Friday, May 20, 2016

Mazzullo Resigns COMIDA

Theresa Mazzullo, COMIDA Chairwoman

The Rats Continue To Scatter 
Following Reilich's Blunder

Who's next? 


Might be Dinolfo's turn next ... stay tuned!

Cheryl Dinolfo, County Executive


Anonymous said...

nails it.

SCATS said...

To 4:17PM ~~ TYVM for sharing that. While I mostly agree with it, there's a part of me that thinks Dinolfo might be covering for Reilich. To me that's the "other" possibility. It's definitely one of the two. Both are just plain dirty.

Anonymous said...

The looserberry of Livingston County is nuttier than Bimbolee on the FM side. His only positive is his voice is more tolerable than her cackle.

Public memory is only 6 to 8 months, so a preemptive move on Bello in 2016 is insanity.

Are GCSD Diploma holders dumb enough to believe when King William calls a County employee and asks a question the King will not get the answer he wants? The real question is WHO alerted the King I HotDog was and is in DEFAULT. Instead of building the second building the contract calls for they built something cheap. Somebody in Irq Town Hall dropped a dime on the King, and Roadblock ran with it.

COMIDA is and has since the 70s been an asylum, and the people riding on top over there got clear before the real mess gets exposed. They're financing one hell of a lot of projects they shouldn't be, including 1 or 2 for the U of R. Hell will break loose if the NYS Dorm Authority gets a burr under its saddle about those Bonds.

Bottom line, the HotDog Developer got cute, and got caught. The exposure by King Willie was stupid, and could have been done much better. The King is NUTS!

Charlie Hubbard said...

It is time to put COMIDA in the trash where it belongs. COMIDA (county of Monroe 'industrial' development agency) was bound to fail because of 3 major items - #1 no oversight - #2 a group of 'unelected' people making decisions on our tax bills WITHOUT the approval of our elected officials - #3 we now have 'start up N.Y. which gives FREE everything to entice 'industrial' development (at taxpayer expense) also with no oversight.
Once COMIDA got involved in 'retail' it lost all credibility by trying to sell it's tax breaks as 'creating jobs' which of course is a joke. The recent voting down of an investigation of COMIDA by the county legislature was the icing on the cake.
Question, how much money is being spent on COMIDA?
Question, what are the cost of attorney fees (ie like for the Medley center) (I-square) (the Sibley building) ect.
Apartment buildings, dentist offices, car dealerships, ect. ect. are getting tax breaks and are therefore costing the rest of us a larger tax bill - how much $$ is this costing us.
Ask a member of your county legislature but don't hold your breath waiting for an answer - THAT is the biggest problem.

SCATS said...

To Charlie ~~ I agree, but would add that political cronyism is also a BIG part of the troubles with COMIDA. Are there now, were there EVER any board members who weren't registered Republicans? I can already hear the crickets chirping!

REILICH needs to come out and EXPLANI FULLY about why he was motivated to attempt a political smear on Bello as soon as Cuomo named him County Clerk. He also needs to SHOW US how he got the info about I-Square, from whom, how, etc. I'm sorry, but I just don't buy that Roj decided to make a call and "spill the beans" on I-Square by lying to Reilich at the exact time Bello was appointed! It makes NO sense for Roj to do that. Now that Roj has walked into another sweet job working for a COMIDA board member's firm, it not only looks bad, it smells rotten. I believe Roj was "publicly sacrificed" to save Reilich's backside knowing a new job was already to go. How neat & tidy could things get?

Anonymous said...

COMIDA has been a total screwjob on the taxpayer from day 1.

I can think of a collision shop on Lyell Ave that made out like a bandit in the 70s by merely incorporating.

How about one of Ogden's largest farmers getting the building materials tax exempt when he built a new storage barn in the 90s.

How many tax breaks and exemptions were granted over around Kodak Elmgrove?

Maybe a new Vet Hospital PALACE in Spencerport, financed by taxpayers.

If you hire the right lawyer to fill out your forms, and take them to COMIDA, you make out like a bandit.

As Charlie says, the whole concept is insane. Taxpayers shouldn't have to buy promises of new jobs. Get the damn insane taxes down and new jobs will come here.
NY's INSANE welfare costs are chasing jobs out of NY, along with State Government.

SCATS said...

To 1:22PM ~~ I do not believe COMIDA existed as far back as the '70's. I think they were created in the last 15 - 20 yrs.

Anonymous said...

Caccamise sound like the name of an Electrical Contractor from Fairport who does a lot of traffic signal and government work????

Will Big Bill stage a major traffic wreck to bury this Sunday resignation?
Will Team D be able to raise sufficient stink in the County Leg to spill COMIDA's beans?

From TV-10

May 22, 2016 01:14 PM

On Sunday we have learned that another member of the COMIDA board, Gene Caccamise, has resigned.

Caccamise is the fourth COMIDA board member to resign following the I-Square controversy. He issued a letter of resignation on his decision to leave the board.

“In my 8 years sitting on the board it has served the purpose for which it was established, a NON-PARTISAN Government agency set up for the economic development of our Monroe County,” Caccamise said in the letter. “It appears now that it has become a political battle ground. Let me be clear that the COMIDA board had no knowledge of the I Square incident until it was reported by the news media.”

Only three members remain on the board, which means it is not a quorum and Comida cannot approve any other projects. COMIDA can only do so once candidates are approved by the county legislature.

Anonymous said...

COMIDA has been around a damn long time puttitat.

Back in the 80s they were a blight upon anyone who took their money by requiring the company getting funded to hire approved consultants. There was even speculation the high priced consultants kicked back to politicians.

Since COMIDA is currently a Bond Issuer to finance the foolishness, COMIDA can not and will not cease to exist until at least 2036.

The question of the hour is How many COMIDA Dollars are being flushed down the dumper as the THIRD storefront fake business goes belly up over at UofR's campus plaza? How many rats are hauling ass away from COMIDA because they approved that clunker idea and don't want to explain their vote? Monroe County taxpayers are going to eat a big bucket of Dollars on that mess if UofR doesn't take the loss.

MuniPro became the Town of Greece's COMIDA light when the Town Hall at 2505 Ridge Rd was demolished.

Anonymous said...

Holy craap!
I dang near went crosseyed trying to read all the sales tat money that happy bunch on that Board decided to give away on this project or that project.

Wife wants me to wall off part of the cellar for her sewing room, is there a COMIDA office at Lowes where I can get a slip for the free Sales Tax on studs and drywall. I promise I'll keep Shirley down in that room sewing for anybody who brings their ripped drawers by.

Other question I have is who in the hell do they think is going to live in all them apartments the developers are building downtown where nobody with a brain wants to be after dark? They got a bunch of yuppies lined up who are gonna ride bicycles and carry em up to their apartment? Ya damn sure can't leave a car parked down there if you want to find the car come morning.

I think I even see where they got a problem finding replacements for the people who walked off, probably lit out for another State too. It can't be easy finding people who think most of them deals are good for the sucker paying taxes.

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