Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bomb Squad Responds To American Legion

Suspicious Bag Found & Detonated

13WHAM Reports: 

The bomb squad was called to the American Legion following a suspicious bag found on the property Monday night.

Police say the bomb squad detonated the bag and determined the bag contained no threat.
The bag contained the items you would find in a roadside emergency bag.


Anonymous said...

Thankfully they didn't see the tank sitting there with the terrible gun pointing toward Wegmans or they would have blown that up too.

SCATS said...

To 10:56AM ~~ LMAO!!!! So true!

Big Bill Rex said...

I have instructed Kirkiepoo over at the Highway Department to obtain some plastic flowers and insert them into the barrel of that big tank gun so there will be no confusion about the tank being potentially hostile.

As soon as Kirkiepoo gets the flowers we will schedule a photo op for media. Greece taxpayers will be welcome to attend if they can find out when we will be slipping the posies in the barrel.

King Willie I

Anonymous said...

TO 3:43 King William , will your partner M.M. and your four dittos be there. Sounds like a great photo op. Could be a full page spread the tax Payer funded "Talk of the Town" propaganda mag. Don't forget to add "Property of Town of Greece" to the photo