Tuesday, September 20, 2016

POPPYCOCK !! = Dinolfo On Waiving Fees

Cheryl Dinolfo

Former Monroe County Clerk & current County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo said some fees were waived for what she called "good customer service," describing the clerk's office as a business. 

She further claimed the clerk's office was "competing with the Post Office and DMV" and that customers who had a "good experience" would return to do business in the future.

She says her staff had discretion to waive fees if someone returned multiple times for the same transaction or endured a long wait or implementation of a new procedure.

SCATS ~~ When was the last time any of you received free shipping or postage from the PO because you had a long wait in line? How about getting a waiver of any sort on your DMV transaction because you had to return multiple times? NEVER?? We thought so!
Dinolfo has lost touch with reality by comparing govt run offices to any real world "business."


Anonymous said...

While I personally do all I can to avoid the County DMV office, I too have endured the experience.

Next chance you have to spend quality time there, I suggest rather than getting pissed you observe the entertainment offered by the low IQ customers intent on forcing the Clerk to see things their way. There is little wonder why the clerks don't want customers knowing their name.

The non English speaking customers seem to appear for the event far more prepared than the Welfare crowd in terms of documentation.

For real fun video the show at the counter. It'll be fun to watch next time Reilich leaves you snowbound.

SCATS said...

To 11:52PM ~~ I'd pay someone to go there for me, that's how much I dread dealing with the DMV. Period.

Anonymous said...

SCATS, not on topic but, have you ever checked out this facebook page?


I like to keep abreast of what is happening in our town.

SCATS said...

To 9:18AM ~~ Yes, we've had others post it before.

If you really want to know what's happening in Greece, spend an afternoon watching them process through the cases in Greece Town Court. You can rub elbows with a druggie, a child/domestic abuser and a potential violent/dangerous felon in a matter of minutes. By the end of ONE session, your head will be spinning from all you DIDN'T know.