Saturday, September 03, 2016

Does Anyone Know ... ?

Anonymous said...
Scats.........not part of this thread but I heard on Lonsberry yesterday that Jack Doyle resigned as the chief fundraiser for the Monroe Republican Party. Lonsberry said he was told Doyle quite over Releich and his 6 figure salary as Chair of the party and the fact that he is doing NOTHING for it plus getting his salary as Super of Greece. I scanned the news stations for news all day yesterday but did not see it. Perhaps your sources can confirm or deny this.      9/03/2016 6:26 AM


Anonymous said...

Could it be that the king's house of cards is collapsing?

Anonymous said...

Probably the result of disagreement between Doyle & Reilich.
Reilich hasn't been real happy about either the Commissions Doyle earns from the R party or the fact that Doyle also raised money for the TEA Party.

Available figures say Doyle earned Commissions of $600,000 from 2009 to 2014 from money Doyle raised for the County R Party.

Add in that Doyle is around 75 years old and doesn't need to listen to Reilich's crap and the retirement makes more sense. Possibly Doyle didn't need to hear a lecture from the all knowing Reilich.

Anonymous said...


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Fmr. Monroe County Executive Steps Down As Fundraiser For GOP
Over the past six years, the Monroe County Republican Committee has paid former Monroe County Executive Jack Doyle hundreds of thousands of dollars to raise money for the party. The GOP contracted Doyle through his Limited Liability Company and he was paid commissions based on how much he brought in.

Party boss Bill Reilich said it was something Doyle excelled at.

“He’s been part of the fabric of our community for a decade so he was very effective because he knew everybody,” Reilich said.

Last week, Doyle stepped down as the party’s fundraiser. Reilich said the 75-year-old wanted to spend more time with his family.

“We wish him well in enjoying his retirement and look forward to seeing him around socially,” he said.

The MCRC chair said he’s had a personal and professional relationship with Doyle dating back to the early 2000’s, when Doyle was county executive and Reilich was a member of the state legislature. Reilich said one of the individuals who was involved with Doyle’s LLC will continue to contract with the party.

Grease Poleece Union said...

And today at 11:42am on the Looserberry show on WHAM, SuperFemale DA SandyBaby attempted to gloss over the REALITY there is NO Holiday Inn Arson case to be prosecuted.

That's right folks, the DA's Office isn't able to manufacture evidence in the ancient case that only became an "Arson" because an unnamed Greece Police Chief shot his big mouth off to look good in front of cameras.

SCATS said...

To 11:50AM ~~ Tell us what she said that "glossed over" it.

Grease Poleece Union said...

Looserberry specificly asked what was happening with the Holiday Inn coming to closure, SandyBaby without any hesitation replied her office is still working on the case with GPD investigators. That translates to It's still on the crap pile, right where it went the day GPD sent it to the DA to pull GPD's fat out of the fire.(no pun intended)

SCATS said...

To 1:44PM ~~ TY for that update.

Anonymous said...

The Queen of Irish Dance was prepared to give the "Arson" Swine 1 invented while the ashes were still hot short shrift. Either Looserberry gave her advance notice or one of her galpals in the office did. She damn near went Hitlery when she was asked about the Rideout(s) case.

Ducksauce is doing a wonderful job of telling Sandy what day today is so she can concentrate on Irish Dance.

SCATS said...

To 10:57PM ~~ Ducksauce??? Who do you mean?

Anonymous said...

"Ducksauce??? Who do you mean?"

PERRY DUCKLES a/k/a The Rubber Duck - The First Assistant

The Queen of Irish Dance evidently spent so much time stomping her feet early in life that she compacted her brain, ergo Ducksauce has to shuffel her deck on a daily basis and program her to run her mouth.

He came to the Office directly from Law School because no private firm would hire him and waddled up the ladder of office politics.

Monroe County also has a Second Assistant, Timothy Prosperi who at least did some lawyering before coming to the office under Green.

If you read the Official Web Page, you'll find the reality of the DA office, total Duplication of "management" at the top, by 2 Lawyers who can't or won't make a decision. They can and do spend uncountable hours discussing, comparing and complementing neck ties well though.

The people of Monroe County have the Justice System they deserve for failing to think before they voted.

SCATS said...

To 2:04PM ~~ Ohhhh, him!