Tuesday, March 22, 2016

From Bully To Backpedaler

Reilich: "Unavailable" To Comment After Attack On Adam Bello & I-Square Project (WHEC-TV)

Monroe County GOP Chair & Greece Supervisor, Bill Reilich - Has a "special relationship with COMIDA"

Developer Plans To Sue (TWCNews)

SCATS ~~ Reilich's attack on Adam Bello (following Cuomo's appointment of him to become Monroe County Clerk) is beyond embarrassing! It shows how political everything can become under a double-dipping "leader" who believes in one-party rule.


Unknown said...

I hope my citizens from Greece show up at I Square tonight (6:30 pm) Unless maybe they are too embarrassed to be seen in Irondequoit.

Anonymous said...

After all the bad stuff this town have been through this is the most I've ever been embarrassed to be a Greece Resident. This idiot ipitomizes every thing that is wrong with government,and should server at any level. Bill Rellich should issues an apology to The Nolans, the Town of Irondequoit, Adam Bello, he should the resign at head of the GOP and The Town of Greece (we know this wont happen). I hope Mike Nolan stays true to his word and doesn't back down and sues Reillich. Utterly embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

How can we have him removed!?!?! He is a joke.

Anonymous said...

A couple of things come to mind regarding this fiasco. In the first insurance, Joe Morrelle's finger prints are all over Bello's appointment. Bello was his right hand man when he led the demo party. Secondly when Reilic found out, he asked Bello to switch parties. Bello
Refused and became a target for Reilic for taking a perennial Repo position, county clerk as a demo . This position over the years
Was the repo ticket to the county exec position. Thus, the events to follow were predictable by Mr Big of Monroe County .

SCATS said...

To 6:13PM ~~ It seems to us that Bello was doing a pretty good job for Irondequoit, so politics aside, Relic should buzz off.

Anonymous said...

Reilich's statements expose him as the government-loving Progressive that he truly is. By accusing Bello of "abandoning" I-Square he's basically suggesting that these projects can't succeed without a "wise" elected official at the wheel. If I-Square fails it won't be because of what any other creepy politician does going forward. It will be because when government subsidizes projects with taxpayer backing it entices developers to take on projects that the free market didn't ask for. Don't let the GOP brand name fool you... Reilich is the ultimate statist.

Anonymous said...

If it were a republican governor it would have been a republican appointment. Cuomo as a democrat appointed a democrat. Reiilic knows this and should have kept his big mouth shut. Not only doesn't he do so but when he opens it he attacks a business man in Irondeqouit that he has know knowledge of and no business doing. Then he contacts COMEDA and tries to have them cover his tracks. By doing so they create false business documents. I only can hope someone truly investigates this and puts this man in jail. He's capable of making his predecessor look good.

SCATS said...

To 8:18PM ~~ Today, he's got an even bigger big wig rescuing him - Dinolfo has come to his assistance urging all to move on. Monroe County is a cauldron of corruption ... and proud of it.

SCATS said...

Looks like someone on Craigslist is unimpressed by our Supervisor:
"Did you ever meet someone that you didn't like right from the beginning? Such was me when I met this guy for the first time. And I really couldn't tell you why. There was just such a sense of shallowness, phoniness, or maybe just socially awkwardness???? I'm not a perfect judge of character, but I knew something was odd with this porky guy.

Seems the dust from Maggie Brook's COMIDA scandal has hardly settled and Porky throws a rock at the Nolan's effort to regenerate and improve an area in Irondequoit!?!? Because it involves COMIDA???? How stupid is that???? I understand the childish distain between the democrats and republicans, but why in the world would Porky involve the public while trying to tarnish Bello? I knew there was an incompetent vibe I got from this guy!

I have lived in the Town of Greece for many years and continue to be disappointed by the crooked, arrogant, incompetent management from the republican goofs. Even though Porky was wearing his Republican Chairman hat when he suffered this attack of diarrhea of the mouth, he's our leader here in Greece. OMG, we've seen it all here folks!!! We really didn't want him, its the County Republican Party that did.

Porky needs to go away. And this COMIDA corporate welfare system needs to be rethought. Seems to be a tax funded money grab for primarily the republican thieves."


Anonymous said...

Looks like King William has run out of people and organizations to piss off in Greece so now he is working on a fellow supervisor and a business in another town

SuperEmaritus JTA said...

Miss me YET?

Stop by for coffee.
I'll show you something in a nice comfortable casket.
At least I went for women.

Big Bill ain't worried,
Somebody else will pay his Lawyer.
Somebody else will pay if Nolan wins.

Stop by and see me
I'll be the last person to let you down.

Super John T
Still not afraid to shake your hand

Anonymous said...

Double dipping at its best! Brian Marianetti, a Town of Greece Republican, is the Town’s attorney and a County Legislator. Is everyone on the Greece Town Board double-dipping with County jobs? What happened to the days when elected officials were only working for the people, instead of party leadership? Maybe that is why Trump is doing so well; he is bucking the party.

Is this what the town needs? A strong Republican to primary Reilich? We can’t see how he can be a full-time County Chairman running hundreds of races while at the same time fulfill his obligations as a full-time supervisor. Is this why he is never at the town hall?

I see he is returning a lot of money, but when is he going to return the money he received from his campaigns? Or is that going to be another cover-up similar to the accident he covered up?
Sooner or later the truth will come out...

SCATS said...

REMINDER: Certain comments will NOT be posted due to lack of substance. Personal attacks aimed at appearance are a waste of your time. At least TRY to make it about behaviors, policies, etc.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting hired by Rick Antelli to circulate his Nominating Petition to Primary Reilich for the R Nomination for Supervisor next election.

Rick is paying me 1 Dollar for every signature I get.

Rick would have Primaried Auberger but he got real close with Reilich and got his County Legislature deal leading to the Tax Collector job. John Auberger is on Team Antelli too.

Anonymous said...

Being a registered Conservative I am going to vote for Adam Bello because of what King William has started.

Anonymous said...

Reilich is not a rebublican and never has been. The thought of him as chairman of the county gop makes me sick. What he did to Assini by his lack of support cost true republicans a seat in congress. Monroe county rebublicans should remove him from the chairmanship and replace him with someone Assini can trust.

Anonymous said...

As a resident of Greece for over 20 years, I have to admit that I am ashamed to say I'm from Greece! The latest antics from Reilich are unbelievable. Just when you think it can't get worse, it does. Hasn't Greece had enough corruption going on over so many years. When will it end? The residents keep electing these idiots! Reilich should have congratulated Bello like a true gentleman and leader would have done. Reilich should apologize and resign immediately. He hasn't done one positive thing for this town. His actions and political games hurt this town. Who would want to move to Greece?! Cheryl Dinolfo needs to open a full investigation. Anyone that votes Republican in this town is crazy. It's time for a change from the top down!!

Anonymous said...

@10:32 To be clear, I am a supporter of Supervisor Reilich. Obviously this is an unfortunate political interception. However, to say he "hasn't done one positive thing" as Supervisor is not correct. He has successfully recruited dozens of businesses to establish practices in Greece, secured funding for the development of Braddock's Bay and constructed a new community pavillion for Town of Greece events. He has overseen the construction of a new library in the Dewey/Stone neighborhood, a new police department and a new splash park and pickle ball courts. He has nearly ELIMINATED a $5 million deficit that he inherited from the previous administration by making some very difficult decisions and conducting a close examination of all the towns' financial relationships and making cuts where possible and necessary. As far as his car being there, I've seen it there at all hours and am sure there are some long days that go along with the job that require a presence OUTSIDE the building and off campus.

As I said, this in an unfortunate political play, but not the only action and decision by which to measure his effectiveness.

Just food for thought.

SCATS said...

To 10:44AM ~~ I'm choking on your "food for thought!" It's not recognizable in the form you've provided. We'll take it item by item for correction.

"He has successfully recruited dozens of businesses to establish practices in Greece..." ~~ Dozens? And how many are STILL operating? That food warehouse in Lowe's Plaza went belly-up almost before the grand opening ended! Not to mention DOZENS OF OTHER BUSINESSES THAT HAVE CLOSED ... Example: Old Country Buffet in Stoneridge Plaza.

" ... secured funding for the development of Braddock's Bay ..." Perhaps you mean secured funding to fix the LONG NEGLECTED Braddock's Bay??

"... constructed a new community pavillion for Town of Greece events ..." Yup, one of numerous projects no one asked for, no one voted on, and perhaps no one really "needed."

"He has overseen the construction of a new library in the Dewey/Stone neighborhood ..." PATENTLY FALSE!!! He built nothing there! He downgraded the facility by moving to one with inadequate parking, among other things! Who wants to walk down the street in winter to get to the library when the town is negligent /and/or late in plowing sidewalks which become ice-covered anyways?

" ... a new police department ..." Yup, it's under construction, BUT he didn't bother asking voters to weigh in on this. In fact, he didn't even bother revealing the details of the plans or cost to the community before breaking ground!!

" ... and a new splash park and pickle ball courts..." Like the pavilion, done without community input or any evidence of need!

"He has nearly ELIMINATED a $5 million deficit that he inherited from the previous administration by making some very difficult decisions and conducting a close examination of all the towns' financial relationships and making cuts where possible and necessary." Yeah, I'm SURE he has done it all without impacting our taxes, too! LMAO - WHAT A JOKE!! Maybe the decisions would have been easier if we had foregone most of the above changes which MUST BE COSTING US $$$ now and in the future! Please don't use the lame excuse about it being "grant money". Grant money runs out, leaving the recipient holding the bag for future expenses!

"As far as his car being there, I've seen it there at all hours and am sure there are some long days that go along with the job that require a presence OUTSIDE the building and off campus." We could REALLY do without him butting into Adam Bello's & COMIDA's business and bring negative headlines, lawsuits, etc. our way in the process!

"As I said, this in an unfortunate political play..." No. No. NO!!! It was a PREMEDITATED POLITICAL ATTACK THAT BLEW UP IN HIS FACE revealing him to be the BULLY HE REALLY IS. Period.

Anonymous said...

To 11:36 Other accomplishments include pissing off the AARP, The Friends of the Library, Greece Performing Arts, Greece Historical Society,the Legion Post and even the Greece Chamber (they have abandoned the Community Center and will now use Arcadia for a community health fair. You forgot the $18,000 spent on a new "Improved" web site and $50,000 + for a sign everyone hates. and how much was spent to light the ice skating rink that was used one day the past winter. He as also eliminated the community spring clean up day and we no longer have an electronic recycling day in Greece. I could go on and on and on.................

BTW how come his town car does not have a town of Greece license plate like all other town vehicles. I bet it is also one of the only town cars without GPS tracking

Anonymous said...

Town of Greece employees commenting during working hours in support of their boss. Priceless.

SCATS said...

To 2:32PM ~~ I assume no Hazardous Chemical drop-off day either, right?

Can ANYONE explain why it was a good idea to try to put a coffee shop in the library, where patrons could spill it on books, computers, carpeting, etc. BUT it can't be permitted in the Town Board Meeting Room ?

Does he even THINK things through?

Anonymous said...

Actually his attack on Bello is mild compared to what he will do to him in November. Then he will use every political dirty trick and a few more in an attempt to destroy him and get someone like Daniele to run against him for the clerk job. If history is of any consequence, Bello will be the shortest serving Democrat holding a Traditional Republican position.

Anonymous said...

To 10:32 would those businesses not have come to Greece if there was another supervisor ? Did he actually recruite the business or did they decide they wanted to do business in Greece.? He even insulted some of them with his photo ops at ribbon cuttings when he named all the politicians present and NOT the owner of the new business.

SCATS said...

To 5:27PM ~~ Kind of makes me think back to how Maloney was portrayed as the devil in his run against Auggie.

To 6:53PM ~~ Of course they would.

Anonymous said...

Scats If you think back to that election Reilich and Auburger lost to Maloney on the Republican line. I was Tom Cook's delivery of 2000
Conservative Party votes that gave them a 400 vote win. That was largely due to Maloney's support from the anti Auburger wing of the Republican establishment who ran a somewhat covert operation against Auberger and for Maloney. It almost worked as Auberger lost to Maloney 9000 vs 7400 R Vs D lines.

SCATS said...

To 6:59AM ~~ I believe Maloney lost by about 400 votes, not the 9000 to 7400 you claim. But then, I really can't make sense of what point you are trying to make anyway.

Anonymous said...

For those that may have missed the original Reilich comment that started this entire mess. Here it is.

Monroe County Republican Committee
on Friday March 19, 2016
Chairman Bill Reilich released the following statement in response to Governor Cuomo's appointment of Adam Bello as Monroe County Clerk:
“The Town of Irondequoit is a beautiful place filled with good people, but it comes as no surprise that Adam Bello is abandoning them all so soon. Bello burdened Irondequoit residents with the highest property tax rate in Monroe County, his solution to Medley Centre was nothing more than a band-aid - a sale to another developer while the taxpayers are still holding their breath for restitution. Additionally, financial woes are already apparent as I-Square is failing, and his greatest accomplishment to-date is cutting the ribbon on a library his predecessor built.
“Monroe County residents are once again on the losing end of Governor Cuomo’s political maneuvering; we deserve more than a career politician who couldn’t deliver for Irondequoit and certainly won’t deliver for Monroe County. We hope that Bello isn't trying to use this appointment as a stepping stone for County Executive. We need someone who is actually interested in serving as Monroe County Clerk.” - Chairman Bill Reilich

SCATS said...

To 2:53PM ~~ I believe we provided links to that in our first BLOG. Your point in refreshing our memory now is ...?

Anonymous said...

To 3:57. Sorry must have missed the link