Thursday, June 30, 2016

Are UFOs Removing Buoys From Braddocks?

Big Bill calls on "Me Chief" 
to resolve the mystery of the 
thrice disappearing markers!

"On three different occasions, we've had channel markers go missing," Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich (R) said.

"Police have been notified and we will prosecute to the fullest extent," Reilich said. (13WHAM )


Anonymous said...

Oh Goodie!

Now little Patric can go buy a 27 foot POLICE boat to keep an eye or 6 on the floating barrels. He can be just like PopsChief and take his pals for a float on the Lake, maybe some fishing too.

Oh sure, it'll be more difficult without Rochester Marine Waterworks employing a Lieutenant and his wife as salespeople, but little Pat can get it done. Greasy Poleece can even burn thousands of gallons of gasoline paroling with the Border Patrol to keep us safe from invading Canadians. Dad can tell Pat how to do it.

Grease Poleece Union said...

Quitcherbichin. King Willie didn't get his water slide down Long Pond hill in front of Park Ridge, Greece needs a water feature worthy of The King, and SplishSplash Park ain't cutting it.

In a few years Greece can donate the new boat to the Sheriff to cut the budget. By then Willie the Grate will be bored with it.

It's not like we can expect one of the chubby Donut Munchers to swim after a canoe towing a stolen barrel.

Anonymous said...

All fun and games until you need them!

SCATS said...

To 11:13AM ~~ We've been wondering what happened to SLIDE THE CITY! In front of the hospital???? That's a GREAT idea!! Not such a long haul to pick up the injured! LOL

To 2:42PM ~~ We've heard SOME of them ARE STILL "fun and games" with the right attitude by the "client." ;)

Big Bill Rex said...

That new boat will also protect the taxpayers of Greece from submarine attacks. Greece must remain vigilant on the submarine front, as a German Sub was once caught in the mouth of the Genesee river. Fortunately at that time a US Navy Tug was present and captured the sub.

US Navy tugs are no longer available in the Greece area to protect our taxpayers, so it is absolutely necessary for the Greece Police Department to take up the protection against subs. A single submarine could wreck havoc on Greece's valuable beaches and the water intake Greece Residents rely on.

Previous Supervisors have either not seen this possibility or have chosen to ignore it. This Administration is more intensly focusing on taxpayer safety and will guard against subs as part of our enhanced Policing, including impound yard behind the Library. My background in Security gives me a greater insight to protection.

King Willie I

Anonymous said...

2:42 you may need them, I don't and don't plan to.
I can eat my own doughnuts.

I don't need the Wanabe PD either.

Anonymous said...

To 3:34 The new boat could be stored at the big pond Reilich built last year at Town Hall, known at Lake Reilich. People could walk the new 1/8 mile track while admiring the boat. Or maybe he could offer free ( Greece residents only) rides on the boat

Anonymous said...

Sounds like little the Mic the McCann is on here again! Uncle can't protect him anymore now he is going to have to work! Yea right. Every one is watching.

Anonymous said...

It's the heliochopters swiping the barrels.

They do it after dark so they can't be seen.
We hear the heliochopters over the Bay every few nights.

Anonymous said...

To 1:10 So you think Homeland Security is playing with their copter while at the same time having fun and games with King William

Anonymous said...

2;25 The Heliochopter driver who grabs the barrels is related to a Greece Cop who cycles the barrels through a used barrel dealer who sells them to the Town of Greece. It's a perfect operation.

Kind of reminds me of when Greece bought the Police Boat from Bob Wegman's Rochester Marine Waterworks where a Greece Command Officer sold boats part time and his wife was an office worker. GPD has a long tradition of keeping things close, like Sons replacing Fathers on the Department, Names like Phelon and Cubiotti and Degnin come to mind.

SCATS said...

To 12:49AM ~~ In Greece, it's ALL IN THE FAMILY. Nepotism is the way, even in GCSD.

Anonymous said...

Doesnt the Lakeside Fire Department have a boat near there. Let those guys check on the barrels they dont have anything else to do. Get paid big bucks for what, cooking lunch and dinner and wearing out the couches at the firehouse.

Lakeshore IAFF Local said...

Hey 12:47, don't be mouthing off about our cooking here at Lakeshore. We are good at cooking, and that activity qualifys us for our heat exposure Merit Badge. We also council youngsters on firefighting so they can have artificial dreams of some day becoming Firefighters.

Our couches are high service life designed and made for firehouse duty too, because our trucks ain't as comfortable as the ones our Brothers of Ridge Road Fire have, but we will be negotiating about that.

Rest assured, we will get off the couch and respond to any Dispatch in Lakeshore territory, even though Lakeshore will usually be second Company in with the third piece of equipment on the job. North Greece has faster trucks.

Anonymous said...

BigBill's floats found on Craigslist

SCATS to investigate.
Video at 6

SCATS said...

To 3:53PM ~~ SCATS has NO KNOWLEDGE of that type of float! lol