Saturday, July 30, 2016

Greece Central Test Scores In The Dumpster

at meager 39% for grades 3-8

SCATS ~~ Don't worry parents. They can still teach most of your kids to ask, "Do you want fries with that?"


GCSD Teacher said...

Don't worry Beckie, a girl can't be good at everything
Maybe this just isn't your year.
Next year you may find a subject that's perfect for you.
Hopefully you'll have nice boobs by 7th grade.
Congratulations, you're moving on to 4th grade.

At least you will be somebody else's problem come September.

GTA said...

What liberals have in store for schooling!

SCATS said...

To 4:13PM ~~ Now that's scary!!

Charlie Hubbard said...

As long as there is no accountability the only solution is to follow the led of the CSD and throw more money at it.

SCATS said...

To Charlie~~ I think the results have become so poor that the teachers MUST BE FORCED to take the tests themselves to verify if they know what they are supposed to be teaching! We might be in for a HUGE surprise!!

Anonymous said...

There is no need for accountability as long as blame can be foisted off on others.

The situation is little different from the GM car factory that ships pure crap while everyone gets paid to shed blame for their failure.

The snowball has rolled down hill too many years, too many FAKE Degrees awarded to too many empty heads who sit at desks proclaiming "That's beyond my discipline". Those of us who were schooled in the Pre Union era watched it happen, told the public what was happening as the "Professionals" took over from the town Doctor, Merchant, Farmer on the School Board, and allowed the might & power of that body to be usurped by the UNIONS.

When the Old Fools told the masses what was happening they were relegated to the pile marked NUTS or the pile marked SENILE. The Old Fools knew how to learn, and did so before Google.

Today, the time has come for the sheep to pay the bill. It's too far gone to salvage, and the Credentialed Fools have the power to stop any change.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to access the GCSD HR files to find out how many Diploma Mill, such as Columbia Pacifica, Diplomas the taxpayers have paid for, and continue paying for.

The professionals are quite adept at deception.

Of course the damn fool taxpayers will never get that information because it's a Personnel Matter.

Anonymous said...

Interesting note that comparing Odyssey's level 3&4 scores to the rest of the district middle schools they are basically at about the same level as the others (typically within 1 percentage point).

Oh how their performance had dramatically fallen since the move to Maiden Lane! Knew that once that school have moved from a total school of choice to a basically a regular district sending school, the mediocre performance would follow.

Babs and the 2012 era BOE have gotten their wish...that basically all Greece schools are performing the same. Trouble is the performance is mediocre. Shame. And there were a line of parents and teachers telling them that this would happen. So the current Supt and BOE shouldn't act like this was a surprise...

SCATS said...

To 9:26AM ~~ No, it shouldn't be a surprise. However, it had to be done! It was an outrage that a select few had access to services sought by the many.

Did they ever get Pinebrook balanced out??

Anonymous said...

Just think what Babsie will be able to do with Rochester Schools.

Given her vast skills she may even be able to sell Charlotte HS to GCSD and abscond with the cash.

Anonymous said...

Big drop in scores in 2013 but rebounded a bit last 2 years. Above other GCSD elementary schools. .

SCATS said...

To 8:54PM ~~ Since we haven't been told that they became "diverse" like the other schools, we must assume they haven't. Thus the continued higher scores.