Friday, July 15, 2016

Town of Greece Settles PIGnato Suit

TWC News reports: The Town of Greece and its insurance company have settled a row over a civil suit regarding Gary Pignato, a former Greece Police officer who first made headlines more than eight years ago.
Pignato was convicted of bribery for using his position to coerce women into having sex with him.
The town sued Lloyd's of London after the insurer initially refused to cover all of the costs related to a civil suit filed by two women.
In Feb. 2015, the town authorized the settlement of the lawsuits for what sources tell us was a total of $900,000. That suit named John Auberger, the former town supervisor and Merritt Rahn, the former police chief, as well as Pignato.  
Pignato was released from state prison in the summer of 2013 after serving nearly three years and nine months behind bars.


Anonymous said...

Scum bags..........all of them. Piggy was arrested again for driving drunk at the Hilton Carnival last year. Still waiting to hear what happened with that. Piggy and Rahn should still be in jail and Hairburger should have been too.

SCATS said...

To 6:38AM ~~ I couldn't agree more about Auggie.

Anonymous said...

Serves them right for hiring that idiot in the first place. He represents the small segment of bad cops the plaque every PD across the nation. Actually Auburger bares the blame as does the entire town board at the time who ultimately hire and fire every employee of the town. Rahn had little say in fact none at all back then as Jocko did all the hiring

Anonymous said...

Given his current position, and current state of his affairs,word has it that Auburger was offered a guest shot on the TV series" The Walking Dead".

Kirkiepoo said...

John Auberger did cut a check to replace a car that accidentally fell under a Greece Town Snow plow.

He also paid for multiple houses for women to live in after they threw his ass out of the house.

He's very good at his present job too.

SCATS said...

To Kirkiepoo ~~ Now, now, those are ALL just "alleged" incidents. I'm sure that if you asked him about any of it under oath, he'd say: "I don't know ... I can't recall ... I don't remember ... "