Saturday, August 13, 2016

Where's The Justice? Where Are The Answers?

So let me get this straight ... 

A 15 yr. old boy has been arrested & got a plea deal charged with just 2 misdemeanors* after originally being charged with 10 different counts. This was after running from half a dozen police agencies, plus the SWAT team & a helicopter and causing Durand beach, the park, the golf course and at least one street to be shutdown with adjacent neighbors locked down. There was a second neighborhood lock down the day this felon was finally arrested.

  • What happened to the home burglary that was initially reported?
  • What happened to the theft of TWO different vehicles?
  • What happened to the other five suspects (3 men, 2 women) the cops were seeking?
  • What happened to the gun & reports by police that shots were fired?
  • What happened to the destruction of property during the high speed chase through the golf course where turf and fencing was destroyed?
  • What happened to the huge cost in time, manpower & other resources to bring this little miscreant to court?
  • How is this plea deal in the interests of the public?

*first-degree reckless endangerment & fourth-degree criminal possession of stolen weapons


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, the golden years of childhood in the eyes of the mommie DA.

We want to put the little darling on the path of right and success, not give him the criminal record that will be just. It might keep him from getting into a good college, other than a Dorm Terrorist, and Community leader in the future.

Of course, none of DA Headupass's brilliance precludes victims from Civil litigation and Welfare will pay off Judgements. Oh wait, the public ain't supposed to know that.

Anonymous said...

This is how the criminal justice system works. Especially with a juvenile, just wait until they raise the age to 18 instead of 16. It will give all these young punks two more years of crimes!
There was never any men and women only 12-15 year olds who get away with so much because there is no punishment Family court can issue.

Anonymous said...

In the Federal System perps remain Juveniles to the age of 26.

Anonymous said...

There is NO accountability in this country anymore! We wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings would we?

Anonymous said...

JUSTICE was accidentally dispensed in Rochester today when an Out of Town Judge and Prosecutor from outside Monroe County CONVICTED a sitting City Court Judge of driving DRUNK.

Put a big red circle on your calendar.

Put a purple circle around it because Super SandyBaby stayed the hell out of the way of Justice happening.

SCATS said...

To 4:06PM ~~ Was it justice with a fine of only $500 and NO JAIL TIME ??

Also, it sounds like they are going to let her return to the bench to "judge" other people ASAP. I'm deeply disappointed.

Anonymous said...

She's got 8 years to go before she has to stand for Election again, and you can bet she WILL get even with some people who wronged her, in her mind.

Far as being a drunk Judge goes, I can think of one who kept a bottle behind the bench and had great difficulty remembering what he was hearing. He got reelected because of his nationality when his opponent mentioned his drinking.

Then there was the Chief of RPD who got hauled down headed for his cottage in the official car, lights & siren. He damn near made it to Sodus before he was stopped because nobody in Monroe County could see the car.
He went on to get elected Sheriff and destroy that Department.

As Fiandach said, it's traditional here.

SCATS said...

To 2:55AM ~~ I guess you saw that smile/sneer on her face as she exited the courtroom, too!

Anonymous said...

I'd damn well like to know who did the Docket.
The visiting Judge who nailed her shoes to the floor did it in the Court Room the nasty drunk Judge normally sits in.

That alone added insult to injury.

Of course she is still collecting full pay and benefits while we see what the Admin Judge is going to do with her useless self. That creature got her Bar Card in a damn dark bar, and she's flat stupid.
If she gets back on the Bench she will take vengeance on every White person she can.

Anonymous said...

She's #2 on the Courthouse list of Judges beating the system.

The other one Pampiano(s) is assigned to Divorce Court ONLY till the Commission on Judicial Conduct hears Sweet Sandy's complaint on him dismissing the Tam case and shaking the boy loose.

Can we get a third by snowfall?