Friday, November 11, 2016

Your Help Please ...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
No place else to post a question... Can anyone confirm the brutal assault of a special needs student at Athena this week by two other students? Rumors abound. Ambulance? Arrests? GCSD HR involvement?
11/10/2016 5:30 PM


Anonymous said...

Thanks folks... Your silence is what allows GC especially the Athena "Special Expolice Commandant" to put forth a wall of silence that leads you all to believe that your children are safe! There are staff who know the truth but won't come forward. Those of you who remain silent are the real problem and will eventually be judged by your actions. If you want to fix it speak up. I heard there might be video from the boys locker room camera?

SCATS said...

To 5:23PM ~~ You have to factor in the fear of retaliation ( AKA - bullying the victim). If it didn't exist, there would be no need for this BLOG.

Anonymous said...

When posting these questions it is most helpful to be exact as to date and approximate time of day.

"This week" is just too large of a data field to look at.

SCATS said...

To 2:06AM ~~ Data field??? TY for weighing in District Office! LMAO

Greece Teacher Ass said...

At leest none of ares got caught yet.

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – Anclote High School Assistant Principal Donna Lynch Haff was arrested Monday for allegedly having a cookie laced with marijuana oil.

Haff was not at school Tuesday. She’s been placed on paid leave.

Students can’t believe it “Oh yeah, for sure I was shocked cause I wasn’t thinking it wasn’t her doing it, especially not her,” Braxton Johnson said.

Deputies said Haff got sick Sunday after eating the cookie. She was rushed to St. Joseph Hospital North in Tampa because she overdosed.

Investigators said Haff got the cookie from her daughter because she wanted to try it for her 50th birthday.

Johnson said word spread around school fast. “Yeah, it’s been crazy all day. They already got memes made for her,” he said. “She was a good principal. She always wanted you to do the right things.”

Haff, 50, is now charged with possession of a controlled substance. “We can’t have our administrators in a position where they’re facing felony charges for using drugs,” Pasco County School District Spokeswoman Linda Cobbe said.

She will now have to go before the director of employee relations. Her daughter, Allison, 19, was also arrested for possession of marijuana. She got the cookie from a coworker.

District leaders say this is not like Haff. “It’s out of character for this woman that everyone is shocked and of course it’s disturbing. But given what we know at this time we have to take action,” Cobbe said.

Both mother and daughter have since bonded out.

No one answered the door at Haff’s home.

Anonymous said...

Where is Sandy babe? If she can no longer fulfill her job responsibilities she needs to resign. Anyone know if she is in hospice like it's been rumoured?

SCATS said...

To 7:52AM ~~ HOSPICE??? REALLY ???

Greece Teacher Ass said...

What difference does it make if some kid gets a beatdown?

The TROJANS kicked their football and outscored the Shlubs of Syracuse and now the Trojans are going to State.
That's important to GCSD!!
Are techyrz might not be able to teach kids squat but GCSports District is GOING TO STATE. Techyrz will be partying and getting drunk over this vyctery.
Be An Athletic Supporter in Greece.

Many of our CheerLeaders ain't knocked up either.

Anonymous said...

You DON'T want to know what happens day to day in the DA's Offices.

You're much safer carrying your own gun than you are depending on the Monroe County District Attorney to do the job she was elected to do.

Sandy Baby the Irish Dancer makes Mike Green look like he was a good DA.

SCATS said...

To 4:17PM ~~ Now THAT'S terrifying!

Anonymous said...

Did King William the Worst get the official Town shating rink/slush pond rolled out and ready for the cold snap or did Kirk MoreAss screw that up again this year?

I feel like freezing my ass off in this hurricane sliding on ice.

Greece Highway Employees said...

How much did the new Ford Explorers Marini and Kirk MoreAss are driving around in cost Greece taxpayers, and WHY do they need new rides while Greece DPW gets USED trucks from auctions that other towns were smart enough to get rid of?

Will MoreAss mount a snow plow on his so he can plow while the auction trucks get towed in to see of Greece mechanics can make them run again?

Must be nice to be a Town employee who is welcome on the second floor of Town Hall. What else happens up there?

Anonymous said...

9:01pm Really! I read this blog to learn what his happening in the school district to be aware of what my children might encounter. This childish chiding is of no interest to people coming here to be informed. Say what you want to say to whom ever you want to say it. Don't use this site for childish games that only amuse yourself but do nothing to help the public. I have to read through this garbage to get to the real information that is shared here.

Grease Poleece Union said...

8:48 you want to know what's happening in Greece Central Sports District, I'll give you a rundown.
Way too many Administrators are getting paid 3 times what they could make in the private sector to hide anything and everything possible.
Hundreds of UNION "teachers" who couldn't cut it on the counter at Micky Ds are screwing thousands of kids out of the education taxpayers are paying them to provide, and making excuses for their failure to perform when they aren't thanking their deity for Tenure which keeps them from being terminated. Tomorrow is their big day for thanks.
Other overcompensated employees are laboring to remove any vestage of morality from students and convert their minds to accept anything, the more perverse the better.
Most importantly, people called Coach are enabling and enhancing young forever children to chase balls, pucks and anything else that moves.
School buses and buildings are currently acknowledged to be training facilities for future urban warriors, and City instructors labeled as students have been brought in to make the training more realistic.

This is all possible because a large percentage of the "parents" of current students in the Sports District are proud Diploma Holders of GCSD from decades passed.

No NY State Law will be enforced on GCSD property unless the Greece Police Department is humiliated into doing their sworn duty.
Drug dogs will not be allowed to search lockers on GCSD property because it costs too much to send the dog to rehab after 1 hallway of sniffing.


SCATS said...

To 7:02PM ~~ Well put. Are we going to have our taxes raised to provide retirement benefits ( "bones" ) for the drug dogs??

Greece Highway Employees said...

Nice job on the snow fence King Willie. It's very straight, unlike Greece Town Government. WHY wasn't it put up in front of the NEW MEGABUCK Police building? Are you going to put a big red bow on that waste of money and prance around playing Santa in front of it? Maybe you can have Santa land his sled on top of that mess.

Anonymous said...

If you have entered the eighth decade of your life, please apply to GCSD... They are hiring new security guards. At $10 an hour with benes it's a great deal.