Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mother of Sorrows /Charter School

March 16, 2016 @6:30PM 

Old Business
1. Applicant: The Church of the Mother of Sorrows of Greece, Monroe County, N.Y.
Location: 5000 Mount Read Boulevard
Mon. Co. Tax No.: 046.14-08-001
Request: Minor subdivision approval for the Mother of Sorrows subdivision, consisting of 2 lots on approximately 10.25 acres
Zoning District: R1-12 (Single-Family Residential)


Anonymous said...

Town board voted about 10:00 pm last night to approve the rezoning of Long Pond and Mill Rd.......surprise, surprise vote was unanimous

Anonymous said...

NO COFFEE AT LIBRARY! It is interesting that 2 years ago bully Bill was going to build a coffee shop in the Library. Now there isn't even a coffee machine,

Michel Moroni said...

Can we get books at Tim Hortons? How about WiFi?
If the Library isn't going to have coffee the least Timmy can do is have books.
Maybe a used book sale in their parking lot once or twice a year too.

Bill Roadblock said...

Bill Roadblock Bellows-
Everybody should keep a close eye on the dealings over across the river in the Town just abandoned by their Supervisor thanks to the Democrat Governor.

Greece residents, taxpayers and commuting criminals are far better off than the people of that town.
Our fine mall is functioning 7 days a week and our Police under the leadership of Me Chief are harvesting criminals out of the Mall to keep Greece Courts in business. Criminals are more profitable than Traffic Tickets, and I am proud of Greece Police.

Their "Mall" is a complete total failure! Democrat Administration wasn't even able to deliver Code Compliance or force the parking lot to be maintained. You don't see that in Greece. Now they are supporting another failing Developer over there with the Isquare mess within site of their Town Hall. Isquare has defaulted on its commitment to COMIDA, and Governor Cuomo has swooped in to rescue the Democrat Supervisor. You don't see that kind of failure to Govern in Greece, and you won't while I am King.

I am the Greatest!
Big Bill Roadblock
King of the County

Anonymous said...

That "coffee" machine at the library made brown water. It was like running hot water through one of SCATS' socks.

SCATS said...

To 3:48PM ~~ Greece FAILED to enforce Code Compliance at Northgate Plaza for years!!!

To 4:23PM ~~ I wear the finest cashmere socks catnip can buy :) MEOW!

Anonymous said...

Saw a pic of comrade Morele and our Super Bill Jeez Louise lay offa the pizza and canoles the two of yous.

Anonymous said...

No crap coffee machine in Library but at least you are allowed to bring your own coffee in. citizens are not allowed to even drink coffee in Town Hall

Anonymous said...

To 3:48 wasn't there a career politician state assemblyman who ABANDONED HIS job to become a town supervision ?

SCATS said...

To 9:21PM ~~ Bill's new carpet trumped the AARP group. What's next? Barefeet only? lol

To 9:28PM ~~ Your memory isn't supposed to be THAT long!

Anonymous said...

As a disenchanted long time resident of Greece and a Senior Citizen who does not take kindly to portly politicians dictating how my tax Dollars are spent, particularly converting the formerly public use area of Town Hall to His Rotundnesse's Throne Room after I well recall his hair challenged predecessors loudly proclaiming that room to be for public use, I was pissed!

Rather than snivel as some groups have, or be packed like a sardine into inadequate rooms across the hall, I determined the King was concerned about "his" new carpet having a long life so "His Subjects" could kneel before him. Fully understandable, from the throne. I chose to protest in an effective manner, donned my motorman's helper with extension hose, and attended a couple Royal events. I ain't pissed any more, but the Royal rug damn sure is.

I am now a gruntled old fart.

SCATS said...

To 11:10PM ~~ You've done what I contemplated. Maybe a group of more senior AARP members can attend the next Town Board meeting going commando ... i.e. without wearing their Depends :D