Tuesday, August 30, 2016

There They Go Again!

Greece Police Chief Apologizes
For GPD Vehicle
Parked In Handicapped Space

TWC News

Recently a photo was published on facebook depicting a Greece Police car parked in a handicapped spot. This is obviously unacceptable. I can assure you that our officers are repeatedly reminded that Integrity, Professionalism and Service are of the utmost importance. This action is not in line with those values. While I understand that posting things on facebook and blogs are what people consider to be taking action in this day and age, it would be far more effective to contact my office, our Internal Affairs office, or an on duty supervisor to report this act. If we had specifics like date, time, and location we could investigate the matter and correct the actions of this single officer. We have provided many ways to contact our office, you can also email our internal affairs office at gpdinternalaffairs@greeceny.gov or submit a confidential anonymous tip from our website http://www.greecepolice.org/ . On behalf of our police department I apologize to the community and assure you that I will take measures to ensure that this does not happen again.
Chief Phelan

SCATS ~~ Hey Chief, can you GUARANTEE there won't be retaliation on the person who reports one of your guys for this sort of problem? No? We didn't think so!

What about the cop cars parked in "NO PARKING" zones or "Fire Lanes" like in front of many retail stores around town? Shouldn't cops be a good example to the rest of us, unless it's a true emergency?


Anonymous said...

This is just one of many ways they remind us that they're better than us.

Anonymous said...

Before everyone piles on and judges harshly, it would be well to consider that the officer driving that car has likely missed holidays, birthdays, family gatherings & celebrations driving that car to protect us. It's further likely that the officer has donated his time and energy at the expense to his or her own needs to serve their community. Can YOU say the same??? I am willing to wager the answer is "no."

SCATS said...

To 8:09PM ~~ Oh puh-leeze!! It would be well to consider that people who work in MANY DIFFERENT CAREERS sacrifice family time, holidays and the like for the sake of their jobs!! If you don't expect to have to do that, then you best NOT become a PUBLIC SERVANT !

As far as VOLUNTEER WORK is concerned, true charity means one expects NOTHING IN RETURN, not pay, not recognition ... NOTHING. There are THOUSANDS who give back in our county, including yours truly ;)

Anonymous said...

Well at least the Chief said something. He is on occasion seen on TV with other Police Chiefs about some of the joint task forces but appears to not say much on camera or in the newspapers. Why can't he be more transparent like the Chief in Gates who is not afraid to publically discuss the good, bad and ugly that goes on in his town?

Greece HAS a serious crime problem but Phelan NEVER talks about it publically. Do heroin overdoses only happen in Gates? Do serious FELONY crimes only happen in Gates? Of course not. I have to read the blotter in the Greece Post to figure out what crimes are being committed here. Only in our town is everything swept under the rug and controlled by the little tyrant Releich. This community DESERVES to have a top cop who will address our problems head on and tell us what his plan is to combat serious crime issues in Greece. He needs to grow a pair and not let Releich control our police department.

SCATS said...

To 12:05AM ~~ I couldn't agree more!! But then, in Gates, the Town Supervisor is OK with dealing with reality. In Greece, we have to pretend we're something we are not.

Phelan got the job of Chief BECAUSE HE CAN BE CONTROLLED. It's that simple.

Anonymous said...

Better question might be why GPD Cars no longer have prominent car numbers?

I have some video and I'd sure like to know who was driving the police car and what the cops were doing on private property without being called there.

SCATS said...

To 1:05AM ~~ Did they remove the ones on the rear of each car??

Anonymous said...

Patticake MeChief saved money by not putting car numbers on new cars. No need, the license plate has the car number.

Makes it so much easier for cops to pull crap and get away with it.

How do you know a Poleeeese Car drove through your lawn? There are lots of black & white cars running around town with lightbars on the roof and spotlights on the door posts. Can you read the license plate on your video?