Friday, August 26, 2016

They MUST Think We're REALLY Stupid

Is there ANYONE naive enough to believe "a scheduling conflict" is the real reason for Section V B-ball Championships getting bounced from the Blue Cross Arena?

This is just one more event (joining a growing list of festivals and other activities) removed from its historical venue due to growing "security concerns."

We predict they won't be playing at Blue Cross Arena in the future either.


Anonymous said...

When I heard this story, I thought the same as you Scats. I'm not buying their explanations.

Anonymous said...

Could it possibly be COST?

The War Memorial holds 14,000 in basketball configuration, and the last couple years 9,000 paid would be generous. The Management company don't care if you sell 50 or 14,000, they get a damn high base.

Then there's the little matter of this deal turning into a MiniRiot the last couple years, and somebody is going to pay the costs associated with that, including Police Overtime. You don't even want to know about that scam run by a few senior RPD cops.

Also there is the matter of Insurance. The arena requires it, and the schools don't cover the use of the rented arena on their base policy, so somebody is going to pay for a policy for the event.

All in all it's not a whole lot different from Bill Selke's fair at the Mall, or Barnard Carnival. Nobody wants the liability exposure.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised at all that the management of Blue Cross Arena scheduled other events for those dates. For many years now some of the schools that are in the basketball sectionals have spectators that cause total mayhem during and after the games. Extra police presence is needed and more security inside the arena. At some point you have to put your foot down and say "We are done with dealing with all this crap!

Anonymous said...

Just like every construction project GCSD undertakes,the people in charge have NO clue and always bite off more than they can chew.

SCATS said...

To 3:01 & 6:20AM ~~ I completely agree it's about the security problems!! My point is they are denying that is the case though.

To 8:37AM ~~ Wrong thread? Have another cuppa ;)

Anonymous said...

I checked into this with a well connected source at the Greece Central Sports club. This person has the inside track on Sports in Greece.
When I asked about the War Memorial he said "well er um what war, we play hard but it ain't a war.
Then he said DOH er Um, well. A whistle blew and he waddled off.