Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Fire Taxes Continue To Skyrocket

Fire Districts Continue 

Thumbing Noses @ 2% Cap

Received our tax bill today – town taxes stayed the same. !!! Fire district (Barnard) tax levy only went up 6.7% !!! We are sooo thankful as last year it went up 11.4% – that’s over 18% increase over a 2 year period. At this rate in 2 years we will be paying more in property tax for fire service than we pay to run the whole rest of the town. Companies seeing these figures will be fighting to come here. Makes ya proud doesn’t it? Interested to hear what other fire districts increase is.

Charlie Hubbard


Anonymous said...

While I am concerned about my Fire Taxes going up I see it way less concerning then half of my tax bill being from state mandates which I opppose. At least I can see a benefit from the fire department which is also a medical response now as firefighters are also EMTs or paramedics. Is there waste yes, is the system screwed up yes. The state needs to abolish fire districts and they should be town employed like the police

SCATS said...

To 8:50AM ~~ While we're not usually fans of mandates, SOME mandates make sense. Having so many fire districts with numerous fire houses in one town is ridiculous in terms of unnecessary overlap. That translates into HUGE waste. My fire protection should not be approaching 25% of my total tax bill!!!!

Anonymous said...

My Ridge road fire bill is over 92% of my town taxes? How is that possible when the town funds parks, police, highway and town government? My fire tax went up more than the 2% cap as well, I believe over 5% this year.

SCATS said...

To 1:54PM ~~ Worse yet, you should also see that your Ridge Rd. fire tax is over 25% of your TOTAL town & county tax bill!

They call this highway robbery!

Anonymous said...

Arsonist reimbursement

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else catch Lewis Stewarts interview on Channel 8 tonight regarding the racially motivated hate crime perpetrated by 4 Black youths against a challenged white school mate in Chicago? You know the interview, the one where he stated that "the incident shouldn't be judged by race". This from a Black preacher who never gives up the chance to put his face in front of a camera to make race the issue in every incident involving a Black victim. But who also conveniently ignores and denies the reality of statistics about Black on Black crime. Time to wake up Lewis, there is a problem in a portion of the Black community and culture that predisposes it to violence you are unwilling to accept. Stop blaming poverty, accept the root causes, address those or nothing will change.

SCATS said...

To 5:49PM ~~ I saw the interview, too. He's not the only one who needs to adjust their point-of-view on racist behaviors.

Anonymous said...

Legal bills:; Ongoing for the dirtbag fire chief in south Greece. New bills regarding the incident in very North Greece.

Anonymous said...

Consider this, your town tax bill includes the Police Department, Highway department, courts, all of the departments in town hall including administration, library. The town has over 125 vehicles not including the Police Department. Your County tax bill includes all county departments and services including administration as well as the Sheriffs office including road patrol,court security, jail bureau and civil bureau. The county also has hundreds of vehicles. I really have a problem seeing a 1.4 million dollar fire truck that the taxpayers rejected but was purchased anyway with four men on it being driven to pick up groceries at Wegmans and going to the Bank on pay day. Your fire tax bill is out of control because the boards of commissioners are out of control. There is no way your fire tax should approach your town or county tax bill. Every Fire chiefs car you see on the road just multiply by four every assistant chiefs car you see on the road multiply by four. The City of Rochester serves the entire city with one heavy rescue vehicle. Greece has three. The City of Rochester has one Fire Chief and one Police Chief. Greece has one Police Chief and four Fire Chiefs. I do not have knowledge of the union contracts involved but I assume that they are very generous. If you want things to change start going to the budget hearings demanding answers and voting in the district commissioner elections. One thing that is troubling to me is that people running for the office of Fire Commissioner are not precluded from being a member of another Fire Labor union in another district. Seems like a direct conflict of interest to me. Food for thought these organizations utilize volunteer firefighters that are not paid. Total disconnect for me where are the bucks going?????????????

Anonymous said...

Off topic as I do not know how to start a new topic (so Scats feel free to start this as a new topic if that is the right thing to do) but I have heard several Odyssey and Olympia students state that those schools are to be merged into one. At least 3 students for each school, independent of each other, have passed on that news onto me in since mid-December. Any truth to this from what you or your blog readers have heard? My first question back to the students was whether there was going to be re-alignment of the schools making one a middle and the other the high school. Or was there going to be consolidation of the physical facilities. The students did not know the answers to these questions of course...

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with 1/06/2017 @ 9:21 AM. Unless we get a town supervisor and a town board that has some balls to get rid of all these little fire kingdoms we taxpayers will continue to pay through the nose for firetrucks and PAID firefighters picking up their lunch at Wegmans and cashing their paychecks at banks.

SCATS said...

To 5:39AM ~~ Sadly, it is up to the taxpayers to do the dirty work needed, but some pressure from Town Hall certainly wouldn't hurt. Of course, they lack the backbone to do it. After all, they are essentially in bed with each other politically.

Anonymous said...

I am all for some sort of control over the fire budgets. There are way too many Fire districts and departments. There is definitely waste but seriously people complaining about them going to Wegmans to EAT is beyond my understanding and petty. I think they could save way more money by having much smaller vehicles since most of their calls are medical in nature, not a lot of actual fires in Greece.

SCATS said...

To 8:41AM ~~ I have no problem with our police & firemen eating. However, I do have an issue with them taking their giant fire truck (or police cruiser/SUV) and blocking the entry!! Sitting in a "No parking" zone sends the message that they are above the law. They are NOT. Seeing groups of several cop cars sitting at Tim Horton's while all on break at the same time, also sends a negative message. It's NOT social hour. Standing around and flirting with the young women working in the deli is another annoyance. GET YOUR FOOD AND MOVE ON, please.

Greece taxpayers are being RAPED on fire taxes ... and let's not forget the duplication of services by having our own separate PD. It's time for sensible change & consolidation.

Greece Highway Employees said...

Hey Greece Taxpayers- WHAT is it going to cost YOU for the pole Kirkiepoo's employee wiped out Sunday with the Town truck????

That's right folks, you'll be PAYING for that "hadda be hired" person who didn't know how to operate equipment. Sort of reminds some people at the Highway Department of another Town truck that got disappeared after King Bill's boy might have screwed up.

All you folks that froze in your heavily TAXED houses because the power was off, Don't forget to file a Notice of Claim against the Town of Greece for your loss and any damage from frozen pipes or food that went bad in your fridge. RG&E will certainly charge the Town for their pole repair, and YOU deserve to be compensated too.

That's Town of Greece, 2 Vince Tofany Blvd, Greece, NY
You'll need a Form 50E, Notice of Claim against Municipality.
Do NOT put an amount you wish to be compensated on the form, that voids the filing.

Happy New Year from the few men left at Highway who know how to run them big plow trucks.
Kirkiepoo doesn't care about you, he'll hire whoever the King sends.

Anonymous said...

It just makes sense they would park there so if needed they can leave in a hurry and the no parking is so they will have a place to park in case of emergency which is where they are parked anyways. No message of being above the law to me. Who cares how many cops or firemen or workers from any job go on break or lunch together. I guess I don't worry about little things like that it never even crossed my mind as being a negative message. It's not "social hour". No but it may be their break or lunch so who cares if they are talking with or as you say flirting with someone for all you know it may actually be their wife or girlfriend or family member. This town now more then ever needs its own PD

SCATS said...

To 12:49PM ~~ Thanks for showing us that the mindset of the Rahn regime lives on! Baxter attempted to move away from anything that appeared to be less than professional, which the specified behaviors are. Tell me of another town where they behave like this. We have seldom seen it.

Charlie Hubbard said...

When any taxing authority levies a tax increase with NO explanation as to why a tax increase is needed we should be very concerned. It is in my opinion a lack of RESPECT. We all have to live within our means - a taxing authority should be no different. Unfortunately we see too many taxing authorities who feel they owe no one any explanation for anything they do - THAT should concern us all. The lack of oversight is terrible. When those in charge are of a mindset that taxpayers are not deserving of any explanation - beware. Beware because you then have a group of people with taxing authority that does NOT RESPECT TAXPAYERS.

Anonymous said...

If Firemen are supposed to be at a fire station that is located to provide the quickest response to every point in their assigned area having a piece of equipment at another point in that area could provide a less than optimal response to an area of the they are assigned to due to the equipment being out of position. The fire station location was picked for a reason. I am not able to go in to work and then take a company vehicle out to lunch or to conduct my personal business, I am required to spend my time doing what I am paid to do by my company. I bring my lunch to work and do my banking when I am not at work. I pay a substantial portion of my health care and do not have a pension but a 401k. I appreciate what they do but come on get real with this tax stuff.

IAFF Members said...

Memo to:GCSD Diploma holders and others who slept through all that schooling they didn't pay for.

Fire Districts are Established by State Corporate Charter, and completely independent of Town jurisdiction, with the exception of Towns contracting with the Fire Department for Service.
The comedy act known as Town Board has NO Authority over RRFD, Greece Ridge FD (the cute slush find), NGFD, Barnard FD, or Lakeshore FD.

The last merger of Fire Districts in Greece occurred when Lakeshore consolidated multiple small vol companies & stations.
You won't see a repeat now that All Greece Fire Departments are UNION IAFF Businesses.

The Union Brothers have run the Vols out of the Departments Vols built. Game OVER

History Lesson- the last time a Fire Department in Greece was annoyed by angry taxpayers was NGFD when the Department wanted to create their palatial Firehouse atop Paddie Hill. The members of the Department figured out how to end run the NO vote.
Prior to that, NGFD had a little dustup back in the 1930s over buying a fire truck capable of going 90 miles per hour. Taxpayers won that issue.

NOW, do you really think anybody at any Greece Fire Department is going to be concerned you're pissed off?
We took your trucks and pumps you paid for to ride to Corning and pump basements on Overtime, and wore the pumps out. Be happy we let you live in OUR Fire District. IAFF Owns politicians.

Greece Taxpayer said...

Firemen who aren't UNION Members First know how to solve budget shortfalls.
WHY is Greece stuck with IAFF SLUGS?????

HOMETOWN, Pa. — A Pennsylvania volunteer fire company is turning to titillation to raise money.

The Hometown Volunteer Fire Company in Schuylkill County is getting ready to host its second adults-only naughty bingo night.
The next naughty bingo night is March 11. (Photo/Pixabay)
The next naughty bingo night is March 11. (Photo/Pixabay)

Winners don't get money, they get "adult toys."

The first event last year drew a standing-room crowd with people from several surrounding counties and even New Jersey. Hometown is a tiny village in Rush Township, about 70 miles northeast of Harrisburg.

The next naughty bingo night is March 11. The fire company is selling 160 tickets at $20 each.

Firefighter Jason Messerschmidt says people tire of the same old fundraisers, which typically rely on the same people to spend money. This event is designed to raise money from a larger, more diverse crowd.

SCATS said...

To 5:17PM ~~ TY for an idea the PTA should try lol