Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Trump Will Answer Your Questions TONIGHT!

WHEC reports: Donald Trump will take questions from the public on a web forum during the third night of the Democratic National Convention.

The Republican presidential nominee will participate in an "Ask Me Anything" event Wednesday night on Reddit. Users can begin asking questions at 6:30 p.m. and Trump will start responding at 7 p.m.

No topics are off limits on the forum which have become a popular Internet staple. President Obama hosted his own AMA on Reddit in 2012.


Anonymous said...

I guess The Donald didn't read the Manual on Conventions.

He is supposed to lay back during the other Party's convention and let Shitlery gain momentum.
Instead he just keeps pushing her.

Will DNC Physicians and trainers hook her to an IV so she can READ her spontaneous remarks from the teleprompter concealed in the podium without seizures tonight?

Greece Teacher Ass said...

Where was your American Flag pin manufactured Donald?

How about the suit and tie?

Techyrz make America Grate!

SCATS said...

To 5:33PM ~~ She doesn't get to flap her trap until tomorrow night. I watched the first night. Couldn't stomach it last night and don't plan to try tonight either.

Anonymous said...

Eight questions answered. Very impressive!

SCATS said...

To 3:37PM ~~ Not as impressive as your ability to count to eight! lol

Anonymous said...

Yes Hillary wants to infringe on Sunday football freedoms.

SCATS said...

Good ole Khizr Khan mysteriously DELETES his website advertising his law practice where he essentially sold visas to the USA to the wealthy!!!