Wednesday, August 31, 2016

DMV To Take Appointments

Online appointments can be booked starting Sept. 15th to avoid the dreaded wait in line.

"It works very similar to the fast pass at Disney world, if you're familiar with Disney World, so you go online and you get your time. When you come in, you essentially go right to the front of the line and you'll be seen right away at the info, what we call the info-counter." ~~ Monroe County Clerk Adam Bello.

DMV customers can visit to make an appointment for any one of the DMV offices located in Greece, Irondequoit and Henrietta.



Anonymous said...

How about we wait and see how well this so called system actually works before we get all wet up to run Bellboy for County Exec.
Just because he announces a program doesn't mean it will work, especially when it comes to the Motor Vehicle offices.
He stepped into a very well run Clerk's office, and I have yet to see where he improved anything.

SCATS said...

To 1:09AM ~~ Have you bothered listening to the news in the past 6 months?? You call Dinolfo's operation "well run" when Bello's team uncovered two filing cabinets FILLED WITH 20,000 UNPROCESSED GUN OWNER OPT OUT FORMS?? Seriously??? In fact, he started out by getting out to the various DMV offices to SEE HIMSELF how things were being run and to talk to the customers. Dinolfo did NOTHING but trot about looking like a Barbie doll smiling for political photo ops! He also started a program to track zombie homes.

This guy has done more for Monroe County since his appointment than Dinolfo did her entire career. As County Exec, Dinolfo has done NOTHING but play politics just as her puppet master Reilich tells her to.

Anonymous said...

I just saw this on a facebook post where a person is looking for a job and a friend replied with this comment....this is VERY scary!

Greece central is hiring school bus drivers.. They put you through the CDL training for free and the job has a lot of benefits and really good pay. I have 7 points on my license and they still accepted me in their training program

SCATS said...

To 1:27PM ~~ That shows how tough it is to find someone that's not a sex offender these days. (just kidding ... )

Anonymous said...

Two filing cabinets full of waste paper caused by another STUPID mandate from the State. Dinolfo didn't create that paperwork, and she didn't set her operating budget the Leg did. There was a huge CREATED problem and no manpower to handle it, so Dinolfo made a decision to save taxpayer money by not processing unneeded forms. The FACT that went unreported was until somebody made a FOIL request for a list of Permit Holders, there was no need to process that paperwork and spend money to do so. If and when a request came in, the Controlling Law would have allowed the Clerk to charge the party requesting the information the cost of processing the forms. In the meantime the possibility of Pistol Permit information being disclosed was solved by removing that information from data accessible by computer on the Clerk's online system.

Bello disclosed he didn't know what was done, how it was done, and why it was done, and LOW Skill "Reporters" ran with a Non Story.

When a few keystrokes will solve a problem, and shift a cost off the taxpayer, it's a fools errand to spend taxpayer dollars to process waste paper. The paper was retained and could be processed when a need to do so arose.

Look a bit deeper and Dinolfo was Clerk when the County put the program in place to take Monroe County away from the insanely labor intensive paper Pistol Permit system to the new system of plastic cards and computer records, tied to the State system. Dinolfo had the sense to not jump into that, and saved Monroe County Dollars by letting the Clerks of other Counties do the work of finding and solving the problems in the new computer based system.

GCSD Teacher said...

Babsie id up to her old crap again with the City "Schools".

Looks like the Boston Food gave her considerably more GRAVITAS, and she will be sitting on it for 100 days LISTENING to Urbanski tell her what he and the Union will allow her to get away with.

She did a Disclose nothing piece with TV-10 news announcing that.

SCATS said...

To 2:39PM ~~ Your rant is NOTHING but OPINION.

It does NOT matter that Dinolfo didn't "create" the paperwork! It DOES matter that Dinolfo TOOK THE LAW INTO HER OWN HANDS ... AND HID WHAT SHE DECIDED TO NOT DO!! It was HER JOB to fulfill whatever mandates come her way! What if she decided that DL's didn't need to be renewed, or registrations changed when a vehicle sells??

Sorry, but being a PUBLIC SERVANT means taking orders and working for the taxpayers. If she didn't like it and thought it was wasteful, then she COULD HAVE MADE AN ISSUE OF IT! Instead, she ignored it.

To 2:50PM ~~ I saw that piece. The follow-up is coming tonight, on whether or not the kids can spare those 100 days while she twiddles her thumbs.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately, nowadays we have public employees,not public servants.

SCATS said...

To 3:45PM ~~ Fortunately, nowadays we have Donald Trump to END political correctness :)

Anonymous said...

Gee puttitat, I guess you forget it was a group of Elected County Clerks that forced the State to roll back the License Plate replacement program.

The OptOut crap was a poorly thought out directive from the State, and you can bet Dinolfo wasn't the only County Clerk who took the action of filing the paperwork and not processing it immediately.
The FACT is That filing solution yielded a superior result for taxpayers and Pistol Permit Holders. Prior to the duststorm of some Liberal Publishers making Pistol Permit information freely available it was possible via the Monroe County Clerk website to look up Permitholders. That situation no longer exists thanks to Dinolfo's actions.

Bello is just grabbing cheap publicity wherever he can.

DMV was a nightmare when it was located in the basement off the Civic Center underground garage, in the 60s when Zornow was Clerk. It will always be a nightmare. Fortunately today we have options from our keyboards that help considerably.
From a County Clerk position the DMV function is a balancing act at best. Compensation from the State is barely sufficient to perform the function in the best of years.

BTW, the State mandates all fees the Clerk can collect, including filing fees and permit fees.

SCATS said...

To 5:02PM ~~ My point is that the County Clerk works for others carrying out legislation enacted by other electeds. If the Clerk isn't onboard, there are ways he/she can bring those issues up. Hiding the problem in a filing cabinet is NOT being accountable or responsible.

I'm not easy to impress, but Bello seems like a decent, reasonable person and made gains in Irondequoit before moving up to this position. Dinolfo plays politics and has shown us she will avoid questions to keep Reilich's game going. I'm not seeing that with Bello.

Anonymous said...

Guarantee you cat there are 62 County Clerks in NY who would disagree with you.

The only unity with County Clerks is that they all employ the State mandated fee structure. Beyond that, there are 50 concepts of how to perform the same function.

The Clerk is an autonomous office on par with Executive, DA, Sheriff, Coroner with a Constitutional Duty to be Chief Clerk of all Supreme and County Courts within that Clerks geographic borders. The County Clerk does NOT work For others, and no County Elected Official has Authority over the County Clerk.

Going back to the time of Ross Zorno, there was a gentleman's agreement among politicians and law firms that no Lawyer would ever be allowed to run for the Clerks office to enable Lawyers to file some shady documents another Lawyer might catch. Dinolfo is the FIRST Lawyer to occupy the Clerk seat, and she made adjustments to what had slipped through for years.

As to State mandates to the County Clerk, the Association of County Clerks, 62 strong regularly tells the all powerful Baby Cuomo to stick it.
The Opt Out program was a knee jerk reaction by the State, put together in a half assed manner, and mandating a 5 year renewal. In the age of computers and email, OptOut was mandated to be a paper program. The State only put it in place to stop phones ringing in politician's offices, and hung it on 62 County Clerks to make it happen.

The file cabinets Bello found are full of official forms that were time stamped when they arrived and filed pending further action. That is "In Process", and complys with the mandate to the Clerk to process the waste paper. The problem of unrestricted newspaper access to Pistol Permit records that caused Opt Out fell asleep, and Monroe County Pistol Permits were ALL Opted Out.

Bello is just looking for face time on TV. He's Cuomo's boy in a Republican County.
2016 cycle has a good voter turnout Bello will be out of a job and headed onto the State Payroll.

SCATS said...

To 9:37PM ~~ Sorry, but you didn't prove my point wrong. The Clerk DOES carry out legislation enacted by other electeds which is EXACTLY what the opt out program is. The idea that there may be 50 different ways to lick a stamp is fine as long as the damned stamp gets licked in a timely fashion.

If Bello was merely looking for "face time" I'm pretty sure he'd be on the news a lot more often than he has been. Your disdain of any new flavor is showing.

Anonymous said...

SCATS Opt out is a single small provision within the NY (UN) SAFE act. I'll not waste keystrokes on that foolishness in toto.

Your suggestion the Monroe County Clerk failing to set aside other work which has far greater value to process these forms fails to note many Sheriffs and Police Chiefs in NY outside of the NYC Metro area have stated they will not enforce the (UN)SAFE Act or its individual provisions, and will not expend police officer manpower on Cuomo's kneejerk action to solve a "problem" that only exists in Cuomo's skull.

By the way, there is NY Law that mandates all guns confiscated by Police and Sheriffs in a County be turned over to the Comissioner of Welfare of the County to be sold at auction, and funds from that auction be used to support people on Welfare. Have you seen that Law enforced in your lifetime?

NY V&T law has a section forbidding signs or stickers in the front or rear window of vehicles unless the sign or sticker is authorized by the Comissioner of Motor Vehicles. That little gem only gets enforced by Troop T when Baby Cuomo threatens to cut their manpower and overtime.

Ever see a Judge listen to Lawyers argue the "Intent of the Legislature" and consider the Legislative notes when a case is heard? Were Laws totally enforced as written, Monroe County would need to triple Law Enforcement manpower to accomplish the task.

WHO sits in the County Clerk's chair makes damn little difference, the County Legislature sets the Clerk's Budget, and that Budget dictates the manpower available. The Clerk must allocate the available manpower to necessary tasks on a priority basis, and that priority is not Codified by any Law or Regulation.

In the case of the Opt Out forms, they were received, and filed in the Clerk's office. They were NOT thrown in a dumpster or shredded for recycle. No Pistol Permit data was released to the Media or general public. The intent of the (UN)SAFE Act was met.
Before you get your tail twisted, you might want to read 2230 30 A. 2388 of the (UN)SAFE act in reference to the Opt Out provision. It's the section of the 53 page Law dealing with Opt Out, that sets forth the Duty of the County Clerk in regard to Opt Out forms.

SCATS said...

To 3:46PM ~~ Blah, blah, blah ... you forgot to mention how Hillary has been able to duck compliance with all kinds of laws. There is no such thing as "justice" any more - look at the straw purchase of guns in the Tan case vs the West Webster shooting case.

The ONE thing you've failed to explain is how the Rep. couldn't find the time, money, etc. to get the job done, but the Dem. says he'll handle it. But that's OK. Time to move onto other topics, like school starting.

Anonymous said...

SCATS, are you a GCSD Diploma holder?

You completely missed that there are no instructions to process or how to process in that 53 page mess.

Anonymous said...

Scats.........not part of this thread but I heard on Lonsberry yesterday that Jack Doyle resigned as the chief fundraiser for the Monroe Republican Party. Lonsberry said he was told Doyle quite over Releich and his 6 figure salary as Chair of the party and the fact that he is doing NOTHING for it plus getting his salary as Super of Greece. I scanned the news stations for news all day yesterday but did not see it. Perhaps your sources can confirm or deny this.

Anonymous said...

To: 9/02/2016 3:46PM

Thank you so much for your detailed, professional, intelligent answer. I am going to look it up now. This is one reason I read this blog, to get pertinent, accurate information from a reader like you.
Have a great weekend everyone, and please keep reading, and writing so others can be informed too.

Go DJT!!!

SCATS said...

To 12:17AM ~~ If I were, you wouldn't be getting an argument from me! PLEASE TELL US ALL how it is that OTHER COUNTY CLERKS were able to perform this task, but ours couldn't/wouldn't?? Maybe Barbiedoll is the GCSD grad ;)

To 6:26AM ~~ TYVM. We'll see if anyone responds.

To 9:08AM ~~ Be careful. Not all "detailed responses" explain the story. As I just asked, how is it that OTHER CLERKS were able to perform this task? As I recall the Onondage County Clerk had no problem with either budget or instructions.

GO DJT, indeed!

Anonymous said...

SCATS, are you sure OTHER CLERKS were able to perform this task? As I recall the "Onondage" County Clerk had no problem with either budget or instructions.

Lisa Dell only came into Office in January of 2016 after being elected to replace Sandy Schepp over there. Given Onendoga's attitude toward issuing Pistol Permits I'd have doubt that County is in what you and Bello consider "Compliance". The (UN)SAFE Act itself in spite of it's length (53 pages) and extensive definitions fails to dictate what a County Clerk should do with the Opt Out forms. In fact, that section of the Law was written FOR Pistol Permit holders in a manner to flip the finger at the AntiGun Urinalist School Grads who can only write a story from a FAXed Press Release.

Now, if you really want to deal with a problem in Monroe County, get out of your basket and claw on OFlibber over in the Sheriff's Office about why he and his Union Clowns are FAILING to process Permit Applications in a timely fashion and the bullcrap that 4 investigators were Doing that job prior to 41 Deputies retiring.
Whatever you do, don't mention how much OFlibber had to pay Maggie to campaign with him door to door so he could get elected.

BTW Pussicat, real sorry to hear you're jealous of the Italian Grandmother "Barbiedoll" now in the County Exec Office. Maybe a few less Pounce and more time chasing mice might help you get in shape.

SCATS said...

To 1:07PM ~~ Doubt all you like. It was reported at the time that Bello made this ridiculous discovery.

Show us how many counties ignored processing the forms, instead of blowing smoke on an ember that's already cold.

LMAO @ jealous of the Barbiedoll :)