Monday, March 14, 2016

Greece Central To Test For Lead

WHEC-TV reports: Greece -- Superintendent Kathleen Graupman announced today that the district will contract with Genesee Valley BOCES to test water quality in Greece schools and buildings in light of the widespread coverage regarding water issues in schools across the state. Greece schools receive their water from the Monroe County Water Authority, which tests their supply to ensure it meets standards set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the NYS Department of Health. During the water testing process, if any issues are uncovered,  the district will provide information on the situation and take any necessary corrective action. Greece Central is committed to ensuring our water sources meet federal and state standards. 

SCATS ~~ Contrary to rumor, there are NO plans to include lead testing of the considerable backsides of GCSD administrators. Sorry parents!!


Anonymous said...

CORRECTION: The Cat meant to say there are no plans to test the LARD content of the considerable gluteus region (fatass for GCSD grads). No testing lab willing to undertake that study could be found.

TV 12 West said...

2.7497 pounds of lead have been found in Sean McCabe's ass alone, and testing is currently moving down the chain of command at Greece Central Sports District.

When contacted for comment Babsie said one of the reasons she left Greece was the lead in asses of administrators in her command. Babs says leadass syndrome is stalling Greece, and it goes far beyond the Sports District. Babs stated clearly there may be more lead per human at Town Hall than at the Sports District. The problem is well known and long sitting because they all got too much lead in their ass to stand.

Sean & Bored said...

There is no need for concern folks. A salesman for Orthophosphate systems has become aware of the lead in Greece Central and is on his way to sell systems to GCSD to protect your little dullard.

This system has been installed and is functioning well in another Monroe County School District.

We know lead in drinking water can cause children who drink 1000 gallons of water per day at the Sports Facility to be stupid, and we're doing our best to keep your child's drinking below 100 gallons per day. In all honesty, if you think drinking lead is making your little darling stupid, you aren't giving enough credit to GCSD teachers.

Since the Bored is trying to minimize costs, the new Orthophosphate system will only be installed on fountains, faucets and food water delivery devices and of course pools. GCSD will not be employing Orthophosphate treated water for toilet flushing. In light of that economy move the Administration will appreciate parents helping us teach your child to not drink from either toilet bowls or urinals. We're in this thing together folks.

Thanks for working with us on the toilet thing.
GCSD School Bored