Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Bring In The Clowns!!

No, that's not a call for our local politicians to show up.

Someone took a video of a "creepy clown" walking down Ridge Rd. & waving at cars near the mall Sunday night.

Our police chief, Patrick Phelan, says he's not worried, and that the activity isn't illegal.

“I don't think the very fact that someone is dressed as a clown is in and of itself sinister in any way."

See 13WHAM for the story & video.

SCATS ~~ What if a person who has always feared clowns spots one? Does that make it "sinister" and "illegal?"


Anonymous said...

How pathetic that Phelan finds his voice on this ridiculous topic, yet has nothing to say when people are concerned after some escapade by one or more criminals through a neighborhood. Durand Park & golf course, Strathmore Drive and other examples come to mind.

Anonymous said...

All mentioned by 8:00 can be solved by exercising our Second Amendment Rights to Carry and defend. When these asshats start to die legitimately at citizens hands, the horseshit STOPS quickly when behavior is either learned or by all the cemetery space being gobbled up!