Sunday, May 22, 2016

Dinolfo's Explanation Doesn't Work

WHEC-TV reports that:
Gene Caccamise, has issued a letter resigning his position on the COMIDA board as of Sunday.
“In my 8 years sitting on the board it has served the purpose for which it was established, a NON-PARTISAN Government agency set up for the economic development of our Monroe County,” Caccamise said in the letter. “It appears now that it has become a political battle ground. Let me be clear that the COMIDA board had no knowledge of the I Square incident until it was reported by the news media.”



Anonymous said...

WHO are the COMIDA Board Members that are currently RUNNING FOR COVER?


Cephas was founded by two former commercial banking executives, Clint Campbell and Jeffery Holmes who spent 15+ years at Security Trust Company/Norstar/Fleet Bank in positions of increasing responsibility, ultimately leading and managing the two corporate lending teams for Fleet in Rochester, NY. Both have Upstate NY roots, with Campbell a Rochester native and graduate of Colgate University, and Holmes a Cazenovia, NY native and graduate of Cornell University. In addition to Board responsibilities with certain of the Cephas portfolio companies, Campbell and Holmes are active in their communities in a variety of volunteer positions.

Cephas is also fortunate to have the involvement of John Mooney, a seasoned Rochester, NY businessman. John successfully operated a couple of small venture funds, and founded, developed and ultimately sold a local business, Essex Investments to McDonald Investments/Key Bank. John is now retired, but serves on the Cephas Investment Committee and offers valuable insight on all stages of business growth.

Gee, a clever banker, I wonder how much of COMIDA's action Clint and company booked???

Anonymous said...

Who is Theresa B. Mazzullo ?????
What's her experience level at slipping things under the carpet???

CEO, Excell Partners, Inc.
(585) 458-7335,
Theresa Mazzullo has been the CEO of Excell Partners since 2006. She has a 30 year track record in business, finance and entrepreneurship. Having owned and sold a small business, she brings firsthand knowledge, unique skills, and proven experience to the seed stage investment arena. In her role as CEO, her duties include governance, compliance, reporting, community integration, finance and fundraising.

Experience in founding and operating a company
Theresa spent six years as President & Principal of EPIC Advisors, Inc a 401(k) retirement plan company with $1.5 billion in retirement plan assets. In her capacity as President, she built an infrastructure that supported annual revenue growth of 20%. She also directed business planning process regarding business strategy and tactics in the areas of finance, sales, marketing, administration, operations and information technology to ensure increased profitability and the achievement of the company vision. Ultimately, she led the team for a successful exit in 2005.

Experience in industry other than VC
As a former banker, Theresa held various positions within financial institutions, including a Senior Vice President of First National Bank, where she established and built a Trust and Investment Division while the bank was under a Consent Order by the office of the Comptroller of the Currency. She managed to grow the Trust & Investment Division to $125 million in five years and at the same time built and managed the infrastructure to support the broker-dealer business unit for the bank.

Anonymous said...

Could this EXPLAIN how the U of R got COMIDA Bonding for their expansion projects at College Mess Plaza and their wholly owned Highland Hospital?

"Excell Partners, Inc.
Excell Partners is an affiliate of the University of Rochester. It is a seed stage fund which invests in technologies emerging from the communities and universities across upstate New York. With over $9 million under management, Excell has invested in 27 companies across multiple industry sectors. Excell is one of only six venture firms in New York State to receive funding from ESDC's Innovate NY fund."

SURE STINKS of Conflict of interest from this screen.
Of course Mazzullo probably abstained from voting on any U of R project. That makes it all legit, doesn't it.
Did Mazzullo get an executive parking spot on campus?

Anonymous said...

And NOW we have Mr Spagetti & Carwash announcing COMIDA can function with just 3 Board members sitting.

He further says people are applying to fill the vacant seats, but the Legislature is in NO HURRY to fill the seats as it is more important to have "Quality People" fill the seats than it is to just fill the seats.
Should we read "Quality people" to mean people beholding to Bill Reilich?

Lowlife people with appropriate credentials are quality people too, they just don't know as much about covering their tracks and hiding their interests.

Here's a suggestion Mr Spagetti.
Pick a name from each letter in the phone book, toss all the names in a hat, and pick 4. The taxpayers will wind up with a far more honest Board than will be achieved by you slipping your friends into those chairs.

SCATS said...

To 5:13PM ~~ To be clear, he says NY state has told him it is OK to go forward with just three. He asked for & got guidance.

Anonymous said...

"And NOW we have Mr Spagetti & Carwash announcing COMIDA" and this comment makes it through. Really! I guess name calling is allowed if it is about a republican.

SCATS said...

To 8:44PM ~~ Uhhh ... not exactly. "Mr Spagetti" is NOT a named individual, so it's a bit of a leap to claim name-calling. Besides, what's so offensive about pasta?? He could have called him Mr Meatball .

Anonymous said...

Not for nothing but, the state is so quick to respond back about the issue of voting 4 members down yet no one has heard a peep from the state about an investigation yet?

Greece Highway Employees said...

What will it cost County taxpayers for the Constantino's Market that lasted less than a year over at the U of R?

If you really want to see how this group of Community Leaders are sticking it to YOU on the tax bill for your house, go here, and click the red projects for a list of every Dollar they donate from your pocket going back to 2007.

If you feel like you got SCREWED, you're right.

Hey, what's a few million here or there?

Of course, it's all "Open and above board" if you know where to look.

See how many Friends of politicians got your money.

Really want to have fun, google up Friends of Maggie Brooks, or Friends of Bill Reilich or Friends of Lovely Warren, or Friends of any other politician and see how many Freinds got COMIDA Bucks.

Want more entertainment, add up the total number of jobs the money takers promised to create in exchange for you paying their taxes.

There is No Way In Hell any of this will be exposed though, because everything was done in the open, a little at a time. Monroe County Taxpayers are SCREWED.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love COMIDA if you're a plumbing contractor who has orange trucks with a picture of a guy sitting on a toilet on the back door. You want to expand your business, make more money, so you price out a new backhoe and a truck to tow it around.

Hey, if you know the right people, they'll set you up and COMIDA will give you paperwork so you don't have to pay Sales Tax on that truck & backhoe. So you gotta do a little plumbing work free for a politician's relative, it still puts you ahead of the legitimate plumber, and you probably get to slide on Permits too.

DAMN, nobody will ever read those COMIDA files on the Internet anyhow. Maybe you can get a loan from SBA too.
Hard to beat collecting a little Corporate Welfare from the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Sure does look like all those squeaky clean people who resigned made sure they gave away a boatload of taxpayer money before they left the office.

The Sibley Building is pure sweetness.
I wonder how many former COMIDA Board members become consultants on these deals???

Will Theresa B. Mazzullo be involved in the financing with her little group of financiers?

DAMNED if Reilich ain't beginning to look like the cleanest pig in the hogwrestle.