Saturday, March 19, 2016

A-PAC To Be Renamed @BOE Meeting

BOE Meeting Tuesday, 6:30PM 

RESOLVED: That the Board of Education of the Greece Central School District authorizes changing the name of the Athena Performing Arts Center to The Greece Central Performing Arts Center.


Greasy Athletic Supporters said...

How does The Piano feel about this name change?

Has The Piano gone out of tune due to depression from lack of play? Is this magnificent monster suffering from a lack of human contact with its keyboard?

How much money will be spent on a new sign for GPAC to replace the APAC sign? Why couldn't the Sports District come up with a name that would have allowed the old letters headed for scrap to be reused?

How will this new name enhance the knowledge of a single child victim of GCSD?

How long until a STADIUM is proposed again?

Anonymous said...
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SCATS said...

BLOG Admin. is reposting the comment submitted by 7:48PM minus the name-calling:

Anonymous said...

Monroe County Republican Committee
on Friday
Chairman Bill Reilich released the following statement in response to Governor Cuomo's appointment of Adam Bello as Monroe County Clerk:
“The Town of Irondequoit is a beautiful place filled with good people, but it comes as no surprise that Adam Bello is abandoning them all so soon. Bello burdened Irondequoit residents with the highest property tax rate in Monroe County, his solution to Medley Centre was nothing more than a band-aid - a sale to another developer while the taxpayers are still holding their breath for restitution. Additionally, financial woes are already apparent as I-Square is failing, and his greatest accomplishment to-date is cutting the ribbon on a library his predecessor built.
“Monroe County residents are once again on the losing end of Governor Cuomo’s political maneuvering; we deserve more than a career politician who couldn’t deliver for Irondequoit and certainly won’t deliver for Monroe County. We hope that Bello isn't trying to use this appointment as a stepping stone for County Executive. We need someone who is actually interested in serving as Monroe County Clerk.” - Chairman Bill Reilich

3/19/2016 7:48 PM

Anonymous said...

To 10:46 I have never before been so imbarrassed by the so called leadership of the town of Greece. To say a fellow town supervisor WILL fail shows the true evel spirit of Relick

SCATS said...

To 10:31AM ~~ Bello hasn't been Supervisor in Irondequoit for very long. Reilich's rant is about things that began under REPUBLICAN watch years ago! He's just worried that Bello could be the Dems next answer to the big wig County Exec.

Anonymous said...

Will Bello be able to march in the Greece Memorial parade ? Bill would not allow Sandra Frankel when she was running for county ex. to be in his parade although Charyl was always right there at the head of the pack. A Dem on a top County position is going to interesting! I hope he come to all the Town events like Charyl did.

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. The students of Athena went for 20 years or so without an Auditorium. Who builds a school without an auditorium? Yes the APAC is more than a normal "auditorium", but come on. How much have we had to pay this year to truck the kids from Athena to Olympia for concerts, shows, etc... Not only is this added stress on Athena to make this happen, but it clearly affected the every day operations of Olympia. I'm okay if you want to call it the GPAC at Athena, or leave it the APAC and put GREECE CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT under it.

Who will schedule it? Will Athena not be allowed to use it with out reserving it? Who gets priority Town, District, another school, and then Athena???? What was so broken that it has to be "fixed"

The only pro of calling GPAC is that when people see the cheap changes being made, hopefully they will know it was the district calling the shots on that one!

Anonymous said...

Didn't we just get SHAFTED for all new seats in that, aw hell lets call it a, VENUE?

Anyone with a brain had problems understanding what was wrong with the existing seats, but somebody at the Sports District decided they needed replacement. Will we get a new SuperPiano too?

As to the question; Who builds a school without an auditorium? Spencerport Central has done that for probably 50 years, and they have had no problem using the same room for both cafeteria and auditorium. Them brilliant people over there even invented the word "auditeria" to make it look intelligent. Of course they also overbuilt their District and now have to import human appearing "students" from the city to make a profit. Then they export teen actors to GCSD because Academic Fraud is the norm.

It's probably too cerebral for GCSD employees and students to understand.

Anonymous said...

To 3/19 10:47. Looks like Bully Bill has met his match with the owners of I Square, this is going to be fun to watch!

SCATS said...

To 10:13PM ~~ Indeed, it is!

Kat the Great said...

Memo: to Staff
From: Kat
Subject: APAC

You guys get a study group together and come up with something clever we can rename that damn Art Center.
We already got caught on the seat replacement.

People are still talking about the damn piano that nobody is allowed to touch too.

I ain't proposing no damn Stadium to take the heat off the Art Center craphole.

Find some civic crap we can use to make the dump look useful. That shouldn't be hard since Blowhard Bill down the road threw everybody out of Town Hall auditorium.

Don't anybody put a suggestion in to call that Art Center AwPuke either. I already tried that idea and we don't have all the letters we'd need. Look into fleecing the Senior Class for funds for a new sign.

Get Smart people!

THE Educator

Anonymous said...

The only time other high schools are allowed to use the hallowed APAC is for their graduation...when they really would rather not. So glad my youngest graduates this year and I will no longer have to deal with all the idiots at GCSD "where free breakfast, lunch and dinner is the goal".

Anonymous said...

You will never believe how close back in June '05 that APAC was renamed by the outgoing board majority as the Steven Walts Performing Arts Center. A former board member a member of the HMO trio, told me that he was approached by the then Board President in this regard .
It seemed that an out going female board member was planing to introduce a resolution at the June meeting to make that happen . The board president was interested in the reaction and support from the newly elected board member.
This board members response was most negative and advised the president that to do this would constitute the ultimate insult to Greece residents to date by this group and an unpopular Superintendent. According to this member, at this point the president agreed and said he would not allow the resolution to be brought for a vote at their last meeting.