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Are Odyssey & Olympia Merging?

 Anonymous said...
Off topic as I do not know how to start a new topic (so Scats feel free to start this as a new topic if that is the right thing to do) but I have heard several Odyssey and Olympia students state that those schools are to be merged into one. At least 3 students for each school, independent of each other, have passed on that news onto me in since mid-December. Any truth to this from what you or your blog readers have heard? My first question back to the students was whether there was going to be re-alignment of the schools making one a middle and the other the high school. Or was there going to be consolidation of the physical facilities. The students did not know the answers to these questions of course...
1/06/2017 9:27 AM


Anonymous said...

Amendments are being proposed to Town of Greece Code Chapter 128 (Historic Preservation) that will take all responsibilities presently assigned to the Historic Preservation Commission and re-assign them to the Planning Board. This move will essentially dissolve the commission, composed of volunteer residents with backgrounds in historic preservation and assign the responsibility to the politically appointed planning board. Attend the Town Board Meeting on January 17th and voice your opinion.

Jane Grant said...

This would disempower a committee of highly dedicated and knowledgeable community members.
Why make this a politically-related committee?

SCATS said...

To 6:34PM ~~ Because that's what the POWERS that be do here in Greece. They politicize everything, because they can.

Anonymous said...

Fine schools across America today are teaching children of these heros.

Greece is teaching Lesbain and Gay crap.

SCATS said...

To 11:51AM ~~ GCSD has been teaching that liberal crapple at least as far back as the mid-1990's. The difference is that they saved it for the "honors" classes back then.

Anonymous said...

To 1/12 7:55 Understand the Willy proved that he was a first class jerk at the public meeting about the history commission

Anonymous said...

I graduated from GCSD in the late 90s. Much of the made up Alinsky Liberal Doctrine was forced down my throat at that time. The disconnect between the real world and the GCSD classroom couldn't be further. One would think that primary school should be about building creative thinking and functional life skills. However, more time was spent on useless knowledge and indoctrination that has NO FACUAL basis. I understand more about how the world works from traveling it. There is certainly some good faculty at GCSD but the overall system is toxic. When opinions become fact that is no longer education. Sadly, even science and research has become corrupt in this society. I have stood in Afghanistan I can promise that the world doesn't operate in the same fantasyland as the GCSD classroom. The amount of time many teachers spent arguing with students that had different opinions was sickening. Liberalism is a pretend made up ideology!! It's absolutely not fact.

Anonymous said...

Please tell us which courses focused on "useless knowledge and indoctrination that has no factual basis."

Anonymous said...

1/19 10:27
While I partially agree with your meandering commentary, I find the most truthful claim you have made is that you barely graduated from some school. The evidence is your lack of ability to spell, punctuate, form entire sentences, or construct a formal argument. You failed. But to give a second chance - I ask for the corroborative evidence that shows who is to be blamed? Was it your effort or the system? Tell us your name. Let us pull your attendance records. Let us peruse your behavioral performance. That would go a long way to truly substantiate your claims.

SCATS said...

To 4:08 & 5:29PM ~~ I'm going to enter the fray on this topic. Our family has experienced GCSD's less than stellar attempts to "educate" in numerous comedic/tragic ways. Among them: a language arts teacher who couldn't spell half of the words on the list she assigned each week ... but INSISTED that credit be given only to those who learned her misspellings; a science teacher who insisted that brontosaurus was the correct name of a dinosaur science had years prior rejected as authentic; another science teacher who insisted a tomato was "a vegetable" despite being given proof on paper that it is not ... I could go on and on. It's really a wonder that anyone who graduates here is able to compete in college.

Greece Teacher Ass said...


1 That truth really comes from Authority.

2 Intelligence is the ability to remember and repeat

3 Accurate memory and repetition are rewarded

4 Non-compliance is punished

5 CONFORM: Both Intellectually and Socially.

Now, who are the BULLIES in the School System?

Greece Unityd Techyrz said...

Mark Twain said "Never trust a man who can only spell a word one way.".
That should not be interpreted to mean GCSD employees are trustworthy.

A mater is a vegetable. Because it damn sure ain't an animal or a mineral. Apples, peaches, strawberries and maters are all members of the fruit subfamily ov veggiuooblz.
They should not be commingled with the other group of bipedal fruits so in favor with GCSD. Them be anymulz.

If GCSD techyrz & Misadministraterz coulda been educated they'd have real jobs in the private sector and wunt need to be techyrz.

SCATS said...

To 9:11PM ~~ In a perfect world, school teaches children how to think, how to reason, how to problem solve, how to research and find answers ... in addition to what must be memorized, such a multiplication tables.

Anonymous said...

College graduate and I had no disciplinary issues at GCSD. 9:11 pm's comment is exactly what I was trying to express. Teachers try to indoctrinate students into a group think ideology. That is fact.

Anonymous said...

I reiterate. Lets have the data and not opinion resolve this issue of who's to blame. All of those in favor please post names, schools, and birthdates. I will be happy to FOIA (indiscreetly, because there's two ways) the District records of attendance, grades, behavioral records, parent involvement, meeting minutes/recordings, and interventions. We can then discuss in an open public forum, any disputes to that data. Problem is! The data will defy 98% of opinion.

SCATS said...

To 5:43PM ~~ Clearly, you have little understanding of what you are trying to sell! MOST of the things you've offered to FOIA are NOT available, most due to "privacy" issues !!! LOL The rest, like meeting minutes, have become essentially meaningless & useless. EXAMPLE: A BOE member was recently replaced. The minutes of that meeting FAIL to name who the outgoing & incoming BOE member are!

Anonymous said...

Town Board and school district meeting minutes are a joke. For example when three citizens speak and a town board meeting the minutes state that three people spoke but will NEVER record what they said.

SCATS said...

To 8:46PM ~~ Our local govt loves to play the "FOIL it if you can" game ... and they work VERY hard to attempt to ensure you can not FOIL it.

Anonymous said...

Question for Athena middle school parents? Are you hearing what I have been told? Mine tells me students are no longer allowed to change for gym class in the locker rooms. Reason is that there is inadequate supervision(do we no longer employ GTA staff as gym teachers?). Middle school students now change in the hallways and bathrooms. Hearing this from my child begs the question - how will they disrobe entirely for swimming?

SCATS said...

To 5:28PM ~~ If such a policy change has been enacted without giving ADVANCE notice to parents, then parents should storm the next BOE and PTA meetings.

Greece Unityd Techyrz said...

There are no CCTV cameras in the locker rooms.
There are cameras in the halls.

How do you expect the "security" staff to get their jollies if kids aren't stripping in the halls?

Do you people really think these buildings operate to educate children?

Anonymous said...

Scats, how true is the rumor of a kid with a gun at Arcadia HS? The kid apparently was tased. This is scary if no news has been divulged of this incident.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to post a link to some video, a comment, and questions regarding the behavior of a security guard from Athena and ask for public comment directed to the Greece school district. Especially from his supervisor and the district superintendent.

The gentleman? holding the crucifix and chanting at the 30 second mark, is in fact a retired sheriff's deputy, now dealing with our children at Athena.

Is there a professional responsibility that might bring into question this employees actions in his personal life as they relate to handling behavior in the workplace?

My argument here is that while he has a right to extol his virtues, he also has a professional responsibility to protect his employer. I believe that public employees must refrain from proselytizing their public virtues into their work venues. This individual is guilty of this very act. I would find continued employment by Greece to be in the worst interests of my children! He has no right to press these values onto impressionable minors.

SCATS said...

To 5:40PM ~~ While I don't disagree with you, I do wonder WHERE you've been while the LIBERAL UNION (teacher's) has lectured/taught our youth that it's more than OK to live an "alternative lifestyle" (i.e. gay/lesbian/TG) and other such non-Christian habits. And they did so FROM THE CLASSROOM.

Rev Billyben said...

What thehell is TG?

Are you tellin us Greece Central now has some kind of weirdos on the payroll called TriGendered? Great day in the morning!
How do they couple up or attach or whatever they call it?

Oh I tell you this is going to float like a cast iron balloon at Wednesday night service over at The Church of the Burning Bush. Hot dam I can see a picket line coming. MaryElizabeth loves that marching & chanting thing the ladies in the choir been practicing for just such.


Anonymous said...

To 5:40PM

What is the problem with what this man did? I watched the video twice. The Gentleman in question is wearing jeans, a blue jacket w/ no patches on it, and gloves. I didn't see anything that would tie him to the GCSD on his clothing. With what he was wearing, he could have been a car salesman or even the now very rare Kodak employee.

Now, if he was on the clock while doing this, I would agree with you 100%, but this does not appear to be the case.

You come across as a busy body. You know, the kind of neighbor that goes around looking in peoples windows to see if they're doing something YOU think is wrong. The kind of neighbor that patrols the neighborhood looking for code violations. The kind of person that goes after someone who doesn't think the same way as YOU. Are YOUR civil rights more equal than his? Does he not have a 1st amendment right to protest because he works at the school district, or because YOU don't agree with his side on this issue?

A retired Sheriff's Deputy who now works with children, believes in God, is against abortion and is willing to go out on his own time and peacefully protest. What a terrible example of a human being! Maybe you can go to the next school board meeting and ask the district to hire some ex felons or pedophiles.


As a retired government employee, I feel strongly that people employed by the government should have the same rights to protest as anyone else. Provided that they do it on their own time, don't wear or say anything that involves their employer, and do it within the confines of the law.

While I don't live in Greece, I was raised there and went to school there from 1970 to 1981. Maybe it was the times, but I remember being taught about about the right to protest. I retired from a Sheriff's Office out here in Arizona. I participated in several protests/marches on topics I felt were important at our state capitol, and at a U.S. Senator's office. As long as I was on my own time, not in uniform, didn't speak on behalf of the Office, and didn't act like an animal; I was fine and did not face any disciplinary actions from my office.


SCATS said...

To 8:42AM ~~ GCSD has already hired the pedophiles. Several have been identified and let go.

Here's my stance on things like this: If professionally you are in a position of dealing with children (as in a school) or the public (let's say bank branch manager) and your MORALS, ETHICS, DECISION-MAKING ABILITIES, etc. are on display daily through your career, then you probably ought not to protest, or you will BE JUDGED NEGATIVELY for it, despite the stance you take. As a parent, I do NOT want to see my kid's teacher protesting on the news. Same is true for my CPA, stock broker, doctor, lawyer ... or any other "PROFESSIONAL."

If you are my exterminator, roto-rooter guy, waste collector, etc. then go ahead and picket till you drop from exhaustion.

Bottom line: Protesters look less than professional as soon as they hold up that picket sign.

Anonymous said...

2/14 5:40 responding
Thank you SCAT's.
2/15 8:42 He presented his face, his job, his title!!!
And you sound very likely to be another Greece School employee of the same status. You know, the one who used to park the District car at an address over in someone's driveway by erath(pics are available)! And on 490(NYSUT pics) with the State boys on the crossover east of 390. You're the Boys! in Blue defending Boys! in blue!
There is a professional standard for all jobs. He(initials removed) violated his. And you (initials removed) have proven yourself to be just as complicit in violating yours by avoiding his bias that cannot be divested from personal to professional life.
Second coming my ass! You all know his delusions! Check his border crossings into Canada!!! I have!

Anonymous said...


8:42 Here.

We will have to agree to disagree on this one; but thank you for posting my response and allowing my opinion to be heard.
I look forward to reading your blog, and hope it's around for a long time. I find out more news about the Town of Greece here than on any of the news stations or the D&C.

To 5:40,

I have to say I can almost hear your shrill voice yelling at the computer as I read your latest post. I will try to respond to some of your accusations and ramblings...

I watched the video at the link that YOU provided 4X now, nowhere in that 2:15 video is that person interviewed or named; if there is another video from another source, post it. Otherwise, you are wrong.

I am not, have never been, and never will be an employee of GCSD. I am currently typing this from almost 2300 miles away (per google maps).

As far as "boys in blue" LOL! My uniform was tan and brown, and I wore it proudly for 20 years. If, what you are claiming took place (He presented his job, his title, or let's say he wore his uniform or spoke on behalf of the school district); I would agree with you 100% (as I stated in my first post) and would want to see him punished for that, not for his opinion.

As far as "professional standards" go, did the employee violate his? Do you know what professional standards he is held accountable to? What are the policies and procedures (if any) of the GCSD that cover this type of conduct?

I will ask you this; if he was standing on the other side of the street, would you be here ranting about it?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey 8:42
Wow for you and thanks for your service! Mine was tiger stripe with bars on the collar(only while out of country)over 45 yrs. ago. After 2 tours, I'd had enough. And yet way back then we were taught the definition of professional responsibility. For you lurking cherries - that means how to behave in public when you might be recognized.

Location, I have the same app - mine shows me in Greece while really in a different country altogether.

SCATS said...

To 10:10AM ~~ Sorry, but we seldom agree to disagree and won't in this case either. The reason: IT MATTERS!!

EXAMPLE: A number of years ago, a local bank branch manager became politically involved with GCSD BOE meetings. One evening, when the late news came on, there she was standing on a chair in an auditorium screaming insults (we're being kind) while flailing her fists towards certain BOE members with whom she disagreed. Following her performance, she was more than happy to be interviewed about her PERSONAL views regarding the BOE members and their actions. She was NOT in any way identified as being an employee of said bank branch.

As customers of her bank branch, we were horrified by her behavior! The next morning, a call was made to obtain the contact info for the regional manager above her to lodge a complaint. Our position: As a family we had SUBSTANTIAL assets invested in that institution and felt VERY nervous by the idea that their employee felt it was OK to behave as if she became unhinged in public and for the media while providing oversight to our hard earned assets! The regional manager told us that we were NOT even close to the first to complain about her performance/interview and that the situation was being handled. OUTCOME: She was immediately removed from the Greece branch and put in a position on the other side of the river where she dealt with small businesses behind the scenes, thus ending her acting career and political (public) involvement in Greece schools.

To 7:27PM ~~ The same app as whom?? Obviously, you've made a mistake setting something up.

Anonymous said...


The infamous 8:42 and 10:10 here.

I agree with you, and what you did in your situation. The woman you mention was out of control. Not a way to act when you are a manager at a local bank. Her actions not only discredited her position of concerned parent/citizen at the BOE meeting; but it also discredited her in her position as the manager at a local bank, and put the bank in an uncomfortable public light.

The school security guard ( a security guard per your and 5:40's information; not a manager or a supervisor, but a "slick sleeve") was shown on the video at the link provided by 5:40 standing, holding a crucifix, praying or chanting. He was peacefully protesting; as is his right under the 1st Amendment.

Apples and oranges; one person at a BOE meeting standing on a chair screaming insults, and one person in a crowd protesting peacefully for something he believes strongly about. Yup, absolutely the same thing.

I'm still curious if this would have been brought to your attention if the person had been on the other side of the street...

To 7:27

I should be the one thanking you for your service! Your mission was a tough one that did not get the respect it deserved from the people of this country. So, thank you again for what you did and for your service to our country!

My agency was very big on policy and procedure, and how to conduct your self on and off duty. If I had acted like the woman in SCATS example; my Office would have loved me very tenderly and I would probably have ended up w/ a week or two UNPAID leave (that doesn't count towards retirement, and has to be made up at the end of service) and a nasty gram in my jacket. If I had acted like the security guard/retired deputy in the video link provided; I may have received a few strange looks or thumbs up (or down), but my Office would have been okay with it. It's all in how you handle/present yourself.

SCATS said...

To 10:11AM ~~ SCATS did NOT identify anyone from the video link provided as a security guard, nor as anyone else.

As for the bank branch manager, she wasn't alone in her "protestations" at the infamous BOE meeting, but then, just like the security guard mentioned from the video, many of the others had UNION protection! Whether or not they are "peaceful" or behaving in public as role models to the children they oversee is of NO concern when UNION PROTECTION is at stake.

BTW, I don't give-a-dang which side of the street was chosen. Too many recent "protests" (riots in reality) have cast a dark & dim light on those who choose to engage in mob politics. Methinks your time & energy are better spent putting your First Amendment Rights to use in more productive ways. But hey, if you want to open yourself to judgmental criticism, then be comfortable with the consequences ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear GCSD Superintendent, BOE, and Safety Director(retired PD),

Is there any rumor to the truth that GCSD will be sponsoring a "Bring your Gun (nerf) to School Day" at Athena for an all inclusive school sponsored event?

If so, in light of the current amount of gun violence, perpetrated against citizens, law enforcement, and children, I suggest that this might just be the dumbest idea any school district has ever endorsed.

You folks seem to misunderstand that the taking of a life by firing a weapon at anyone is the most terrifying and violent action that any reasonable person would undertake. It is the primary cause of PTSD in military, Police, and citizen involved shootings.


SCATS said...

To 5:03PM ~~ Is it April Fool's Day already??

Anonymous said...

New topic...not sure how/where to start a thread.

Lots of of reports of fights at Greece Odyssey from parents/students currently there. A huge increase from just 2-3 years ago I am told.

Any truth to the rumours?

I have a child entering 5th grade in the fall and another in 3rd. Thoughts on whether to apply for them to go there via School of Choice lottery? What is the value add of Odyssey over let's say Athena which would be there normal district sending school?

SCATS said...

To 7:32PM ~~ Just our opinion, but ALL Greece middle/high schools have discipline issues, fighting being one of the bigger problems. They all attempt to cover-up how widespread the problem actually is.