Saturday, October 08, 2016

Right Under Their Noses

A Greece man was sent to the hospital today following a home invasion/burglary at 515 Maiden Ln. 

Police don't know when it happened, or what was stolen.


"A lot of these criminals aren't very bright and to do it right across from the police station, well that just gives us an upper hand. We're investigating this and have reason to believe that we'll get to the bottom of this and that's kind of what keeps us in business." ~~ Sgt. Jared Renee, GPD

SCATS ~~ Obviously, these criminals had NOTHING to fear from Greece police ... or they'd have been caught in the act!


Anonymous said...

I know the elderly man. He is in his late 80's and very sweet. This was not a random burglery. It is someone known to his family. I don't want to give out too much info because I don't want him to be a target again. The car that was stolen was a very, very, very high end luxury vehicle. I am so glad he appears to be ok.

Anonymous said...

Also there were rampant car break-ins in that same area same night. About one third of houses on our street were hit. Majority were unlocked cars so take heed.

Anonymous said...

It was much more interesting a couple weeks back. No less than 8 Greece black & whites parked on each side of Dorsey. That would be 8 on each side of the road. There were grey Greece SUVs parked on Cravenwood and Woodcrest. There weren't many Greece cops who weren't involved.

Seems some black guy was cruising the neighborhood. He was apparently just going around the blocks, repeatedly and slowly. A resident got nervous and called 911. That's all it took.

They got the guy pulled over and out of the car. While trying to cuff him and read his rights, he broke away and ran. Then the chase was on in earnest. I got home toward the end of the fun. The guy was in handcuffs in the back of one car and Greece's finest were clustered in front of Gerry Phelan's reliving the event.

The thing that I found most strange was, in this day and age, a black guy would break free and run when a bunch of white cops yelled "Freeze...don't move." I'm guessing the guy was illiterate and didn't own a TV. He was obviously unaware of all the dead black men, shot by cops, in this country this year.

Anyway, once again Greece's finest proved they could flood an area with cars and cops when the call goes out. Pretty much like yesterday over on Maiden Lane.

Anonymous said...

9:40 you are either very ignorant or just not good at attempting humor. Keep pushing the cops kill black men lie as much as you can. As for the first part of your story there really was no story just wasted time reading it.

SCATS said...

To 1:43PM ~~ What concerns me are the number of cops needed in these situations where they ultimately deem it as a "targeted" crime, i.e. nothing to see here! Last weekend, there were SIX cops standing around in the driveway on the news! The scene was similarly oversaturated on Strathmore Dr. several weeks ago.


Anonymous said...

From TV 10

October 31, 2016 06:23 PM

An 86-year-old Greece man has died after his home was broken into on Maiden Lane earlier this month.

Greece police say Charles Fields was injured during the home invasion on October 8. Officers were called to Fields' home for a welfare check and found Fields injured and the home had been burglarized.

Officers did not say if Fields died as a result of those injuries. He was taken to the hospital for treatment after the break-in. Police could not say, at this time, if someone was in custody for the break-in or if the suspect would face additional charges. However, they did say the investigation into the break-in is ongoing.

The following day, police recovered Fields' vehicle, which had been stolen during the home invasion, in the City of Rochester.

At the time, investigators said they believed the break-in was not a random act.

SCATS said...

TY 9:57PM.