Monday, April 25, 2016

Pitbull Owner Charged

13WHAM Reports: "Darnel Tillmon, 33, owned the two dogs responsible for a brutal attack that resulted in the death of a small dog belonging to Sharon Cimo in Greece last week. 

A second dog, also owned by Tillmon, ran into the home and joined in the attack.

Tillmon was charged with two counts of harboring a dangerous dog, as well as two counts of attacking and injuring or killing another animal, two counts of loose or unrestrained dogs, and two counts of unlicensed dogs. The charges came from the New York State Agriculture and Markets Law and the Town of Greece Dog Ordinance.

Both dogs were impounded on Thursday by Greece Animal Control officers and are being held until the outcome of an upcoming court disposition is announced."


Anonymous said...

And Me Chief dropped the ball when the guy wasn't charged for failing to supervise the child under 13 who was laft alone with the dogs.

Next up, the Greece Assessor will have to determine the value of the Chinese Crested for compensation purposes to the owner of that "dog". That will be funny to watch given the Assessor's past workmanship.

You can bet your ass had the owner of the Chinese dog done the right thing and blown away the aggressor in the home invasion Greece PD and Sandy Baby would have charged the homeowner.

You can also safely bet the owner of the 2 pits is living in assisted housing.

SCATS said...

To 10:25PM ~~ My guess that the dogs were unlicensed turned out to be true. They probably lacked required immunizations, too. Greece has really become quite the ghetto, hasn't it?

Anonymous said...

Why is it necessary to have two pitbulls?

Anonymous said...

Must be the fault of the Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Hang onto your hats boys & girls.
New York's well known Senator Scummer has announced King William's long awaited dredging of Braddocks Bay is about to begin. That's right folks, Photo Ops are coming to a swamp near you.

You know what else? All the slop dug from the bottom of the Bay will be hauled out to the Lake and dumped there to create a 1200 foot barrier beach. Thanks to the good work of King William, the same slop that was toxic 20 years ago and absolutely had to be trucked to the Landfill over in Riga is now pure enough to be dumped in the largest sewer on the North American Continent, Lake Ontario, where it will mix and mongle with sewage headed for the Seaway. Greece residents are undoubtedly dropping to their knees to kiss King William's ring in thanks for the purification.

You know what folks? After all the dredging is done, and the politicians get their pictures taken, and 1200 feet of slop is dumped in the Lake, 5 years later the Bay will be choking off again. If you have any doubt, just drive over to where Round Pond is filling itself in, and gaze at the giant concrete block in the Lake at the end of the channel Odenbach dredged in 1942. The Lake Level is too high, and has been since the Seawyay was built.

Grab your lawn chair and go watch King William and Senator Scummer piss your tax dollars away one more time. Hey, it's better than Welfare.

SCATS said...

To 6:49PM ~~ Maybe Slide The Swamp can be held there??

Rainbow said...

Mud bog events are possible
They could attract tourists who would bring money to spend at the CharBroil & Shallers along with any bars still open in the area. They would stay in local motels.

Swamp buggy races.
Greece used to have hydroplane racing on Long Pond.
Grown men covered in mud
Mud wrestling for the women
We have experience.
We have the Wannabe PD to handle traffic, block roads and act obnoxious.
It could be a secondary event
Drunk rednecks punching out arrogant uniformed punk.

Oh the possibilities.

Damn sure likely to be better than the King's slush rink.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:49 not sure where u live but as a homeowner who has lived on Lake Ontario his whole life and have had generations live here you are so wrong. First of all Lake Ontario is not a sewer it's very clean. Most days in the summer you can see the bottom in 15-20 feet of water crystal clear. The "slop" dumped will not choke off the bay in 5 years it took 40 years to get to where it is now. I know we used braddocks 50 years ago and still do. That "concrete" block at the opening of round pond is actually part of the floating bridge used at Round pond during ship building days and it has been visible for 40 plus years. If the lake level was to high it would not visible. The lake is actually level is actually lower then when I was a kid.

Anonymous said...

My new neighbor has three for breeding purposes... My .40 cal. will dispatch any that get under my fence, at any time, for any reason! I'm more than happy to do a cops bidding when the local government won't. And if the owner or his kid is dumb enough to enter my home, they will meet their maker as well.

Anonymous said...

You never heard of His & Hers Pittys?

Maybe the guy is a skilled Pit breeder.
Greece needs more pits.

SCATS said...

To 3:19PM ~~ Just because you can see the bottom of the lake doesn't make it "clean." The DEC suggests that fish caught not be eaten. You can't drink the water even if you boil it first. What does THAT tell you? It tells me it is a sewer, an industrial sewer.

To 7:49PM ~~ I heard him interviewed on TV. It sounds like he lacks skills, especially in teaching his kid how to walk the damned dogs and to not walk into someone else's home.

Anonymous said...

3:19 you must be very young.
The concrete block was placed at Round Pond channel to protect the dredged channel into the Lake so Odenbach built ships could reach the Lake. In 42 when the channel was cut the Lake level was 243± feet above sealevel. Until around 1950 there was between 50 and 75 feet of beach between Lake Ontario water edge and the cottages now converted to houses on Edgmere Drive.

Go west to the area of the former Elmheart Hotel, where there was a concrete hotdog stand on the beach until the Lake devoured it, and you'll find another protective wall, now below the surface of Lake waters. Go East to Charlotte Pier and see how well that works to protect the flowing river mouth from deposits.

I've only watches the stupid fiasco of Braddocks Bay dredging for the last 50 years, and well recall the dredge donated to the Town of Greece by the Corps of Engineers. The town chose to employ Summer kid employees on the dredge and destroyed it. Then we went through years of the where will the dredgings go, they're too contaminated to go int he Lake. Now those same contaminated dredgings are clean enough to go in El Sewer Grande.

This is nothing but politicians changing facts to employ Union Labor in a Presidential Election year on a stupid project that can not and will not last. Lake Ontario is presently just over 245.5 feet, which is not helping Braddocks or Round Pond one bit.

Do you have any clue how many cities and municipal sewers both US and Canadian dump into the Great Lakes, all of which leave the Ontario Sewer via the St Lawrence River? None of the storm water from any of those systems is treated, and I suggest you check the biological and pharmaceutical content of Lake Ontario water.
Enjoy your Monroe County Water Authority beverage, and don't worry about lead content. Other goodies and hormones will get you first.