Monday, April 04, 2016

GOP Spoiler Candidate Coming To Greece

John Kasich will host a Town Hall Event at the Community & Senior Center on Saturday @11AM.

The forecast : Saturday may well be the coldest day in April (so sayeth meteorologist Scott Hetsko)


I hope they don't "out" me!
BOMBSHELL: John Kasich Has A Sex Scandal About To EXPLODE!?!

* Reilich's Town Hall rules


Anonymous said...

Is he paying to use the facility?

Any mere commoner would be charged for using the venue.

He must really be running well if he's coming to Greece.

Last President to come to Greece was already elected, and he didn't go to town hall.

Benny Campanelli said...

Will he speak to the I-Square situation?

SCATS said...

To Benny ~~ We suspect Kasich might think I-Square is an eye condition. Why would he even know about it?

It appears that after ducking media from last Fri. through Monday that Dinolfo/Reilich *THINK* they are done answering questions about what happened. We're glad to see Berkeley Brean (WHEC) *THINKS* otherwise. Go, Berk!!

Anonymous said...

Gonna get funnier over at I Sqrewed Up.
The permits were just approved for their on site windmills.

Gee, just follow the spinning blades to the overpriced bar and choke & puke.
Why do they get to have windmills with no safety zone?

Will the people living around the windmill get discount bar coupons for putting up with the noise?
Will Bill Reilich be invited to the ribbon cutting for the windmill?
Will Bill get to hold the ribbon?

Anonymous said...

Why would a man of his stature involve himself in the petty politics of Monroe County.

SCATS said...

To 2:14PM ~~ For his "stature" only a tiny venue is required ;)

Rufus Tutsune said...

SCATs. To call our area a"tiny venue" is a reall stretch. The only reason he's coming here at all is because he has been told about the number of ignorant Republicans infest this town and county.

SCATS said...

To 10:17AM ~~ Let's face it. This guy is as much a PITA as the folks who run this town ... it's his only "purpose" in the race at this point. He'll be lucky to have a room filled with politicians, let alone any commoner who "might" cast him a glance.

Anonymous said...

I have it penciled in, but it's not definite.

Frankly, no free coffee and Danish to offset the cost of gas to get there is making it IFFY.

This Putz runs every cycle just for free travel and a chance to drain his empty head on unsuspecting people.

SCATS said...

To 4:36PM ~~ Should we tell Kasich that our very own BIllyboy Relic isn't endorsing him? LOL According to the news, he's a Trump-backer. For some reason, I'm having a really tough time seeing slick Bill as a Trump person.

Anonymous said...

Bill did once use his connections to get all the County's alarm business, and Bill did once have a business/storefront in an abandoned Liquor Store on Hudson Ave, and Bill sponsors a car collection over on Swamp Rd in the Town of Sweeden. Bill even holds down two jobs so he and his playmate Ricky can hang at the car collection.

Bill even personally monitors the coffee pot in the Senior Center to make sure nobody cops a free mug.
Somehow, I just can't envision Trump monitoring a coffee pot. Trump probably doesn't even care of coffee gets spilled on the rug.

So, how does Bill square loaning Greece Town Property to Kasich if Bill's a Trump man?

SCATS said...

To 12:26AM ~~ Our best guess: a favor ... i.e. payback.

How the heck does he expect to get 1500 people to show up for a loser candidate?

Anonymous said...

I heard on good sources Trump committed to a role in the Whitehouse for our King. Ricky is now saying good things about the King so he goes to Washington and then Ricky can run for Stupidvisor.

SCATS said...

To 7:49PM ~~ Butler maybe ...?

Anonymous said...

So the Chamber moves to Arcadia for their community health fair because Bill raised the rent on the community center but the republican who can't win get it free! Go figure

Anonymous said...

GEE, MeChief was talking on Kimberleeee & Butch today how he's gonna protect the looser. Officer Woofie will be working too.

What will the Popo overtime bill be for this pile of crap?

WHY are Greece TaxSuckers footing this bill?

Will we be able to ice skate at Slushorama while this preferential vote leach is in Town?

Will the King add this GRATE achievement to his CV?
Gag me with a running chain saw.

Anonymous said...

In other fantastic political news today, Dennis Hastert agreed to pay over 3 Million to his victim(s) for his sexual adventures with them when he was a High School Teacher, and may be looking at 6 months in a Federal Vacation Center at age 74.

I wonder, have any GCSD "Teachers" gone into politics?