Thursday, June 23, 2016

Beware The Wackadoodles

From the Greece Post Police Blotter, 6/23/16 - pg. A 11 ...

Reports for April 17th :

  • "I have the evil eye, I see your soul" ... Accused violated a temporary stay away order of protection by riding his bike to a location where he could stare at the protected person.
  • From top to bottom ... literally! .... Unknown suspect stole $343 worth of condoms & sinus medication from location on Long Pond Rd.
  • On second thought ... Accused fled from a traffic stop on Latta Rd. after being informed he was being arrested, but later called in to resolve the matter once he realized he left his license and registration.
Reports for April 18th:

  • "You're canceled!" ... Accused refused to leave the gym on Dewey Ave. after being told his membership was canceled.

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