Thursday, April 28, 2016

Could We Do This To The BOE, Please?

Lakeshore School Principal James Palermo duct taped to the school's flag pole as a reward to his school for raising nearly $4,000 for the American Heart Association.


Anonymous said...

Were Engineering studies done in advance before taping the administrator to the pole?

Does he know how he got up there?

Were proper safety measures in place in case the tape broke?

Was he employing OSHA mandated safety equipment?

What if he had to pee?

How many days suspension would a GCSD student get for a similar stunt?
This type of highly dangerous activity should not occur on School Property.

What next? Scantily clad female teachers doing pole acts from flag poles?

SCATS said...

To 11:08PM ~~ Are you a lawyer?

Puppetmaster said...

NO, I just labor diligently feeding Lawyers material so they won't look quite as stupid before the Bar.

Lawyers, after all, are merely credentialed creatures.
They can not be allowed to roam freely with hand tools,
and they shouldn't be allowed to mill about the tool
section of Homer Desperate with their Doctor pals
on Saturdays wearing baseball caps and touching tools.

Anonymous said...

I'll bring tape.
I bet the damn fireman carrys a knife though and will know a way to get free.

Betcha MeChief will show up with his scissors and 2 Lieutenants to show him how to work the scissors.

Anonymous said...

To 11:08- Get a life!

Anonymous said...

If we do board members lets do Melore first and put the duct tape around body and her month. I'm sure some of her administrative friends would be right there to get her down but it would be fun for a while.

SCATS said...

To 3:12AM ~~ BEST ANSWER I've gotten in ages!

To 3:22AM ~~ I thought they used axes?

To 6:38AM ~~ Like you? lol

To 9:56AM ~~ Maybe we could set it up like a glue trap. Every time someone touches her to help her down, they get "stuck" too LOL

Anonymous said...

To 11:08AM

Lighten up Francis!

SCATS said...

To 5:29PM ~~ Who is Francis? There's no 11:08AM posted here ;) lol

Fr Guido Sarducci said...

Franxcis is the Pope who instructs John Hairburger every morning.

SCATS said...

To 7:54PM ~~ Oh, THAT Francis!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Palermo was the best principal in the GCSD my kids ever had. He was very hands-on and was always at the door during arrival and dismissal. Knew every child by name within weeks and seemed to enjoy his job and take it seriously as opposed to sitting in his office all day. Honestly, one of the best GCSD has to offer. Way better than Lakeshores last principal.

Anonymous said...

Whoops! 11:08PM.

Sorry SCATS!

This is Francis, Francis Sawyer...

Anonymous said...

Plug these into your scanner and learn what's happening in your Greece Central Sports District facility.

Don't worry, the employees think the frequencies are secure. You'll learn a lot.

Anonymous said...

Based on what I heard about a certain security guard at Athena and please don't say its GEORGE again maybe he should be the one taped up. Lots of time off never around and taking time he hasn't earned! Can we get an "AUDIT" puhleeeese!!! Who TF is responsible for documentation? Ima gonna bet its the whole lot of pork stinking misfits running security in greece. Does Payroll BOE Super or anyone follow up on anything?