Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dems Call For I-Square/COMIDA Investigation

Dinolfo Leaves Basic Questions Unanswered

Members of the Democratic Caucus of the County Legislature are weighing in on County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo's remarks.

"This is a far cry from Monroe County becoming the most ethical and transparent government in the nation. Today, the County Executive not only did not answer the questions at hand, she attempted to deflect it as mere politics," said Minority Leader Cindy Kaleh. "The citizens of our county demand answers that don't insult their intelligence. If the County Executive refuses to investigate on behalf of county residents, we will."

Legislator Mark Muoio, who proposed the creation of a committee to investigate the handling of the I-Square situation, said, "Based on what the County Executive said today, given her lack of answers on this topic, I reiterate my call for President Daniele to convene a special investigative commitee in the Legislature." (http://www.rochesterfirst.com/news/local-news/cheryl-dinolfo-breaks-her-silence-on-comida-controversy)



Charlie Hubbard said...

I hope there is an investigation and I hope that investigation includes the question 'why is COMIDA involved in I-square'?
Simply put COMIDA represents bad government - a 'committee' giving out tax breaks that represents higher taxes for the rest of us. Did we learn nothing from the Medley center - retail does NOT improve the overall economy. When COMIDA gave tax breaks to the Greece mall COMIDA did not even know what establishments were going in there. The mall 'owner' got the tax breaks NOT the store operators. Is our economy better off with more bars and restaurants? COMIDA tax breaks are being sold to us based on an increase in employment - question, does the mall owner have the right to tell these bars how many people they must hire? With NO oversight by elected officials having a 'committee' like COMIDA making decisions on our taxes IS 'bad government' - get rid of it.

Anonymous said...

Come on now Charlie, Politicians need bars and crappy restaurants serving reheated plastic food to build voter bases from.

Besides with all the schools shying away from being voting sites, these empty storefronts nobody will rent can be used for voting locations. It'll be a smaller payout than Greece Town Court was, but to a landlord with an empty store and parking it's a few bucks toward the tax bill.

Anonymous said...

The real question is how do we get rid of COMIDA all together? Who has the power to do this and or to take it to a vote

Anonymous said...

Comida insured its future for the next 20 years by issuing Bonds for Highland Hospital and URMC. There are probably other Bond issues too that aren't common knowledge. As long as Bonds are outstanding the agency can not shut down.

Why URMC and Highland are financed by Comida and not NYS Dorm Authority on this borrowing is a difficult question to find an answer to.
BTW, both Issues are paying nearly 4% Tax Free slightly higher than you can make in a Bank.