Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Key To The Greece School Budget ...

It's really very simple ... 

"Research suggests that investing in great teachers pays off. Students with effective teachers achieve three times the academic gains of those with less effective teachers."  (pg. 7  GCSD 2016-17 Budget Newsletter)

Q. 1 - What identifiable/measurable characteristics do "effective teachers" possess?
Q. 2 - Have we assessed Greece School teachers to identify which are "effective" and which are not "effective?"
Q. 3 - If so, what are the numbers of effective vs. ineffective teachers in each school?
Q. 4 - If not, why not?
Q. 5 - How do we reward our more effective teachers?
Q. 6 - Do we provide ineffective/less effective teachers with a plan to get them up to par?
Q. 7 - If so, how long do they have to get up to speed before they are let go for nonperformance?
Q. 8 - What do you mean the teacher's contract doesn't deal with any of these issues???

SCATS ~~ TY to the community member who brought this quote and its ramifications to our attention!

We suggest a "NO" vote on the Greece Central School District budget AND the bus proposition next Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Here's an idea for the initial step in "teacher" sorting.

Identify every "teacher" who "taught" Derek Vacha a/k/a Derek Rause, and ship them back to "teacher" College at Union expense.

In about 20 years, when said individuals can write a concise essay on teaching, perform basic math without an electronic device, and can explain the 3 states of water and how heat, not from Globulcrap Warming, causes the change of state, they may apply for a teaching job.

Why the hockeypuck Taxpayers have to fund Teacher training is pure crap!
Teachers, by legal definition, are Licensed Professionals. They should NOT require training to teach.
Lawyers, Doctors, Nurses & Insurance Agents are similar Licensed Professionals. Taxpayers do NOT fund their ongoing training.

Lets turn off the Air Conditioning, and teach kids to Read and Write.

Greece Central COULD do that in the 1950s.

SCATS said...

To 12:12PM ~~ Your point about funding their training is an excellent one! I recall my HS teachers often went back to take courses over the summer to broaden their knowledge base. Guess what? They paid for it themselves!

Anonymous said...

When voting no for the budget make sure you're not voting for Melore. She is all about the teachers and their contract and she was big on getting the coaching salaries bumped up. We don't need someone like that on this board. Don't know if any of the other candidates are any good but at least they aren't connected to the teachers and administrators.

SCATS said...

To 12:50PM ~~ We couldn't disagree more! Our current BOE members are all OWNED by GTA. Ask Oberg ;)

Anonymous said...

You may feel they are all owned by GTA but none of them are as cozy with GTA as Melore. She's on their committees and pals around with some of the Union boys. Even went to a couple of conferences with them last year. She keeps them well informed and she does what they ask. Get her off the board.

SCATS said...

To 7:18PM ~~ We see your point. Melore IS GTA. McCabe only sleeps with GTA ... LOL

What about the Spencerport teacher? She's union, too?

Charlie Hubbard said...

Great job Scats.
The questions you ask is exactly what the school board did NOT ask prior to their approval of the teachers union contract - that speaks volumes.
The board approved this contract WITHOUT knowing the cost - that speaks volumes.
The board approved having a vote on a stadium last year ALSO without knowing the true cost.
We (the taxpayers) still to this day have no idea what the cost of having a special vote was. The board did not care about the costs.
Nothing in the newsletter about what the enrollment will be that is driving this 8 million dollars increase in SPENDING - does the board know?
GCSD is part of the public education monopoly being run with little to no oversight. Taxpayers are NOT respected. Worthless, do/nothing, give/away contracts with NO accountability run the day.
These budgets have become nothing more than CON/JOBS.

Anonymous said...

You can thank Melore in large part for the GTA contract she was at BDW's side the entire time whispering in her ear how important it was for GTA to get a good contract and making sure those coaches got great raises. Keep her around and the next contract will be a duzzy. Watch for the AGCEP contract her daughter is in that union I'm sure she'll want great raises and wonderful benefits for them as well.

Anonymous said...

Charlie H we get your message. It's the same one we have heard from you over the past 10 yrs. like a broken record that is stuck in a crack. When are going to realize nobody is listening to you with few exceptions and most of all NO ONE CARES.

SCATS said...

To 8:18AM ~~ Just because YOU don't care doesn't mean no one else cares. We care. And we know quite a few others who care, too. If you don't care about the LARGEST item in the GCSD budget, the one that drives taxes up despite reductions in enrollments, that's fine. Go back to life with your head buried deep where the sun don't shine. It's your right to do so :)

Anonymous said...

If you are considering voting no against the bus purchase, I can only assume that you don't have children riding them. Greece has a large fleet of buses and if they aren't turned over annually on a rotating basis, somewhere down the road you are going to have quite a few unsafe buses that all need to be replaced at one time.

I am a bus driver and quite a few buses have over 125,000 miles on them. The mechanics do all they can to maintain these buses and prepare them for Department of
Transportation inspections. They do an excellent job of keeping them running in safe condition, but there's only so much they can do.

I am a property owner, who pays school taxes and has a problem with the continuing increasing rates compared to the rest of the country. You need to realize that the buses are a separate item that can be voted for without voting for the entire budget. How important are the children of Greece to You? They are entitled to be riding to school on the safest and best available equipment. There doesn't seem to be any problem buying new computers and other technological devices
to help them in school. Why not buy the equipment that can possibly help save their lives.

The one thing that I really don't understand is that if the State is picking up 78%
of the cost, how can we not buy them. If a bus cost approximately $135K, that means all the District is paying is around $30K. Seems like a no-brainer to me unless I am missing something.

SCATS said...

To 8:05PM ~~ A couple of things come to mind as I read your comments. First, on the issue of safety, I'm wondering, do you make sure the kids who ride your bus wear their seatbelts? We're guessing that you don't. So much for safety concerns.

Secondly, when NY state pays the other 78% of the tab for bus replacement, tell us EXACTLY WHERE you think that money comes from, please. In case you don't know, it comes from US, the taxpayers!

We find it's getting tougher each year to "accept" the rhetoric surrounding budget increases and the need for more buses when ENROLLMENTS CONTINUE TO DECLINE! Soon, there will be a bus for EVERY child in Greece. I think they call them "limos."

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid a point has been made about caring. This will be proven when an embarrassing 3000 show up to vote next week as the population
In Greece continues to grow.

Charlie Hubbard said...

to 8:18 (anonymous)
You may want to read the letter from the editorial board in todays D+C - even 'they' are starting to 'get it'.

SCATS said...

To 6:52AM ~~ The population has grown? Please show us those stats! District enrollment has SHRUNK ... by the thousands! As for the numbers who vote, they've just changed ALL polling places. There will be either mass confusion that keeps people away, or an angry out-pouring for making this ridiculous change.

Anonymous said...


Regarding the comment on the safety concerns for the buses. Seat belts are required
required in all buses but there is no Law requiring students to wear them. It is up to the District to establish the policy. In Greece, seat belts are required to be worn in the smaller buses. I am not sure where the cutoff is but in each bus that this pertains to, there is a sign in the front of the bus that says seat belts are mandatory. Before departing, the driver has to walk through the the bus, as do airline attendants, to ensure everyone is buckled in. In the buses that seat belts are not mandatory, we encourage students to wear them but that's as far as we can go.

As for the funding. I know where that money comes from and I look at it from the standpoint that if we don't take advantage and use it, it's just going to be used by other Districts. And if we don't use it do you think our taxes will be any lower?
Do you think the state is going to give it back to the district in some other form?

As I originally stated, I also have a major problem with the continuing budget increases. The only problem is that buses have a certain lifespan as does your automobile. If a percentage of the fleet is not replaced each year, you will have one large problem later on. I'm fairly certain that a bus is replaced somewhere between 10-12 years.

Anonymous said...

Is that rag still being published? I stopped reading that fish rapper years ago. I prefer to get all my news from the SCATS blog instead.

SCATS said...

To 1:39PM ~~ HOW do you encourage students to wear seatbelts? Do you remind each one as they enter the bus every day? Do you tell them it MIGHT save their life? Probably not ... yet you are OK with "buying the equipment (NEW BUSES!) that will help save their lives." So the safety equipment that is MANDATED sits unused, but it's OK to ask people to increase their taxes EVERY year to buy new buses at what, $150,000+ each??

Methinks it's time to get back to letting kids walk the state maximum and reduce our dependence on an outlandish fleet that will NEVER shrink despite those pesky enrollment declines.

Anonymous said...

Are enrollment figures no longer important?
Why is the district not telling us?

SCATS said...

To 7:29AM ~~ On a good day, Greece enrollments are stagnant.

GreeceResident1 said...

I suggest everyone refer to the Budget Book (see: , click on the PDF file from the fourth panel, left hand side). There are 74 pages covering every possible metric dealing with the 225 million dollar proposed cost of funding the GCD (Greece Central School District). That is a 7.7 million dollar increase (page 26).

Let us remember the school year is 10 months in duration (September - June). The current population of students who attend the schools is less than 11,200 (page 9). The number of pupils classified as in need of special education is 1,400 (page 38).

It can readily be discernible the school district has evolved itself into a GSE (government sponsored enterprise) similar in function to many quasi-agencies of the federal government in Washington, DC. GCD can put our tax dollars at risk in a private commercial bank (page 20) and issue bonds, notes, etc. obligating the taxpayer to meet payment of principal and interest due beyond just its taxing authority (page 21). The school district can create any type of broad program of learning the administration chooses. It has become a full spectrum public educational and social service experience, far beyond what primary schooling traditionally provided. In some instances it rivals a small private college in scope. All of this administrative power can be enacted without the taxpayer having any say in the matter. Let's look at a few of them shown on pages 14 - 15.

Re-Engagement Center - A social service for students in grades 5 - 8 who have various problems adapting to acceptable societal behavior.

Bridges Program - Another social service program similar in function to the Re-Engagement Center,

The Family Support Center - described as a "free service" to families who need social counseling.

Psychological Services - Another social service for students with mental health issues.

Professional Learning Center - Open to any Greece resident who seeks career training and provides the use of GCD school resources (e.g., computer lab, copier, etc.).

The majority of the townspeople of Greece, NY do not use the GCD yet are treated as hostages and slaves to financially serve a minority run by unencumbered bureaucrats. The majority have no "line item veto" power. For instance, the majority pays for transportation to and from day care (page 40) or any of the other social services mentioned above. This is a shining example of bureaucratic tyranny in force.

What can property owners do? Refuse to pay your school tax bill until the people have more control over budgeted items. The school board will have to listen if enough residents have the courage to do this.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I come to see who SCATS readers hate so I can vote for them.

Please continue this public service.

SCATS said...

To 3:23PM ~~ I don't think you were left with anyone this year ... yet again ... regarding Greece BOE.

Just look for the union label ;)

Anonymous said...

Tough loss, SCATs! Melore won big, the community believes in their superintendent, and Greece is a great place to live!

SCATS said...

To 4:38PM ~~ Tough?? On us?? Hardly LOL

Regarding: "Melore won big" ... since when did 3000 votes in a town of nearly 100,000 become "BIG??" It's barely a blip on the radar, especially IF you reduce that by the number of union members who voted for her. Just ask Oberg.