Friday, March 24, 2017

Give That "DUDE" A Raise!

While watching tonight's news, a story about Lakeshore Elementary students thanking utility workers for their hard work after the windstorms caught our attention.

Principal James Palermo spoke to the reporter, as can be seen at the 50 second mark in the video contained within the link below.

It's not what he said that grabbed our attention. It's how he's dressed!

Since when did it become part of professional attire for a school principal to wear a gray t-shirt with "DUDE" in big black letters across the chest? It wasn't field day! And he wasn't being taped to the flagpole again, either.

Apparently his salary, that's just shy of $100K/year, isn't enough to allow him to dress appropriately for the position he holds.

Give him a raise ... and a class on dressing for the job.


Anonymous said...

Nice example for a supposed "professional." I am not shocked by this though. The adults are more interested in being 'friends" with the kids instead of being the adult in the room. It's the same as the teachers wearing their "professional" red GTA tee shirts to school to complain about their contract.

BTW..............Did you see the state is looking to dumb down the state teacher exam for English and Math because too many "minorities" can't pass the test????? It was on WHEC about two weeks ago and also the D&C. We are screwed if this is allowed to happen.

Anonymous said...

Honestly I don't care one bit if he wears a suit, coveralls or BDUs to school if his building is performing and deliering good academic results.
If he starts wearing a dress we might have something to look into.

SCATS said...

To 7:37AM ~~ It reminds me of that Social Studies teacher Babs promoted to be her right-hand man. His social media pic looked like a throwback to the 70's ... very "hippy dippy."

Yes, we heard that teacher literacy is a thing of the past. That might be the next topic.

To 12:25PM ~~ As far as we've heard, Lakeshore has yet to rise to the top among GCSD elementary schools. So please let us know when he starts "deliering." Maybe if he were to dress for success ... ?

Does the term "role model" mean ANYTHING to you??

Anonymous said...

I remember role models.
We had Babs; she was a role model.
Babs rolled some sucker for a big divorce settlement.

SCATS said...

To 1:52PM ~~ Why yes she did! LMAO!!! And she's back on the prowl for #3 ... I think. Did I lose count? LOL

Anonymous said...

A persons personal life may not be any of my business. In my experience a persons personal life is a good indicator of how they will perform in their professional role. I have several friends in the HR business and to a person they have mentioned the lack of decorum and inappropriate dress people exhibit when they are candidates for employment at their respective organizations. If young impressionable students are exposed to teachers who have the anything is ok as long as it makes you feel comfortable mentality what can you expect in later years when this is all they they have been exposed to. I firmly believe that you have one chance to make a first impression and frankly I ain't impressed with public ed or it's practitioners PERIOD.

SCATS said...

To 10:47AM ~~ Well stated! I would add that in these days of social media, if you are going to put your personal life out there for everyone to see, then be prepared to have it used in JUDGING you. If you aren't up for that, then perhaps you might want to keep your personal life separated from your career. It's a choice.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's operating from instructions from Kitty to bring happy feel good publicity to the Dismal er I mean District.

After all, the Dismal has lowered expectations from the "parent" units through the miseducation of that generation.

Who, other than a Public Edummificator would haul in a knuckle bucket from a tree company and a few branch draggers and spin it into thanking real linemen for saving us from the wind when King Willie belched? They even brought in InfoTwitts to misreport the day off for over stressed "teachers".

Greece Central spreads more crap than John Deere ever could.

SCATS said...

To 5:57PM ~~ TY for saying much of what we've been thinking. Just more WASTED educational time for the students. Kind of reminds us of the old days when GCSD teachers walked the kiddies to Red Lobster for lunch then claimed it supported the science curriculum because of the lobster tank.

Anonymous said...

Ohshit we can't bully him. His Union will file charges!

He belongs to NEA. No Education Allowed!

Anonymous said...

No Education Achieved?

Michelle Gibaud said...

He's wearing a dude shirt as part of the dude. Be nice project. Learn your facts before judging.

SCATS said...

To 6:23PM ~~ The FACT is, that is UNPROFESSIONAL attire for a school principal. PERIOD.