Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Pressure Mounts To Investigate Reilich/COMIDA Connection

D&C Editorial Calls for investigation ~~ "A political party boss should not be calling the shots at COMIDA."

James Sheppard (Monroe County Leg.) Calls For Investigation ~ ~ "I believe its ( Office of Public Integrity) first order of business should be to investigate COMIDA to ensure that this vital public agency does not serve as a mechanism to further the agenda of political parties."

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Bill "Unavailable for comment" Reilich


Charlie Hubbard said...

I applaud Mr. Sheppard for (hopefully) forcing those in charge to look at this organization - COMIDA.
COMIDA represents open government at it's worst. A 'committee' is allowed to give out tax breaks on their own - approval by governing bodies are not needed and oversight is almost non-existent.
Every tax 'break' represents a tax 'increase' for others.
The very idea that these tax breaks are NOT approved by local towns, school boards, and the county legislature should concern us all. Truly an organization ripe for abuse. This recent situation should surprise no one. Another example of the peoples business being done in the 'back room' - THAT should concern us all.

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken I think Wilmorite gets COMIDA tax breaks for the mall in Greece but somehow it has 400 million to build a Casino? Major problems with COMIDA BS. It's supposed to be for Industrial development.

SCATS said...

To 5:33PM ~~ You are correct about the Greece Ridge Mall.

Anonymous said...

Hubbard gets irked by comida backdoor deals how about Rielich's 2015 budget. Greece tax-payers need to understand that the 2015 greece budget is'nt worth the paper it' written on. Over 100 budget acc. were raped to fund Rielich's priorities. In most representative governments this is considered a misappropriation of funds. With a quick check of 2016 budget these amateurs are at it again. Mr. Hubbard should spend his time on Greece tax issues.

Anonymous said...

While I'm loathe to defend King Willie, I've spent a bit of time on the COMIDA website in the past, and it would be possible for Willie Rex to have found I Square
to be in default on their second building. I drove Thomas Ave South to Titus a few weeks back and noticed the lack of progress on that project waiting for the light to change.

I'll also state that it should NOT be necessary for a "Developer" to be notified by COMIDA that he is in Default on progress. Any Developer who doesn't know the status of his project is pathetic at best.

The King is correct, the project is behind, and so is COMIDA for not knowing that status and documenting it.

As to the King calling a COMIDA staffer and sending that staffer forth on a Sunday to confirm the King's observations, he says he didn't, and is probably awaiting the chance to whip his cellphone records out to prove it at a beneficial time. It is far more likely the King alerted a Party Flunky who in turn called a COMIDA staffer, after all in 2016 with cellular records available for every call, Kings know how to avoid direct responsibility.

Should COMIDA exist is an entirely different question. It has at best spent a hell of a lot of taxpayer Dollars for damn little gain to the region, and pathetically few jobs added to payrolls. COMIDA's required consultants and services all too often match lists of political donors, and on more than one occasion have led to the death of an otherwise viable venture.

SCATS said...

To 5:52PM ~~ WOW!! You do all sorts of contorting in your attempt to "save" Bill's face on something he likely lied about. If it were on the COMIDA website, I'm pretty sure a reporter would have uncovered the proof by now. In fact, YOU could have pointed out the page/link, but didn't!! I wonder why? Hmmm ... in watching Billyboy get asked point blank about it, he squirmed verbally, then changed the response to a question that wasn't asked - a TYPICAL POLITICAL TACTIC used by those who are hiding something. In this case, it's the truth he's covering.

Anonymous said...

10 News transcript is pretty clear Mr Yarnball chaser.
Of course if you only watch videos from your basket rather than read the text I can see how you might miss a point or 7.

Do you really expect a human in King Bill's position to disclose how things are done in his Court?
The King is quite adept at saying what HE wants to say, and ONLY what He wants to say. Such is the norm of Royals. He's also quite adept in the use of the Royal WE.

""Reilich didn't say directly how he found out I-Square had defaulted. But he did hint that it was through public record online. The owners of this project on the other hand still say this isn't in default at all.

"I didn't find out about that until Mrs. Mazzullo's comments came out Monday," says I-Square owner Mike Nolan.

That was two days after Monroe County Republican Chairman Bill Reilich said that I-Square had defaulted on its PILOT agreement with COMIDA. I-Square's owners say they've haven't been officially told that and that their project has hit its benchmarks.

Chris Horvatits: "The owners say you knew about the default before they did."

Bill Reilich: "First of all, I find that hard to believe because the applicants signed a multipage document, as all COMIDA applicants do. And they're the ones that made the proposal."

"They signed an agreement and that agreement is available on the website," says Reilich.

Chris Horvatits: "Is that how you found out that it was in default?"

Reilich: "I've gone on the website occasionally. I used to be the liaison for COMIDA when I was in the county legislature. So I'm somewhat familiar with the website and what's available to the general public."

The memo sent to COMIDA's acting director and chairwoman says that a representative of the agency visited I-Square Sunday night after Reilich's initial statements about the project.

Chris Horvatits: "Did you call COMIDA over the weekend and ask them to go and check that property out?"

Reilich: "Not at all, had no contact with anybody from COMIDA at all. Never have; did not at all."

Horvatits: "Them going there Sunday night was completely independent of..."

Reilich: "I knew nothing of it until I heard about it the next day""

SCATS said...

To 9:32PM ~~ Yup, I saw the interview. He didn't answer the question he was asked! His comment where he says: "Never have" is probably the bigger lie.

Anonymous said...

While you're getting all worked up about Mr Bill running his mouth about COMIDA you're missing the real cute crap going on with COMIDA.
U of R has an endowment fund you can't count in 20 years, but COMIDA put the taxpayers on the hook to finance U of R building projects.

Check this sweet deal.

They also borrowed a few million more on a separate Bond issue to finance Highland Hospital which is owned by U of R.

WHY is COMIDA financing this crap when it has historically been financed by NYS Dormitory Authority?

Who is getting the kickback???

Charlie Hubbard said...

to 5:33
I was at the COMIDA hearing about the proposed tax breaks for the Greece mall. One of those to speak was the finance director for the school district voicing concern over the loss of revenue to the school district (he left the district shortly after) - HE had the $$ figures - COMIDA did not. The point being the school district had NO say.
The super of Greece had already given his 'verbal' approval - after a concern was voiced over the town board not being included a vote of the town board toke place (a 5-0 vote) (surprise?). To the best of my knowledge NO votes on COMIDA tax breaks for projects in Greece has taken place since.
We should never forget that 'every' tax break must be paid for by others. WE elect those to be accountable for how our tax $$ are spent. WE do not elect members of COMIDA. If those we elect think it ok to continue to have this 'committee' dictate our tax policies - shame on them. They are NOT doing their job.

bud daughton said...

If you want to see a Bully in Action and see someone address COMIDA in the Public Forum at the Greece Town Board Meeting on March 15th 2016 at 6pm. Turn on your TV. and watch the re-run on Time Warner on Tuesday 27th March at 7pm Channel 12. He Try's to Bully the Chair Woman for the Town of Greece Historical Preservation Committee, on the Issue for Saving the 1852 House at 999, Long Pond Road. Thank You !!

SCATS said...

To 5:03PM ~~ March 27th isn't a Tuesday.

Anonymous said...


E Bunny said...

Why didn't SuperBill have an Easter Egg Hunt for children at the vast Town Hall Complex?

Couldn't the Friends of Bill Reilich checkbook afford a few hundred eggs for kids to wander around looking for? If anybody would have asked Wegmans probably would have donated eggs.

Bill Reilich and his close friend Rick Antelli aren't child friendly. Greece deserves better.

SCATS said...

To 2:26PM ~~ Slick Billy is too busy trying to cover his backside after lying to the media about COMIDA, the I Square project and its developers. Certainly THAT takes precedent over any "fun" he can't claim was HIS personal idea ;)

E Bunny said...

King William could have floated Easter eggs on the slushpond @ Town Hall and given children little nets to fish the eggs out with.

He could claim credit for thinking up a way for the Greasy Egg Dip to not become the fiasco the PEZ Easter Egg Hunt became this year.
He could have even had GVA stand by in case some rugrat needed to be fished out of the drink.

Antelli & Kirkiepoo could have stood in the puddle with trolling motors keeping the eggs moving along the sides of Slushorama too.

Family Fun Day for Greece taxpayers. A celebration of Spring to come.
It could have been magnificent.

Hop Hop

Ripd Off Resident said...

Even Scumbama has an Easter Egg event at the White House.

Why doesn't Reilich have anything for Greece residents?

He could have some of them chocolate peanutbutter eggs so we could all have fun watching some allergic weenie flop around on the ground.

At least sew Antelli into a giant rabbit suit and have him hop around with a basket of plastic eggs.

Anonymous said...

To 2:26 haven't you realized that the king has paved over or built something wherever he can on the VAST town campus. Not much grass left for a fun Easter egg hunt.

SCATS said...

Some comments are NOT being posted. They lack content, other than insults about personal appearances.