Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What We've Known All Along ...

Teacher Absenteeism Is A Chronic Problem 

Washington Post:  1 in 4 U.S. teachers are chronically absent, missing more than 10 days of school


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how 10 days is chronic, I assume Teachers get at least 10 days off between sick time and vacation. That's only 1 day a month during the whole school year. Now I'm sure there are some abusers but there are in every profession. I do not have a problem with someone who is following the rules that were agreeded upon. You couldn't pay me enough to work in the schools nowadays.

Charlie Hubbard said...

Just read the school board approved contracts folks. The Greece contract can be found on page 37 - you won't believe it. What you will see is how little to no concern management and school board(s) care about putting subs in our kids class (quality) not to mention the example being sent to the kids that this is how the 'real' world works. SAD

SCATS said...

To 8:54AM ~~ VACATION!? WTH are you talking about?? Teachers only "work" approx. 185 days per year as it is., and not all of those days are in front of kids. The school breaks/recesses are a given. Sick time is NOT.

To Charlie ~~ I'll bet they ALL get raises again, too, right?

Charlie Hubbard said...

Scats 1:52
Of course ALL get raises - performance and or absenteeism has no barring - this is the public education monopoly.

SAFE in NY said...

Thank God Little Cuomo keeps us SAFE.
Because it's election time he's even going to give us some of the money we paid for 911.


October 28, 2016 03:27 PM

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - New York state will award local governments $45 million to help them upgrade and modernize their emergency 911 systems.

Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo's administration announced the funding on Friday. Counties across the state can apply for the money. It can be used to modernize and upgrade existing 911 systems, expand emergency radio coverage or support 911 dispatch centers.

New Yorkers pay a phone bill surcharge to support local 911 systems, but the state has regularly spent the money on other things.

A coalition of county leaders and 911 center officials is urging lawmakers to dedicate more money to 911 systems, which they say are struggling to keep up with the proliferation of cellphones.

Greece Teacher Ass said...

Greece Central Administrators trapped.
Security camera footage

Anonymous said...

Who's the BIG crook?
Did Constantinos rip off Rochester's crooks at ABC?
Even COMIDA got taken off.

The State gave Constantino your tax money, for Constantino to launder into ABC, and ABC didn't collect.

How much got kicked to Baby Cuomo???

From TV-10

Back in 2015, A.B.C.struck a deal with a branch of the Department of Health and Human Services to secure a $750,000 grant to bring Constantino's to Rochester.

$100,000 went to A.B.C. so it could recruit and hire low income workers for the store.

The rest, $650,000, went directly to Constantino's but as a loan only. It was suppose to be paid back to A.B.C.

"When ABC would get the money back, we could then use it to support similar projects to create more employment opportunities for low income people in our area." Norman said.

Then, 10 months after opening, Constantino's shut down. Norman says he was notified by a news reporter.

"Constantinos never even told us. we were suppose to be partners. We knew they were having trouble meeting sales goals but no warning they were going to close." Norman says.

Norman then asked about the $650,000 given to the store.

"The response we got from them is we're going back to Cleveland and we're going to dissolve the corporation."

Norman says they 'Dissolved' in name only. 2 stores, bearing the Constantino's name, still operate in the company's hometown of Cleveland.

Norman is now trying to get the money back. A.B.C. spent only $15,000 of its portion of the grant for recruitment and training while Constantino's was still open. He wants to use some of what's left over to act as a debt collector and get Constantino's to pay up.

There's one problem with that.

"So far, after months of back and forth, The Department of Health and Human Services has not allowed us to move forward with that."

We reached out to the Department of H.H.S, again that's the agency that issued all of this money, to see what's being done to get it back. A spokesperson is "looking into it" but had no immediate answer.

This isn't the only attempt to get tax money back from Constantino's.

Monroe County's economic development agency, COMIDA wants the company to pay back $75,000 in tax breaks it was given.

COMIDA is also still waiting for that payment.

Our multiple calls and emails to Constantino's were not returned.