Monday, May 16, 2016

GCSD Budget: "Bureaucratic Tyranny"

Anonymous GreeceResident1 said...
I suggest everyone refer to the Budget Book (see: , click on the PDF file from the fourth panel, left hand side). There are 74 pages covering every possible metric dealing with the 225 million dollar proposed cost of funding the GCD (Greece Central School District). That is a 7.7 million dollar increase (page 26). 

Let us remember the school year is 10 months in duration (September - June). The current population of students who attend the schools is less than 11,200 (page 9). The number of pupils classified as in need of special education is 1,400 (page 38).

It can readily be discernible the school district has evolved itself into a GSE (government sponsored enterprise) similar in function to many quasi-agencies of the federal government in Washington, DC. GCD can put our tax dollars at risk in a private commercial bank (page 20) and issue bonds, notes, etc. obligating the taxpayer to meet payment of principal and interest due beyond just its taxing authority (page 21). The school district can create any type of broad program of learning the administration chooses. It has become a full spectrum public educational and social service experience, far beyond what primary schooling traditionally provided. In some instances it rivals a small private college in scope. All of this administrative power can be enacted without the taxpayer having any say in the matter. Let's look at a few of them shown on pages 14 - 15.

Re-Engagement Center - A social service for students in grades 5 - 8 who have various problems adapting to acceptable societal behavior. 

Bridges Program - Another social service program similar in function to the Re-Engagement Center, 

The Family Support Center - described as a "free service" to families who need social counseling.

Psychological Services - Another social service for students with mental health issues.

Professional Learning Center - Open to any Greece resident who seeks career training and provides the use of GCD school resources (e.g., computer lab, copier, etc.).

The majority of the townspeople of Greece, NY do not use the GCD yet are treated as hostages and slaves to financially serve a minority run by unencumbered bureaucrats. The majority have no "line item veto" power. For instance, the majority pays for transportation to and from day care (page 40) or any of the other social services mentioned above. This is a shining example of bureaucratic tyranny in force. 

What can property owners do? Refuse to pay your school tax bill until the people have more control over budgeted items. The school board will have to listen if enough residents have the courage to do this.
5/16/2016 2:05 PM


Anonymous said...

You can vote the Budget down tomorrow. I believe an austerity budget wood eliminate some if not all those programs.

SCATS said...

To 3:06PM ~~ Sadly, what we the voters seem to be unable to eliminate are BOE members who give wage increases above the 2% cap, or who refuse to provide a comprehensive, all-inclusive budget. They prefer to tax us to death and wear us out with "extra" votes on things like capital repairs. ENOUGH already!