Tuesday, March 08, 2016

BOE Meeting Tonight, 6:30PM

Join the BOE as they continue to cook the books while preparing a budget.


Charlie Hubbard said...

An update on the teachers contract (the biggest part of the budget) approved by the board 4-28-'15'
Board did not know the cost. I had to file a foil request to get a copy of the cost analysis (a violation of policy 6431) - it took over 6 weeks because it wasn't done. When I did get it there was NO comparison of cost to the prior contract. It was unsigned and not dated.
I had to file a foil request to get a copy of the new contract (again a violation of policy 6431) on 12-14-'15' - still to this date the 'new' contract is not available because it's NOT DONE. Is it wrong to ask what the board did know 'prior' to board approval.
The new contract was put together by the boards boss (the outgoing super). This is an example of how business is being done by school board(s) today but not to worry the budget can be trusted.

ps; please take note - the city school board just gave 'lifetime medical' to one of it's outgoing assist. supers - sound familiar? With no idea what the cost will be (today's d+c).

Anonymous said...

If you go to the board meeting tonight someone might want to ask the board clerk when people are going to be notified where their new polling location is going to be. It would be nice if she would start advertising the locations.

SCATS said...

To 1:43PM ~~ Do you think any of them CARE??? I don't.

SCATS said...

To the person who submitted the link to the disgusting pic: GROW UP.

Anonymous said...

And now that Greece Central Stupid Bored McGoob got the ball rolling, Holly Central is afraid to have voting in their School too.
A terrorist might find Holley School and attack.

These mentaly inept people are educating young children.
Ain't America GRATE?
Sure grates my ass.

SCATS said...

To 10:18PM ~~ One big difference is that Greece voted to oust school district budget/BOE member voters out of the schools. In Holley, the angst is over general elections. Both seem silly.