Tuesday, August 09, 2016

GCSD Supports Football At Any Cost

Greece Olympia Field.PNG

Thousands of dollars spent maintaining fields* of green through drought, according to Jody Button, Greece Central Schools roads & grounds supervisor. (13WHAM News

SCATS ~~ Imagine the payoff if Greece School Administration valued education as much!

* athletic fields!


Anonymous said...

Maybe they are using the 1,000's of gallons of water per day used by the spray park

Anonymous said...

Imagine the savings if GCSD was smart enough to pump irrigation water from a creek like Hilton does.

Pumping free non chlorinated water is half the cost of Water Authority water and better for the grass too.

SCATS said...

To 8:32PM ~~ And having the FD's truck it to Olympia HS in pumpers? LMAO

To 10:18PM ~~ Now, now!! ANYTHING for the children, regardless the cost!

Anonymous said...

And Kirk is having the guys cut the dead grass at Town hall once a week. Do we know how to waste money or what !

Anonymous said...

It's all a diversion to keep you from seeing King William cut a sweet deal with the Danielli Family for the new marina where all the green barrels disappear.


August 10, 2016 10:49 PM

One and half million dollars’ worth of improvements are coming to the Braddock Bay Marina.

The group behind the project is the Daniele family -- which already manages the Southpoint Marina in Penfield. Danny Daniele says they've signed a 25-year agreement with the Town of Greece to operate the marina.

Daniele says they plan a number of improvements including new floating docks and renovating buildings as well as new landscaping.

They expect this to be in place by boating season next year.

SCATS said...

To 12:45PAM ~~ I think it's part of a plot to allow the Daniele's to takeover Greece ;) Just think, instead of getting stuck with an over-priced/over-rated joint like Crescent Beach, we could have Mario's!

Anonymous said...

Babs is back and she hasn't lost her ability to bulls#!t.

Looks like she added a few pounds and changed her hair in Baston too.

How long till she declares RCSD all fixed?

Will she get a Stadium in the City?

SCATS said...

To 12:50AM ~~ Looks like she's had some cosmetic work done, too. Gotta try to keep up appearances to snag a young stud with a guitar and sombrero LOL

Anonymous said...

Sounds a little like envy in your case. You can toss out all negatives you want but one thing you can't deny . She a very smart woman.

SCATS said...

To 10:44AM ~~ She's got nothing I'd ever get jealous about !! She thinks she's much smarter than she really is. She just plays the game well.

Anonymous said...

When the hell did King William open the Marina deal for public bid?

Was it another good old boy deal between the King and little Danielle?
Did the King fork over the Marina to shut down problems with the County Leg?

Anonymous said...

Pussicat, is you suggesting Babsie is looking for a wetback studmuffin to water the lawn at her new Stadium?

How much will she spend on Spandex for the boys playing out on the field so she can get her jollies watching?

SCATS said...


To 12:06AM ~~ LMAO!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Babsie had work done at Taxpayer expense over in the Boston Schools.
Taxpayers pick up 100% of the BCBS premium for Management employees.

She probably negotiated her brilliant ass a makeup artist and hairdresser too.

DPW Union Man said...

If we could jam kirkie in the spray park drain and pump the water onto Town Hall lawn we wouldn't be running mowers over dust at Town Hall.

Too bad the man who knew how to do that got fired.

Anonymous said...

Anything to the rumor King William is working with Mario to reopen the Crescent Beach dump and sell sorry spaghetti there? I heard the King says he can make it happen.

SCATS said...

To 2:24PM ~~ Sadly, you are likely correct.

To 2:19AM ~~ Now, now! No threats please.

To 2:22AM ~~ Would you be surprised? We wouldn't!

Anonymous said...

Tthe marina deal if true is a good deal for the town and taxpayers. Since the state sold the land to the town sometime ago for a $1.00, that made the town responsible for maintenence, upkeep, insurance etc. up untill 2 years ago aprivate operator took over that marina assuming all related costs They pulled out at that time leaving the town responsible. If its true that a new operator with a few bucks is willing to invest in that questionable business is a positive development for the town and taxpayers not only in the short term but the long term as well .a ride by indicated that work has already started.A good move by the king anyway you look at it in terms of savings to the town.

Anonymous said...

It still smells fishey that the head of the Republican Leg just happened to made a good deal for everyone with the head of the Republican Party

Anonymous said...

8:52 where have you been ?i tdon't you know that this the way in works in Monroe county and Greece.? I think it's a good deal for the town and a bad deal for who ever takes it over.the bay is a pond now and will take years and a lot of money to reverse the damage done through neglect. Who ever he is he is in I over his head.

SCATS said...

To 10:58AM ~~ WARNING! Your comment is so error-filled, it's barely intelligible. Next time, it likely won't get posted.

Anonymous said...

Don't pick on 8:52 SCATS.
8:52 was Class Valley DicTorian and he's doin the best he can from his phone in the swamp.

Anonymous said...

The king has estimated that more than 15,000 came to the town hall to see his fireworks on the 4th. Did he count everyone that weights as much as him three times ! (Read the latest GreeceNewsNY.com mag). I was there and there were a lot of people but no where near 15,000

SCATS said...

To 5:24PM ~~ Their follow-up didn't make the cut ;)

To 7:46PM ~~ Inflated ego = inflated figures.

Anonymous said...

Our football field watering is peanuts. You want to compete with the big boys, this is what you've gotta do...


SCATS said...

To 4PM ~~ I wonder if we could interest them in an Olympic swimmer ... hmmm ...

Kirkie MoreAss said...

The whole damn trouble with Greece is cheap taxpayers.

King Willie himself had to go to an auction and buy DPW used trucks other towns were smart enough to scrap to save money.

Now GCSD is getting crap for watering the football field just cause they weren't smart enough to use free creek water. What do you cheap people want? Greece is right next to the Lake for cripe sake. If that halfass Crapstar Construction who are screwing up the new Police Palace was good that football field would have had built in sprinklers but it doesn't cause Crapstar screwed up. GCSD has to pay people to drag hoses! Them little darling Football kids can't drag hoses cause they gotta get in Condition to play ball.

The Town has the same problem with this drought, my men have to mow dust every week cause green grass won't grow without water, and we got no damn hose to drag. Town Hall and the Police Palace don't and won't have automatic sprinklers because Super Hairburger didn't put them in, and now we got no money to put them in. Besides, all our water is being sent down the sewer at the spray park to keep people from bichin. NO, we can't recycle the water from the spray park cause we got nobody smart enough to convince the King that's smart use.

I am so fed up with the taxpayers of this town. They need to learn to mix Hamburger Helper with cheap wieners from Aldi and eat that so they can pay more tax so we can buy a hose. I got a shed full of used pool liners to build a water slide over on Long Pond hill and no damn hose.

If I wasn't a complete Degreed Incompetent I'd walk away from my job, but who else would hire me?

Kirkiepoo MoreAss
Highway Comisar

GCSD Techyrz said...

This program might work for GCSD.

If nothing else it would increase State Aid coming to the Sports District.

Might be good for Bob Johnson Chevy too. They could get shed of a couple of the self igniting Chevy Volts that can't be parked near buildings. Johnson is the only new car dealer in GCSD, the rest are in Spencerport.

The kids are certainly brainwashed sufficiently on Globulcrap Warming to think a Volt is a good deal.

SCATS said...

To 5:21PM ~~ Isn't Doan Buick in GCSD?

Anonymous said...

If that's the place in Red's parking lot they either moved or folded.

Just some trucks and construction equipment illegally parked there now the Town can't see cause the right guy owns the equipment.

Anonymous said...

Greece may have green grass, but Hilton has more BULLCRAP!
Hilton even promotes it's crap to TV-10's little girl reporter.


Every damn thing cited in that story as a Security feature has been in place for over 10 years. The TV system is so good they couldn't identify the little darlings who blew fire extinguishers off in the auditorium from the video.

Hilton did replace Steve Lemon as Director of Security when word got around what he was being paid per year, and the State said the deal was illegal. Now Hilton has a new Retired Deputy. Maybe this one will work from a different location than stool 3 at the Arlington Hotel.

Hilton taxpayers are probably due to install new lockers for the Football clowns to smash to hell with their helmets too.

Which District will win the coveted Monroe County Stuck on Stupid Award for 2016-17?

Greece Teacher Ass said...

Oh that Barbie.

If you don't send your Jr Gangsta to school, she'll come to your Sec 8 hovel and hang around. That alone should be sufficient to raise attendance.
TV-10 is buzzing about Barbie 4.0.

August 25, 2016 07:34 PM

It's common sense, but stats back it up too: Students who go to class regularly are more likely to succeed. Rochester city school leaders want to increase the attendance numbers this year. Thursday morning, they went on an attendance blitz.

It was the first "blitz" for the new Superintendent Barbara Deane-Williams, but it was far from the first blitz for the district. She joined the volunteers knocking on doors of students who missed school time last year. They were urging parents to make sure their kids make it to class for the start of school.

Shontelle Hernandez was one of the parents to receive a knock on the door Thursday morning. Her son will be a second grader when school starts September 7.

"I have an older son who has medical issues," says Hernandez. "He ended up having to have surgery and it was hard for me to be there and also get him to school."

Low attendance continues to be an issue in Rochester. Last year, 8,800 Rochester city students were labeled chronically absent -- meaning they missed at least 10 percent of school. That was 32.7 percent of the student body. This year, district officials want to drop that to 30 percent of the student body. And they say there's a way you can help.

"This whole village concept is what we're after," says Director of Family Initiatives Jerome Underwood. "'Aren't you supposed to be in school now?' If I'm a barber and a young man is coming into cut his hair at 12 o'clock in the day, we'd like them to have that conversation."

New Rochester City School District Superintendent Barbara Deane-Williams was part of the blitz. "I think that it's become very well-known nationally that having students attend school on a regular basis is extremely critical to their ability to be successful," she says.

Hernandez isn't so sure about that. She doesn't think her son's attendance affected his grades last year. Still, she says it won't even be an issue this year.

"He will be in school and if I won't be able to get him, somebody at the school will be able to get him," says Hernandez.

We should point out that there have been improvements. The number of chronically absent students has dropped by about 1,700 over the past two years.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately, HCS taxpayers are dumbed down, so they won't know David Inzana as the director of safety and security is collecting around $75,000 a year in the DIRECTOR job.

Inzana may have cut an even sweeter deal since he's a retired Deputy who has lifetime Blue Cross from the County. Hilton has a track record of cutting sweet deals, like the Bonus program they set up for Dave DimBulb in his last year to max his Pension.

Bogus Bloviated Dr S. A. specializes in taking care of his friends at taxpayer expense. He managed to set Lemon up as a Director of Security on the payroll after Lemon Retired from the Sheriff's Office. After all, Lemon helped bury the Dr Cooper fiasco.

Hilton parents pay heavily to create dumb kids.

Anonymous said...

Why is Billy lighting his pickle ball courts before 7:00 pm when it doesn't start to get dark till 7:30 ! Save some money and give the neighbors a break and close the courts when it gets dark

SCATS said...

To 7:52PM ~~ Because he can ...