Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Gates Crews Pave Greece Roads For $$$

According to 13WHAM: Town of Gates highway workers are paving Kirk Rd. which is owned by Monroe County. 

By keeping workers & expensive equipment busy, $100,000 - 150,000 per contract is paid back to Gates.

Why aren't Greece Crews 
Making $$$ For Our Town?


Anonymous said...

They are too busy at the Town Hall Campus washing bird poop off the parking lot

Kirkie MoreAss said...

Thanks to the brilliant micromanaging by King William Greece DPW has shed any and all excess manpower, and bought heavy dump trucks at auctions other Highway Departments were smart enough to shed.

Greece has traditionally operated at minimal staffing to save taxpayers money. Greece even collects from the Feds for keeping creeks and streams free flowing and clear of debris, which Greece employees once dumped on taxpayer's property. When this unlawful landfilling of dead trees and plastic items was brought to the King's attention he ordered me to stop pulling the crap out of creeks, just leave it there to cause flooding.

Greece highway operates very efficiently, and there is absolutely no Republican Party connection between the King and the Gates Highway management.

Monroe County Highway is a money processing operation with only a few dump trucks and some pickups. The County makes work available to Towns so the Town can afford good equipment, and have some money to maintain staff.

Greece Highway did a very nice paving job on a town road just a couple weeks back, and I congratulate my men for not breaking a single shovel handle.

The reporter from TV-13 should have asked me, I have a new haircut and my suit looks good.

Kirk MoreAss
Greece Highway Prince

Anonymous said...

Could be because they are paving roads in my neighborhood and doing a nice job.

Anonymous said...

Makes me wonder why the town does not contract out other services. It might be cheaper than paying employees with benefits as well as legacy costs to do jobs that non union companies can do more efficiently and cheaper.

SCATS said...

To 9:14AM ~~ I bet subcontractors are doing the actual paving.

Anonymous said...

To 12:34 Non Union day laborer may be "cheaper" but not necessarily more efficiently and certainly not the quality of trained union employees who make a decent living wage

Anonymous said...

The deals that are made from town to town by King William. Anyone know the story of how two of Auggies's cabinet members that got let go ended up on the management team for the Penfield Town Supervisor. The town comptroller and human resource director Feasterly?

geo hubbard said...


1. Puzzled over how Gates MAKES MONEY, while taxpayer money is SAVED.

2a. If Monroe County pays amount EQUAL to total cost labor, use of equipment, and materials, then money in for Gates equals money out - no profit/loss.

2b. If MC pays amount GREATER THAN total cost labor + equip, mat’l, then Gates makes profit, but county taxpayers pay more.

2c. If MC pays amount LESS THAN total labor + equip + mat’l, then Gates loses and Gates taxpayers pay more.

Anonymous said...

The County/Town arrangement was in place back in the 80s, Mario the Magnificent changed the rules to let School Districts into the InterMunicipal pool, and Greece Central and the Town operated a high volume copy center in Buckman's Plaza for a few years.

In the paving arena, a rough comparison is that a Town Highway Department can do the job for about 2/3 the cost of a Union Contractor. Several Town Highway Departments rely on paving contracts in Summer to pay for the equipment they need in Winter. Clarkson, Parma, Chili and Gates all take Summer paving work, and others may as well. Bridge work is also first offered to Town Highway Departments before it is put out for public bidding.

The Milling and laying of asphalt are both done by contractors who own mills and pavers, both machines are excessively expensive for any municipality to own and maintain and require skilled operators.

In both operations it is far less expensive to use Town owned dump trucks for the hauling than it would be to hire Union trucking. Towns also provide rollers and small tools to pave driveway aprons.

This method eliminates the need for the County to own equipment, and keeps Town employees working all year, which wouldn't happen without either paving & bridge work or large tax increases in the Towns.

Anonymous said...

@ 8/3/16 at 324 pm Who are those people?

Anonymous said...

to 3:24 pm - get it straight. they quit. who wouldn't if they had the chance?

SCATS said...

To 1:52PM ~~ TY for the insight.

Anonymous said...

3:24pm Good Ridden's!

Anonymous said...

No, both didn't quit. Only one. Get it straight.

Anonymous said...

Who didn't quit? What's the story? Who would want to hire an augie crony?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
3:24pm Good Ridden's!

8/04/2016 4:30 PM

Do you mean "riddance"? Spoken like a true good ole DPW boy!

Anonymous said...

Anybody know if the punk John Auberger who heads the Deputy Sheriff Union is related to Greeces foemer supervisor?

He just announced the latest Union stunt will be delaying Pistol Permit applications.
What a bunch of pissants.

I'm calling Cheryl's office Monday to tell her she should cut Deputies pay.
They got too much money if they can afford ads on the radio, and now they announce they won't enforce DWI or do Pistol Permits.
Pure Extortion!

SCATS said...

To 2:35AM ~~ I saw that news item too. I think it is his son, but I'm not 100% sure.

Anonymous said...

Just damn

SCATS said...

To 1:54AM ~~ Proof that politicians are nothing more than puppets ;)