Thursday, August 18, 2016

Money Wa$ted On Bronson/Barnhart Poll



Their candidacy for the 138th NY State Assembly District should NOT be polling Greece residents! 

Nor should they be calling anyone

who is NOT a registered Democrat!
The pollsters included both!


Anonymous said...

Just like GCSD Skrewel Bored, they are relying on professionals so they can form an opinion.

SCATS said...

To 2:54PM ~~ Form as in create themselves?

Anonymous said...

Naw SCATS, the Bored of Incompetents just attempts to read what the StupidIntendent's office sends to the phone that is way smarter than the phone transporter.

Anonymous said...

so what it's not your money and what does the school board have to do withit

SCATS said...

To 7:36AM ~~ Regarding your "so what" response: It means that ANYTHING deduced from this poll's results is in error and is invalid !!

Regarding the school board: SCATS never mentioned them ;)

2012 Grad GCSD said...

I'm voting for Rachel cause she's hotter than the guy with the beard.
I don't swing for guys anyhow.

I got an A+ in Government at GCSD.

EdEarl Notarobot said...

Shoot, BethAnn just whalloped me with the yardstick for trying to pack the camper and go live in the parking lot over to SouthTown Plaza so I could vote for that babe.

BethAnn swears that picture is 15 or 20 years ago, and first thing come morning she's hauling me over to the Walmart eye doctor for an exam.

Anonymous said...

There are some obvious possibilities as to why the poll was conducted the way it was. [1] the pollsters may have been hired on a contract that simply paid for successful responses, regardless of likelihood of voting in the primary. In that case, the pollster boosted their numbers by polling folks that wouldn't or couldn't (legally) participate. [2] the Bronson/Barnhart race may not really be what the sponsor cares about; it may instead be an indicator or correlate of something else that they really care about but didn't want to to openly ask about, e.g. do you prefer a woman candidate to an open homosexual candidate (an answer which might affect future candidate selections in other races).