Friday, August 26, 2016

Making Mole Hills Out Of Mountains ...

... How Fast Can Hills Of Stone/Dirt Be Made Into A Parking Lot & Driveway At Odyssey?



Anonymous said...

C'mon now. You can't hurry those union ditch digger types.

Anonymous said...

There is no problem.
Kat will be there early flippin that stone around like Kitty Litter getting it into place.

Of course, had the job gone to one of the Highway Departments in need of work, like Gates, Clarkson, Parma, Chili or Hamlin the pavement would be in place now and striped as well. The job would have cost the taxpayer 2/3 of the contractor bid based on experience. Of course Highway Departments don't provide School Admins and Board Members with nice new driveways, so the work went out to bid.

SCATS said...

SOMEONE must be reading this BLOG, because at 3:30PM on Saturday afternoon the men with the BIG toys are actually working!!

Anonymous said...

What's the name on the trucks?

Villager perhaps?

Villager is real good at spreading S#!t.

Bet on another halfass job that heaves & buckles in 3 years.
18 months if GCSD was dumb enough to go for the recycled crushed concrete base.

Greece BOE said...

Your BIG chance SCATS

One of your cousins included some gifts for you

SCATS said...

To 10:09PM ~~ There appear to be several names on the different vehicles. It looks like an ashphalt surface from the road.

To 10:13PM ~~ Ha ha ha!!