Monday, September 19, 2016

Bello Uncovers Another Scandal In Clerk's Office

Adam Bello, the current Monroe County Clerk, uncovered another scandal involving the previous administration's oversight.

The Monroe County fee for hundreds of transactions dating back to 2008 were inappropriately waived costing taxpayers $35,000.

Bello has ordered that all waivers be halted. Records show 15 individuals in one family received waivers on passport application fees.

“Government is supposed to serve and protect taxpayers. It’s not supposed to be about special favors for a select few.” ~~ Adam Bello, Monroe County Clerk


Anonymous said...

Did the GCSD Math Department help him with the addition?

612 passport execution fees. That's $25 per application and $7 for the photo.
55 pistol permit card fees - $12 dollars waived per card.
1 fee waived on a notary public renewal - $20
Total amount of fees waived – more than $35,000

Like the tuna boat sign said, Sorry Charlie.
That pile of accusations doesn't come near $35,000

Charlie Hubbard said...

to 12:38
Is the $$ amount the issue?

SCATS said...

To 12:38AM ~~ Actually, SOME news articles stated other fees were not collected (nor tallied) in what the media tally showed.

If course not, Charlie, but 12:38AM can't help himself because he's a Dem lol

Anonymous said...

It must drive the republicans crazy to know someone from the other party is opening drawers and looking into the files

Anonymous said...

This is very exhausting!!! By the way is Dinolfo Bello's boss? I can't keep track of the pecking order.

SCATS said...

To 8:02PM ~~ I don't believe so, since he was appointed by Cuomo.

Anonymous said...

In regard to who is "Boss" both are elected officials with strictly defined job descriptions, of more or less equal standing, along with the DA and Sheriff.

Technically the "Boss" of all of them is a circus called County Legislature.

Bello is currently shoveling crap into the fan to gain name recognition for his coming election. He has a friend in the cellar feeding him information and he will pay heavily for that information. Somebody wants to come back up to the Counter.

Fees have been waived by Clerks including Brooks, DeFransisco and even F Ross Zorno. Mr Bello damn well knows he will never match the improvements Dinolfo made in the office in both access to information via Internet and time spent waiting at the Counter. His statement to the media and his performance on Kimberly & Baldy show today offered damn little information. He's been led to a couple Big Bang media releases. He damn well better start giving back or he will be hung out to dry. This is just a matter of payback for Loudmouth Reilich.

SCATS said...

To 11:35PM ~~ Ahem! You really need to try to keep up! It was Maggie that got credit for taming the DMV workers so they wouldn't snarl at the taxpaying "customers." Dinolfo gets some credit for making things more internet accessible, but it wasn't a smooth ride at all.

I don't care who waived fees in the past. If the law states it is to be collected, then those waiving the fees BROKE THE LAW! It's really that simple. We're quite pleased with Bello's ability to whip things into shape so far and wish him the best in this politically corrupted county. The Republicans should be ashamed. Right, Bill?

Anonymous said...

Maggie took a lot of credit, Sherry installed and transitioned to a vendor provided Internet access system that is far more cost effective than what Maggie was trying to accomplish on the County Server with County employees wh didn't give a damn.

Tamed DMV, Maggie didn't do spit other than approving the mobile DMV program designed by a couple clerks assigned to that bureau. The Maggiebus also provided DMV service to City residents after the Dictator in Albany shut down Rochester's State DMV office.

Will Bello pay to play or will he find out he walked the plank? Still a few weeks to Voting Day, and Bello might go splash between now and then.

Anonymous said...

Yup, Bello's a cute little fellow. Got himself a SUNY Degree and was Morelli's bagboy for a while. Then he became Sandy Doorstop's office boy till the Democrats let him run for Supervisor of IRQ.

He doesn't seem to stay in one place very long.

As long as Cuomo stays in office Bello will have a job.

SCATS said...

To 11:59PM ~~ When Maggie took over, going to the DMV was to be avoided at all costs, BUT it wasn't possible back then. DMV employees were slow, irritable and snarly towards the public. i hate to give her credit, but Maggie did a fairly decent job of taming the beast for awhile.

To 12:27AM ~~ Checks & balances are good govt, and we're sorely lacking in that in Greece and among the powers that be at the county level. For this reason alone, I support Bello. The fact he has uncovered what his predecessor didn't do (file cabinets filled with unprocessed paperwork), or did outside the law is just frosting on the cake, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Oddly the D&C carried a story stating Dinolfo was correct waving the fee for renewal of her husband's Notary stamp, and cited the County Attorney as the source of the information on the legitimacy of that action since the job Vince was then in required him to be a Notary. Had the fee not been waved by the Clerk's Office Vince could have been reimbursed for the fee by his then employer.

Meanwhile Mr Bello continues to howl, based apparently on his Bachelors in Political Science from SUNY, and long life as a politician's servant.

Of course none of the J School Grads running with this story can be bothered to google up the authority of a County Clerk to wave fees. If they did they'd find waver policies in nearly every County in NY State. NOPE, far better to gin up hatred toward the Italian Grandmother who is now County Executive. Even SCATS digs up a sorry picture of the lady and flings litter box contents at her.

It's far better to howl from ignorance than it is to spend a few minutes learning. Mr Bello is counting on ignorant voters, and the media is proving ignorant abounds.

SCATS said...

To 2:53PM ~~ Oddly, just this afternoon WHEC (other local TV stations mentioned this previously) claims the same as Bello: That there is no permissable "waving" (I prefer waiving) under federal law of FEES collected to issue PASSPORTS. They contacted Dinolfo's office to respond, but no one had gotten back to them before news time.

Out of hundreds of waivers, you mention one, just one ... worth all of $20. Nice try ;)

Anonymous said...

Bello howled about 1, I refuted 1, ---- so far.

Read up on what's being waived in other Counties Puttitat.
Start with Orange County. That's in NY, just a bit beyond your normal mousing range.
Emeow a cat down there.

WHEC hasn't reported a story since Janet came in off the streets. That Commie group only rips & reads Dem Media Releases. The little girls on the streets would get lost past Park & Alexander without their GPS device.

All T&A all the way.

SCATS said...

To 9:34PM ~~ You are dismissing the significance of a FEDERAL LAW. I'm pretty sure a lowly county clerk lacks any authority to over-ride that.

SCATS said...

BTW 2:53PM ~~ The "sorry picture" was from her own website. It appears to have been removed now ... lol

Anonymous said...

WHY do you always resort to CENSORSHIP SCATS?

SCATS said...

To 9:28PM ~~ We tried to not notice the RAMPANT name-calling, but it was too much to ignore. We've given you considerable leeway, but you keep testing us ... like a teenager does his parents.

If you care to resubmit your edited version, we'll post it.

Anonymous said...

States Rights is a Constitutional standard. Federal Law does not, nor can ever supersede State Law unless it violates Civil Rights!

SCATS said...

To 5:05PM ~~ Sounds possible but you haven't shown us the statue stating anything like that.