Monday, May 23, 2016

Sheppard Calls For AG Investigation Into COMIDA

Dinolfo To Hold Press Conference, Tuesday @10:30AM

Questions Sheppard wants AG's Office to get answers to include those specifically stated in this LETTER to AG

SCATS ~~ Time for Reilich to start talking!


Anonymous said...

Bob Lonsberry is right on . Keep it up Bob !!!!!

Sooper Hairburger said...

5 bucks says Reilich stays as Party Chair and assistant State Party Chair at least until after November's Elections.
Same 5 says Reilich doesn't open his mouth till after November, if then.

If Trump wins look for Reilich to do a repeat of Greece's famed Fred Eckert.

There is nothing new folks, it's only NEW to YOU because you weren't taught squat in UNION Public Education.

Hell, how many people know the NY Conservative Party was born of the Rockefeller Governorship? If you don't know History, you will be part of repeating it.

SCATS said...

To 2:51PM ~~ Excuse me, but in his previous diatribe, he laid ALL of the blame on Dinolfo. At that point in time, I pointed out that he made a good case, BUT that she wasn't at the top of the foodchain. I called Reilich the PUPPETMASTER behind her, which he certainly is. Today, Lonsberry finally says as much, too. Nothing like being a day late and a dollar short.

Anonymous said...

While I normally detest introducing facts into these lovely heated spear chucking and arrow slinging celebrations in Monroe County, the time is here to Introduce FACTS.

COMIDA does not fall under any authority of the County Executive, Cheryl Dinolfo, and she nor any of her predecessors hold any power over COMIDA.

While multiple associations and social interactions can be found between the County Exec and COMIDA Board Members there is absolutely no master/servant between Dinolfo and Comida. This FACT seems to elude a lazy "Media" who are all pissed off over having to wait for Dinolfo to begin her Press Conference and failing to serve free refreshments in the manner of an Italian grandmother, which Dinolfo is.

The best source of WHO runs COMIDA comes from their 2013 Accounting Statement.
""On June 6, 1972, the County of Monroe Industrial Development Agency (COMIDA)
was established by a special act of the County Legislature under the New York State Industrial Development Act of 1969. COMIDA’s purpose is to provide, develop, encourage and assist existing and new businesses to acquire, construct, econstruct,
improve, maintain, equip and furnish facilities in the County of Monroe and Rochester, New York area.

COMIDA is a discretely presented component unit of the County of Monroe, New York
(County of Monroe) and is a New York State not-for-profit public benefit corporation.""

SCATS said...

To 2:42PM ~~ For the most part, we're aware of what you've written. That doesn't mean that Dinolfo has NO RELATIONSHIP with COMIDA, nor that Reilich doesn't hold the strings to her actions & words.

Charlie Hubbard said...

I applaud Mr. Sheppard for his efforts and concern. Hard to find 'trust' at too many levels of government now days.
As for COMIDA - again - the base problem is right there for all to see. A 'committee' allowed to give tax breaks as 'they' see fit WITHOUT the approval of those we elect to look after our tax $$. The potential for abuse is enormous. I will suggest some elected officials don't want to know about these tax breaks so as to avoid potential accountability which leads me to ask why there not more members of the county legislature joining Mr.Sheppard in his efforts.

Anonymous said...

Scats, I could explain a few things to you, but I'll be damned if I do so on a public forum.

Anonymous said...

Charlie has hit the nail square,
there is absolutely NO ACCOUNTABILITY to or for COMIDA.

COMIDA is worse than giving the power of the purse to the School Board. The School Board can be removed from office, Initiative, Referendum and Recall exist in NY State ONLY for School Districts. Fortunately, 50 years of Union Teaching have made the public too stupid to use any of the processes.

It gets WORSE!
From Charter in 1972 until 2013± COMIDA existed as a minor piddle de doo Agency where people with the proper social and political connections were on the Board giving out pittances that often killed the business they were trying to help. Frankly, Board of DUMMIES was a more apt descriptor than Board of Directors.

Somehow around 2013, the State Government granted COMIDA BONDING Power. Same group of same quality people have for the last 3 years had the full authority to issue Bonds committing the taxpayers of Monroe County to fund any Bond they issue to help one of their friends. Hey gee, I wonder how COMIDA thought it was a good idea to issue Bonds for UofR? I'm sure there was no Conflict of Interest between COMIDA's chair who is a professional financier with documented linkage to U of R financing because she undoubtedly abstained from any vote.

The stench about to leak from under the COMIDA lid is going to make Reilich's big mouth look tiny. The rats are running from COMIDA because they don't want to be identified when the lid blows off.

Thanks for funding all those happy projects SUCKERS!
You won't even get a seat at the free dinner, but you'll damn well pay for it.

SCATS said...

To 11:40PM ~~ And so ...? I could always call you :) lol

Anonymous said...

Any updates on this?

Anonymous said...

Meet me next to the dumpsters at McDonalds Latta & LongPond at 11:30pm Friday.

Purr loud so I can find you in the dark.

SCATS said...

To 9:41PM ~~ Sorry, but none.

To 11:42PM ~~ Now there's an offer that's hard to refuse ... but I must.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mr Shepard should ask the AG to look into the sweet deal Isaac Heating just got from Comida to buy new trucks tax free.

Somebody ought to look at the Vet Palace hospital in Spencerport too.

I bet both are contributors to Friends of Some Politician.

SCATS said...

To 6:07PM ~~ For trucks??? Geeze ...

Anonymous said...

Looks like Big Bill Roadblock's team had to take a big bite of the s#!t sammich over the COMIDA fiasco.
3 replacement members were appointed to the Board today, 2 Registered Democrats and 1 Registered Independence Party member.

All 3 appear to be from Union Construction backgrounds.

Anthony Meleo has 25 years of experience in the construction and construction management industry. He has experience in facilitating the development of 800 home sites with completed construction of approximately 200 homes and a 16,000 square foot medical facility. Brian currently works as a Skilled Trades Instructor at Monroe2 BOCES – Center for Workforce Development. Anthony is a registered Independence Party member.

Daniel Kuntz is the Business Manager for Laborers Local 435, where he has served in a variety of roles over the past 33 years. He has also served as a member of the Rochester Building Trades Council and the Rochester Labor Council. In his free time, he is a member of Camp Good Days and Special Times and St. Peter and Paul Church. Daniel is a registered Democratic Party member.

Peter Buckley is a Project Executive at DGA Builders, LLC where he provides construction management services for public and private clients. He has previously served with Buckingham Properties, The Pike Company and The Buckley Group, a company which he owned until it was acquired by The Pike Company. He has also served as an architect for the City of Rochester. Peter is a registered Democratic Party member.

Looks like Big Bill Roadblock had to give some of his cookies to the Dem side of County Leg on this one.
Before you get too excited remember Bill and former Maya Grady Johnson have a history of favor trading going back many years. Maya Grady was the ONLY man who could order half an hour of records to disappear from 911 Center.