaway fast enough to stop Ontario from going way high. Montreal will always be protected ahead of Lake Ontario shores because of who votes on IJC. One US vote is the Power Industry + 3 Canadian votes, Montreal wins, screw everybody else.

There are a lot of rich island dwellers between here and the ocean, and their investments MUST be protected.

The story is that the Lake isn't really threatening and the water being high isn't a problem. Why are 150 year old trees being washed out and why is the Foundation of Fort Niagara washing out then?

Obama screwed us on his way out of the White House. None of these houses moved closer to the Lake since the Seaway opened. The beach where the trolley ran has submerged. I don't give a damn that some "Professor" at Brockport says the sand is still in the Lake, I'm paying taxes on that sand, and I want it between my house & the water, not over in Oswego.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that Relich is showing up with all the people filling sandbags and loading them into their cars but you never see him helping, especially the seniors of our community

The Irondequoit supervisor in his pictures is helping the people load up and fill their sand bags.

I bet you will a difference the next time he has someone taking pictures.

SCATS said...

To 4:09PM ~~ In order to effectively use a shovel, you actually need to know which end to hold. I'm not sure that he does. But when it comes to a mic, he's got it down ;)

Anonymous said...

You don't know what you're talking about. The Supervisor & Deputy Supervisor, along with the Greece Emergency Response Team have been working their faces off addressing the never ending rain and weather difficulties affecting residents along the shore. They have been grinding out 12-14 hour days and handling one weather disaster after another. I've been impressed. If you think you could do better, this is an election year and last I checked, there aren't many requirements preventing any of you from throwing your hat in the ring to compete for the wheel. As you were.

Anonymous said...

Got flooding down there at the lake have you?
Army Corps of Engineers built levies to prevent flooding here

Lucky, ain't ya.

SCATS said...

To 1:58PM ~~ I don't pay sky-high property taxes so I can run for office to solve the problems caused by politicians. Capisce??

Greece Highway Union said...

I saw a picture on Willie's Facebook page, a teen GIRL was holding a full sand bag to hand somebody to load in their vehicle. Willie was standing there empty handed with the boys (probably GCSD Team Players) EMPTY HANDED.

Maybe GCSD should announce a sandbagging team.

Governor SlackJaw is in another picture on WillieBook. He's looking up. Probably needs a Trooper to show him where the Lake is.

Somebody needs to call Donnie Riley in to Supervise.

BTW, Thanks for the OVERTIME, it makes up for minimal plow runs.

Anonymous said...

To 1:58 12 -14 hour days WOW. They are doing their JOB ! That 's why the make the big bucks.

Anonymous said...

To 1:58.. Really Michelle

SCATS said...

To 1:58PM & 6:08PM ~~ I just noticed that 1:58PM referred to the Greece Emergency Response Team ... so instead of calling upon qualified, TRAINED CERT volunteers, the Town of Greece has invented " GERT " ! LMAO!!!!!!!!! That's just too funny!!!!!!!!

COMEDIA said...

Well don't get too nervous about the GERTies who worked their faces off, An AVON lady has volunteered to help them.

Meanwhile, while everybody was watching waves & GERTS, COMIDA just screwed us all One More Time on Crapistino's Market over by the UofR. The market flopped, COMIDA stuck it to the taxpayers for the loan that won't be paid back, and now COMIDA proudly announces they are leasing the market to UofR Medical. UofR will probably get more money to remodel too.


Anonymous said...

Greece highway union says Mike the grease Monkey does a terrible job representing us. He should learn he is not the top banana, until he acts right the people above will keep him greasing.

Anonymous said...

Oops scats I just posted a response to 1:58 that I meant to publish anonymously. HELP

SCATS said...

To 9:31AM ~~ Huh?? We're not seeing it.

Friends of Bill said...

Gov Baby Cuomo is sending more Mobil Disaster Command Campers.

What's Bill Roadblock doing?
Bill got his picture taken.
Bill continues to watch the coffee pot in the Old Fart Room at the Town Rec Center
Bill DID NOT get himself a job with Team Trump.
Bill rode around town in the Town car after he checked his place on Swamp Rd.
Bill announced Edgmere Drive is now a water park.
Bill moved the magic sand bags so often getting a sandbag is like 3 card Monte.