Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Liar, Liar, Liar ... COMIDA Scandal Continues

Playing Party Politics ... 

Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo

COMIDA Chair, Theresa Mazzullo
Monroe County GOP Chair, Bill Reilich

 ... And Paying For It?

THEY SHOULD! They've shamed innocent folks!


Anonymous said...

I have usually voted Republican and have never contributed to a politician's campaign nor have I ever had a political sign in my front yard. Mr Reilich and the local Republican family along have convinced me to to do what I can this year to defeat the Republicans.
I am embarrassed that I helped get the current local party elected. I hope the people in the Town of Greece wake up in 2 years and get rid of King William.

SCATS said...

To 12:40PM ~~ You don't need to wait 2 years to do something meaningful. Vote for Adam Bello to continue on as County Clerk this year. He seems to be doing a great job at the DMV, did well for Irondequoit the short time he was there AND, perhaps most importantly, Reilich seems to fear him! Remember, that's how this whole COMIDA mess started: Reilich's big mouth diss'ing Bello & I-Square for purely political reasons. Watching him squirm through the ongoing fallout is PRICELESS.

Anonymous said...

Great job at DMV, REALLY???


The last time I was there it was still the same snotty beaches behind the counter with the same attitude.

Granted they have to deal with GCSD "students" all day, but I'm way older than that group, I expect respect, not ATTITUDE.

Lets just get right to HONEST and admit neither Party will rise above Pathetic until some competition shows up from independent candidates who are fed up with the same old s#!t. Union members turned politician don't make the grade any better than tired hairdressers.

SCATS said...

To 1:24PM ~~ He's only been there a few weeks! But I'm impressed that he COMES OUT TO TALK TO HIS CUSTOMERS and seeks feedback. That's more than Dinolfo did, unless looking pretty next to Reilich in a pic is what you call "work."

Anonymous said...

isquare people are nuts! They have driven future tenants away. The bar next door pulled back from renting space and my good Friend at Irondequoit hots moved down the street when he was going into I square originally. Now they want to put two tall windmills on the property to raise extra money. Glad I don't live nearby and those ugly loud things in my back yard.

Anonymous said...

I'll vote for Bello so there is at least one person at County Government not owned by the king

Anonymous said...

I was downtown at the counter 2 weeks ago SCATS, 7 bucks to park and Adam sure didn't show his face, or offer to kick in for parking either.

The ladies at the counter there still are and have for years been spectacular as well as friendly and helpful.

DMV at the Mall is a manure pile on both sides of the counter. While the employees may deal with 100 nasty loud mouthed morons a day of questionable human stature, that is no excuse to extend their displeasure to taxpayers coming in there to conduct business.

I'll believe Bellow is worth the seat his ass occupies when he covertly walks in a DMV location and observes the crap his beaches are spewing. I did look around to see if there were cameras monitoring employee conduct and spotted none.

Yes, I do understand the Clerk's office is on the South end of the first floor of the COB and the Clerk does not have supervisory visual ability on his/her DMV locations. That's an easy change for less than $10,000 given the county owned fiber paths.

Praise will either be honestly earned or not awarded.
Clerk Bellow needs to quickly begin answering email sent to him and be available on the phone or stand ready to get pounded.

SCATS said...

To 10:03PM ~~ AMEN! Same here.

To 10:09PM ~~ The name is BELLO. But then you already knew that. Give the guy a chance. He's barely settled into this job. He can't be worse than bighair was before him. The ONLY time I ever saw her was when Reilich pulled his posse out to pose for the cameras.

SCATS said...

To 9:35PM ~~ Can't satisfy everyone. I'm not sure I'd ever rely on a "Hots" joint as an adequate example of free enterprise lol

Anonymous said...

I wonder if King William will let County Clerk Adam Bello march in the Greece Memorial Day parade? Dinolfo was always right up front as County Clerk, but then again she is a Republican !

Anonymous said...

ISquare is another sham, a bar and a few tables that will all be empty in 10 years, another abandoned building.

WHAT is really happening while the media attention is on I Square?

Bello, Jello who cares, another suit with the Party Seal of Approval, he'll march {stumble along} in a few parades, pose for some cameras, read his script, and we are supposed to believe he's the next Messiah, or is it just the next mess waiting to roll down the Fitsugh Street sidewalk?

Should we anticipate something SPECIAL from the first Clerk in pants since Margie from the Copy Shop in the Exec Building ran for and won the office?
This will shock GCSD Graduates, each and every function of the County Clerks office is defined by State Law, right down to the filing fee for each page of document recorded. It's pretty much a do nothing job, CLERK.

Margie went on to a State job at the hand of some Governor, and to oblivion after that.
Maggie replaced Margie, and made a few minor improvements to the flow, instituting on line access to stored documents primarily, and eliminating the Priority Service counter for arrogant Lawyers.
Maggie moved up to County Exec, and Cheryl came along. She made more minor improvements within what the Law allowed, built her reputation and moved up to be County Exec.

Now we got Mr Democrat. Whoopie doo.
He's so good he can't even get the lettering on his office door changed.
I'm so impressed.

SCATS said...

To 3:49PM ~~ Dinolfo was a puppet they paraded around. She NEVER said a word that wasn't scripted. Just a pretty smile for the camera standing next to the bigwig corrupteds.

To 11:29PM ~~ A change of flavors is needed. Just like the Trump movement. People WANT something different. Bello is looking good, better with every extra lie told.

Hero Hairburger said...

The "People WANT" well isn't that just eefing SPECIAL!

The People NEED to get their dumb ass out from in front of the TV waiting for the "Hero" to come down the cable, pop their head out of their collective rectum, and do something beyond cry.

GCSD and HCS along with Spencerport have done a fine job of making The People and their Kids STUPID. The People are all willing to stand around with their video phone so they can post it to Utube4boobs. The People all have to get little Lobo to his game and are conflicted, should they go to Walgreens or Wegmans for their feel good pills.
The People are too damn lazy to even get their ass off the couch and go VOTE.
The People are getting exactly what they desire, a GOOD SCREWING!

Yes, Trump is the HERO of the moment, because he developed the skills to deliver HIS message to the consumer via cable TV. There is a HUGE contingent of The People crying already that The Donald speaks only in sound bites. DOH, his entire position is available on the InTurdNet, but you're too [ ] lazy [ ]stupid [ ] useless to look it up. What a perfect environment for King William to advantage himself in.

Get a grip folks, either you learn and act, or you get screwed. If you're difficult to screw, you get left alone. If you're easy, you get screwed a little extra.

Stop looking for the caped crusader to save your ass! Hang a towel over your shoulders and cover your own ass.

Next week we'll have a lesson on how to VOTE.

See if you can learn VOTE NO by then.

SCATS said...

To 1:28PM ~~ Oh puh-leeze! After 8 yrs. of Obummer, nobody even remembers which toilet to use without govt intervention! Trump will be a HUGE step up the food chain. He's probably the smartest person in politics.

The people BELIEVED what their UNION teachers "taught" them. They feel ineffective, and they are! They need to READ A BOOK, a newspaper, (the D&C doesn't count!), watch Al-Jazeera news once in awhile for a different perspective, and maybe MOST importantly, THINK FOR THEMSELVES! The govt can hand out money, food, health care, etc. BUT they won't give you a new brain.

Anonymous said...

I don't often agree with you SCATS but I do with your 2:56 comment. Go Trump

Anonymous said...

Let talk about an accident a few years ago in a town vehicle involving a certain persons son. This individual driving had a suspended license. What a corrupt regime these people are. However, no one in the Attorney Generals Office, or the FBI seem to have the guts to take them down. What a bunch of cowards.

Anonymous said...

It's more less proof that the same idiotic Greece croney mentality doesn't work. An outside Chief from out of state should have been brought in. Going back to the good ole boy system has done nothing but continued the game. Greece needs a toilet flushing from the top down. It's unfortunate the FBI doesn't take more interest in cleaning this system up.

SCATS said...

To 11:42AM ~~ Why not make it even more recent? Let's talk about the son who was working for the county while collecting unemployment ;) That incident is even archived on this BLOG.

To 11:46AM ~~ What are you referring to by an "outside chief?" Greece's issue now requires Roto-Rooter 'cause there's so much crapple accumulated that it can't merely be flushed.

Anonymous said...

11:46 you couldn't possibly be that naive. A chief from out of state? Trust me that would never happen. Only an idiot from out of state would consider the position. Anyone considering to so would run away once the position was properly vetted regarding the history of this town and how it's run and by whom .

Relic would never consider hiring someone with a real set that he could not control. Under State Town Law, in a town the size of Greece, the Supervisor holds the position of Police Commissioner. Relic like Auburger before him would never relinguish that power to an "outsider"and give him or her the power to clean up the Town as well asThe PD. If they did so it would not only be political suicide but personal as well as under objective scrutiny , the cell doors would close behind them and many others. The demise of Baxter under Relic and the Insertion of Phelan part two is proof positive of the politics of Greece and an effective closed government model of total control.

Anonymous said...

Trump SMART? No doubt he is a business cut throat but Smart? One college English Professor described his vocabulary equal to that of a six the grader Another behavior expert described his response to personal critics as teen age kids and 2 yr olds . Geese Scats I thought you were smart . How can you support Trump and at the same time be a critic of Bill Reilich. Little difference other than whose got more money.
What is going to be your position if Trump wins and Big Bill ends up with huge political appointment by Trump? Of course one could rationalize that if that happens he will gone from Greece. True, but do you really think his successor will be any better? I don't think so when you look at who is waiting in the wings.

SCATS said...

To 2:59PM ~~ Yes, Trump IS smart. He's outmaneuvered all his rivals. He's done it on a shoestring budget by comparison.

What makes you think he would reward Reilich?? I'd love to hear his nickname for Bill! LMAO.

BTW, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how easily upset Reilich & Dinolfo are by Adam Bello's existence. We plan to promote/support Bello for County Clerk in the short run & County Exec. in the longer term. GO ADAM, GO!!